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A lot from the Red one I would recommend the Red one I love this cook book I am not very imaginative when it comes to cooking and with two very young children I find it hard to find the time to cook This book is great because many of the receipes are to find the time to cook This book is great because many of the receipes are and can be made in batches for freezing fairly uickly Some of the recipes hide vegetables which is great for my toddler and there is a vast range of ideas to choose from If I am being picky I sometimes find that the prep time given is less than it takes me but I am usually making the recipe for the first time which could be a factor Some of the ingredients are also uite xpensive or things I can t always find on my regular shop Finally I was looking forward to trying the breakfast cake recipe but it contains honey which I believe shouldn t be given Hot Shot (North Ridge Book 3) even in cooked form to children under 12 months but the book doesn t mention this which I feel it should since it is designed for the whole family Howev. Developed tonsure that its perfectly balanced and lip smackingly tasty for little ones and grown ups alike Find out which Meals Are Best To are best to for weaning babies know what to cook for a play date crowd pleaser little friends will go mad for Munchy Cheese and Leek Sausages; and see instantly which dinners kee. I love this book So many tasty recipes cute and colourful photos and ideas to make meals fun My daughter 2 yo is always asking to look at this book along with the others in the series The only downside is that she likes it so much I sometime have to pry it out of her hands so I can cook with it What a brilliant recipe book Me my husband our baby are all ating healthy tasty meals together finally It s asy to follow and there s a great range of meals to choose from I love being able to freeze so many of the meals for later dates I m only sorry I didn t buy this book sooner I d recommend to veryone with a baby who s ready to start weaning onto food Full of lots of different recipes Some really good family dinners I like how it has which meals can be frozen whixh is handy as can them be saved and have for a later date Some of the meals you Not many recipes I would actually cook It says for families however I think we have cooked about 2 from this but. Packed with fun ideas to get the whole family involved "with cooking Daily Express Ellas Kitchen The Easy Family Cookbook is packed with than 100 asy to " cooking Daily Express Ellas Kitchen The Easy Family Cookbook is packed with than 100 The First Ghost easy to and delicious family recipes that bringveryone together to share in lifes foody to make and delicious family recipes that bring veryone together to share in lifes foody In chapters organized by mealtime ach recipe has been carefully. .

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Er in its defence there are icons next to the recipes that can be adapted for babies from Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits!: 4 Keys to Unlock Your Business Potential either 7 months or 10 months onwards As much as I love this cookbook for the ages of my children one baby and one toddler I have found that I use Annabel Karmels new complete baby and toddler meal planner and it s also very helpful with weaning I like the illustrations and the way the book is set up but the majority of recipes are listed asasy but then the ingredients aren t necessarily something that you keep on hand in your kitchen For xample clear honey self rising wholemeal flour courgette I don t ven know what this is and the list goes on even know what this is and the list goes on also has a LOT of recipes for lamb which I hate and pork which I at very sparingly I tried to return it so
could purchase the red book they are charging me half of the cost of the book to return it Needless to say it will collect dust on my shelfmaybe I can find someone to give it away to Someone who loves lamb. P beautifully warm for when mum or dad gets home Your Sunshine Carnival Curry is in the oven Building on the huge success of the previous three books in the series this latest addition to the Ellas Kitchen cookbook library is an absolute must for busy families with hungry tummies to feed up and down the family tre. ,

Ellas Kitchen: The Easy Family Cookbook
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