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I have no idea "why this terrible book got so many 5 star reviews I really don t Judging by the cover and the name "this terrible book got so many 5 star reviews I really don t Judging by the cover and the name the book I expected ghosts hauntings revenge entertainment and a fear factor but the whole thing is so woefully written Its so badly written that I thought surely it must be translated terribly because barely anything makes sense Most of these stories don t involve ghosts at all i feel totally mislead These stories suck the dialogue also sucks and the wording just doesn t roll off the tongue well at all I had to re read many lines because the hrasing is so abysmalDo yourself a favour and avoid this or if you have to experience it get it 2nd hand a These are legends than ghost stories I feel I had some difficulty with remembering who was who due to my unfamiliarity with Japanese names Some of the stories correspond with some of the old Irish legends with death and malevolent spirits looming large Apart from that I found it uite repetitive Daughter is on her way to Japan and found this book ideal for reading on the long flight This remarkable set of generally very short tales has the feel and taste of authenticityThe stories. Brilliantly entertaining and eerie ghost stories regarded as major classics in Japan by the Irish writer and Japanophile Lafcadio Hearn whose life inspired bestselling writer Moniue Truong's novel The Penguin ClassicIn of classic ghost stories from Japan beautiful rincesses .
Apanese woman had various teaching osts #AND PUBLISHED BOOKS ON JAPAN DYING # published on Japan dying heart disease in 1904The stories in this volume are written with great care staying close to the sparse and formal style of the original Japanese Hearn was clearly very bright and an accomplished self taught scholarHe was scrupulous in using the correct titles for Davids Sling people and in using or creating the right words for ritual objects andractices His many footnotes explaining terms historical oints and religious inferences are admirably succinct The Introduction by objects and ractices His many footnotes explaining terms historical Learner Strategies in Language Learning points and religious inferences are admirably succinct The Introduction by Murray I assume is excellent as are the Notes organised by him at the end of the book This approachable and easy to read series of short stories invokes a uiet and beautifulicture of Japan in times gone by Distinctly Japanese in nature the stories included leave the reader to reflect on what they have been told and the emotions they invite Hearn s own thoughts on the material are eually intriguingI thoroughly recommend this book for those with in an interest in Japanese culture and also anyone who might enjoy ghost stories with of a sense of lingering discomfort than full on fear A very good book. Terrifying faceless mujina who haunt lonely neighborhoods Lafcadio Hearn a master storyteller drew on traditional Japanese folklore infused with memories of his own haunted childhood in Ireland to create the chilling tales in Japanese Ghost Stories They are today regarded in Japan as classics in their own rig. Japanese Ghost Stories: Lafcadio Hearn