The Darkest Flower by Kristin Wright

The Darkest Flower by Kristin WrightYou’ll never believe the terrible things being said about the perfect president of the PTA.

Attempted murder? Inexplicable accident? Either way, a PTA mom struggled for her life in an elementary school cafeteria, poisoned by wolfsbane. Now all eyes are on the accused, the victim, and a woman hired to look deeper.

Ambitious defense attorney and single mother Allison Barton is anxious to escape the shadow of the low-down dog of a marquee partner carrying their renowned Virginia law firm. A win for her high-profile new client will give Allison the career she deserves. And PTA president Kira Grant certainly appears innocent—except for the toxic bloom in her backyard and perhaps a bit of a malicious streak. But no one said the innocent had to be likable—or entirely honest. Besides, with an image as carefully cultivated as her garden, Kira would be insane to risk everything on something as outrageous as the attempted murder of one of her closest friends.

What about those in Kira’s orbit, a sunny suburb of moms behaving badly? What do they really know about Kira? What does Kira know about them? For Allison, the answers are getting darker every day.

Unclean Hands by Andrew Schafer

Unclean Hands by Andrew SchaferHow has great progress in the science of medicine over two centuries of research changed the way it is accepted and practiced today? Or has it?

Vienna. Fifty years before the discovery of microbes and 175 years before the present day Covid-19 endemic, it is the "mecca" of medicine in the world. But its famous medical school is also a cauldron of politics and intrigue that resists progress. Based on a fictional account of the true story, with actual characters, a young obstetrician in training confronts the university hospital's vast maternity ward that is teeming with the city's abandoned and destitute women in labor. He is stunned to find that one-third of them will never make it out of the hospital alive, meeting horrific deaths in labor and delivery. But nobody has much cared. It has just been that way for many years. The young doctor defies orders to not meddle in this matter, and makes an unexpected, earth-shaking discovery about the cause of the deaths. As he struggles to find a way to prevent this carnage of women and their babies, his results are discredited by an arrogant, imperious and anti-science medical establishment. The outcast young physician is progressively persecuted until he meets an untimely and mysterious death. Why and how can he be vindicated?

Lover Unveiled by J.R. Ward

Lover Unveiled by J.R. WardThe #1 New York Times bestselling Black Dagger Brotherhood series returns with Sahvage, a powerful MMA fighter with a buried secret that can change the world of Caldwell forever.

Caviar Dreams, Tuna Fish Budget by Margaret Josephs

Caviar Dreams, Tuna Fish Budget by Margaret Josephs Pretty Mess meets #Girlboss in this part memoir, part entrepreneurial manifesto from The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s “Powerhouse in Pigtails.”

Margaret Josephs is a hustler. She’s a tough cookie. She speaks her mind. She never leaves the house without lipstick on. She’s also a devoted wife, mother, daughter, businesswoman, lifestyle expert, and fan-favorite star of the reality TV series The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Sounds pretty glamorous, right? Well, things are never exactly as they seem.

Before she arrived where she is today, “The Marge” was born to young immigrant parents. Raised by a single party-girl mother who left her physically abusive father when she was one and a half, she was taught that it was more important to look good than to feel good. No structure. No rules. No blueprint for future success or stability. But like most people who struggle through atypical childhoods, destructive relationships, and career challenges, she forced herself to wake up every morning and put one high heel in front of the other, even if she didn’t know where she was going.

Margaret took the cards she was dealt and eventually turned them into a winning hand, and she wants to arm fans with the ability to do the same. In Caviar Dreams, Tuna Fish Budget, she’ll talk about how to launch a lifestyle brand, how to work with family members, and how to be an uncompromising woman in a man’s world. She also spills stories from her personal life about the son Real Housewives viewers don’t know exists, the time Joan Rivers gave her the best advice she ever got, the rendezvous she had with a famous rock star, and the affair with her contractor that ended her marriage but gave her the happily ever after.

Caviar Dreams, Tuna Fish Budget takes readers along Margaret’s wild, bumpy journey to entrepreneurial success and reality TV fame, written in her trademark no-nonsense, tongue-in-cheek voice with the perfect combination of grit and glitz.

The Fallen Stars by Stephanie Keyes

The Fallen Stars by Stephanie KeyesAn American geek with a supercharged brain saved the world when he vanquished the wicked lord of Faerie. Yet sooner than he expects, Kellen St. James will have to play the hero all over again.

From the winner of the RONE Award for Best YA Book of 2019-comes the second book in the award-winning Star Child series.

Kellen St. James is moments away from saying "I Do," to the goddess Calienta when the Children of Danu gatecrash their wedding, intending to kidnap him. The couple needs to make their escape, but Calienta's immortal light shines so brightly there's nowhere on earth they can hide. With no other alternative, Calienta becomes mortal and goes on the run with Kellen and his best man, Gabriel Stewart.

The trio flees to Gabe's family home in Bar Harbor, Maine, hoping it will be far enough away from Ireland to knock the C.O.D. off their trail. Yet Maine has its own faeries, and when Kellen is lured into the woods and experiences dreams that almost kill him, they realize they aren't safe. Calienta isn't the same goddess he almost married. She's keeping secrets, and he fears it has something to do with the mysterious second part of the prophecy.

When Gabe goes missing, Kellen finds himself trapped in the Cusp, the world between reality and Faerie. After a lifetime of never fitting in, the truth about Kellen St. James is revealed-and he'll have to choose between the family he thinks he's always wanted and the girl he loves.

After Francesco by Brian Malloy

After Francesco by Brian MalloyAcclaimed author Brian Malloy brings insight, humor, and the authenticity of his own experiences as a member of the AIDS generation to this universal story of love and loss set in New York City and Minneapolis at the peak of the AIDS crisis. Published on the 40th anniversary of the disease's first reported cases, After Francesco is both a tribute to a generation lost to the pandemic as well as a powerful exploration of heartbreak, recovery and how love can defy grief.

The year is 1988 and 28-year-old Kevin Doyle is bone-tired of attending funerals. It's been two years since his partner Francesco died from AIDS, an epidemic ravaging New York City and going largely ignored by a government that expects those affected to suffer in silence, thrusting unjustifiable shame and guilt on top of their loss.

Some people might insist that Francesco and the other friends he's lost to the disease are in a better place now, but Kevin definitely isn't. Half-alive, he spends his days in a mind-numbing job and nights with the ghost of Francesco, drunk and full of memories of the life of a man who was too young to die.

When Kevin hits an all-time low, he realizes it's time to move back home to Minnesota and figure out how to start living again--without Francesco. With the help of a surviving partners support group and old and new friends, Kevin slowly starts to do just that. But an unthinkable family betrayal, and the news that his best friend is fighting for his life in New York, will force a reckoning and a defining choice.

Highland Warrior by Heather McCollum

Highland Warrior by Heather McCollumDon't miss the stunning second book in fan favorite author Heather McCollum's Sons of Sinclair series, HIGHLAND WARRIOR!

Like Wind Against Rock by Nancy Kim

Like Wind Against Rock by Nancy KimA novel of explosive family secrets, regret, and all the little decisions that shape our lives and make us who we are.

At the age of thirty-nine, Alice Chang suddenly finds herself living in the last place she expected: her mother’s house. But in the face of divorce, eviction, and the recent death of her father, she doesn’t have a choice.

Watching as her mother thrives in a new job and meets younger men at the local gym, Alice struggles, reflecting on her parents’ marriage, her relationship with each of them, as she adjusts to being single again for the first time in twenty years. Then she finds her father’s old journal…and uncovers a shocking family secret that forces her to question everything she thought she knew about love, regret, family, and her own path forward.

As Alice comes to terms with the man her father really was, she must finally decide who she wants to be and what it will take to get there.

Movement + Music = Medicine by Jem Spectar

Movement + Music = Medicine by Jem SpectarThere is a looming threat, hovering like the Sword of Damocles. For whom the freaking bell tolls? We are all increasingly at grave risk for neurological disorders, including Alzheimer's, dementia, and Parkinson's - diseases that inflict a staggering toll on the afflicted and their loved ones. Most troubling, current pharmacological interventions are not cures and do not often provide needed relief. This book will inform and empower you to develop a plan of action to help you or your loved one fight against Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and other neurological disorders. Informed by relevant research, this book shows that movement or exercise, particularly when combined with music, can have a powerful impact on brain health. The scientific research is also illuminated and amplified by the lived experiences of people whose stories reveal how movement, exercise, and dance therapy are helping them in the struggle against neurological disorders. Movement + Music = Medicine will increase your knowledge about the medicinal impact of rhythmic movement and give you greater confidence to make decisions that may improve your brain health. While movement, exercise, and dance are by no means cures for these cruel neurologic conditions, they may provide sorely needed relief and give you a fighting chance at a better quality of life.Reviews and praise for Movement + Music = Medicine"This well-researched book with intriguing and insightful anecdotes makes a substantial contribution towards understanding how movement, particularly dance, may help slow the course of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases. The book is especially relevant and timely, given the alarming increase in the two diseases - medical conditions often associated with aging but highly variable between patients. Movement + Music = Medicine is highly recommended for a general audience seeking to learn more about neurological disorders and how lifestyle changes, particularly movement, exercise, and dance, may make a difference." Arthur S. Levine, M.D. Executive Director, University of Pittsburgh Brain Institute, Professor of Medicine, Molecular Genetics, and Neurobiology."Dr. Spectar has created a masterpiece combining the history of dance across culture and time and the evidence to support brain health and combatting neurodegenerative disease... I am convinced, I will now be prescribing dance to my patients, for lasting limberness of the brain and the body."Mylynda B. Massart, M.D., Ph.D., Physician and co-director, Pitt Clinical and Translational Science Institute."I have never seen a compilation of science and humanities so beautifully intertwined-like a dance in and of itself! ... Through the lens of health and healing, Dr. Jem Spectar masterfully crafts the interrelationship between science and art as supported by a vast collection of empirical data, multicultural applications, and personal narratives that argue for the critical need of dance and movement to sustain a healthy society... Movement + Music = Medicine provides a substantial contribution to the growing field of Medical Humanities within medical schools, graduate studies, residency programs, public health departments, and, of course, dance... [This] book is phenomenal!"Susan Wieczorek, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Communications, UPJ."As caregiver for a spouse struggling with late-stage Alzheimer's Disease, reading this enormously resourceful book makes me wonder what life for us might be like today if the book had been available earlier in our journey... Dr. Spectar's book appears to fill a void in therapeutic resources for Alzheimer's Disease patients and caregivers... I highly recommend this book for anyone who suspects a neurological disease may become an issue in their family. It's a must read for newly diagnosed patients with a neurological disease and for family members caring for patients who are advancing through various stages of the diseases." Livy - a caregiver

Someone Wanton His Way Comes by Christi Caldwell

Someone Wanton His Way Comes by Christi CaldwellChristi Caldwell, USA Today bestselling author of the Wicked Wallflowers series, invites you to join London’s most scandalous society in a witty romance of love, rebellion, and second chances.

Widowed Lady Sylvia Elton is out to save young ladies from the terrible fate of love and marriage. Her former husband has retained his reputation as an honorable and loving man in death, but Sylvia has privately mourned his lies and infidelity. Joined by two equally scorned and cast-off friends, Sylvia establishes the Mismatch Society. With each new liberated member, the scandalous circle wreaks havoc on the romantic prospects of London’s frustrated male peerage. But nothing prepares Sylvia for the Viscount St. John, a familiar face and her most formidable challenger.

Clayton Kearsley, the Viscount St. John, can’t allow these wantons to dismantle the Marriage Mart. Until he discovers the ringleader is his old friend’s widow, a fine woman for whom he’s carried a torch since the day they met. Thinking himself undeserving of a diamond like her, he introduced her to his best friend—a decision he now regrets deeply, knowing of the hurt she carries in secret.

Now he is positioned to match wits with this woman, who is determined to save young ladies from future heartbreak. And despite his misgivings, Clayton is entertaining fantasies that he could end their battle with a kiss. If only he had the courage to tell her how he feels—or the hope that she’d ever again let down her guard.