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To geopolitics over the last couple of years is aware of the migration crisis that hit Europe particularly hard in the summer of 2015 Millions of that hit Europe particularly hard in the summer of 2015 Millions of from all over the migration crisis that hit Europe particularly hard In The Summer Of 2015 the summer of 2015 of migrants from all over Middle East Africa and Asia traveled thousands of miles across dangerous terrain and treacherous waters to reach Europe s shores In the aftermath of the original crisis many began to uestion what Europe would look like in the future given the often xtreme cultural differences Een Bijzondere Vorm Van Osteosclerose existing between the migrants and their hosts Douglas Murray attempts to answer this uestion and his findings are well researched while being unsettling and depressing at the same timeThe book doesn t start off by discussing thevents of 2015 but instead opts to provide the reader with a broader picture of a problem spanning decades Starting off after WWII the author shows how the politicians ncouraged migrant workers to fill the gaps left by a diminished workforceThe understanding at the time of this policy for both the politicians and the public was that these workers would be guests who would ventually go back to their country of origin When that didn t occur the politicians turned on the public who were alarmed by their changing society This leads to chapters on revenge guilt and the silencing of dissidents sometimes permanently towards the immigration policiesThe latter half of the book focuses on the migration crisis of recent years featuring discussions about Europe s culture via artists and authors as well as what the implications are for the future of Europe To summarize these chapters uite succinctly it becomes clear that the politicians are at odds with the people and the future of an indigenous population with no sense of direction or purpose is a grim one indeedThis wasn t an asy book to read but I feel it is a necessary one to get through in light of recent vents The descriptions of the dangers of an Hot Shot (North Ridge Book 3) empty culture with no answers for the human condition or true progress for society at large particularly hit home for me as modern culture has little to offer a person other thanntertainment The text relates all the instability attacks and vents that have occurred over the past few years clearly and leaves the reader wondering what will happen to a country where the world has been let inside of it with no real definition of what it should stand for With no answers or real leadership in sight the continent may be sleepwalking towards disasterI d recommend reading this if you re at all interested in how Europe got to the point that it s at now This problem has been ongoing for decades and the results of ignoring it may lead to uprisings and chaos. Ippi. ,
I bought this xpecting a serious DISCUSSION OF POLICY DEBATES ANALYSIS of facts policy debates analysis causes Voyage to the Underworld (Star Wars Missions, etc given the blurb and reviews but I beenxtremely disappointed A standard polemicist lacking any insight a book full of anecdotes and simplistic statements lacking thoughtful cohesion other than the usual far right scaremongering some of it particularly inflammatory Many will clearly The First Ghost enjoy garden variety prejudice in a formal setting but for those who are seeking a open debate and consider Britain to be a plural and tolerant global leader avoid wasting your money on this book A frightening indictment of our politicians who have ignored the wishes of the public for decades over immigration In my view rather than showing leadership European politicians have shownxtraordinary naivety incompetence and deceit Controlled immigration could have been a

win win for 
win for Instead in the years ahead we will have to work out how to deal with non integrated cultures ghettos anti liberal movements and xploitation This xcellent book points out the problems Our politicians will have to find the solutions Murray frames the moral dilemma facing the west through a uote from the prophetic 1973 book uite a disturbing book I read it with some trepidation as it could Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits!: 4 Keys to Unlock Your Business Potential easily be just a right wing rant but there was no need for concern on that score The content is a wake up call but one that is certain not to register with the generation that most needs to recognise it There is noasy answer to the problem the author identifies and no sign that any is on the way which is why the book is disturbing Well worth reading This is a brilliant and brave title that provides facts and information about the current tragic state of Europe We in the UK are well aware of immigration levels Islamic hatredjihad and terrorists actions and all their conseuences However we are not allowed to discussed any of these openly Additionally memory and very day problems tend to push this awareness into background Therefore to have such a well written and professional summary in one publication is helpful Unfortunately it is too late for Europe to take any steps towards reversing the very sad state of the affairs IMHO there are still some unclear issues though that cannot be asily Humanism explained These include WHY so many politicians promotesupport damage to their own country and its population how such a strict general censorship about the impact of immigration on NHS housingducation Smokin' Hot etc wasstablished why promoting hatred towards a country is not considered a crime a deeper analysis of the reasons why the situation in East Europe is so different the. 113.

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Potential impact of Brexit on various issues discussed in the book analysis of jail population according to the religious believes in the UK and Placing Memory elsewhere the reason of numerous cases of conversion to Islam in British prisons My minor reservations re thisxcellent book include some repetitions lack of date year re some vents presentation of the appropriate data in graphs and tables length of the paragraphs and chapters that make it difficult to read and lack
of a summary 
a summary ach chapter Generally it is a very sad book about the very sad situation we are in This is a very sad book to read for anyone that loves Europe its history culture people architecture tc How could any people voluntarily allow itself to be displaced in their own homelands The author tells the story of post war immigration into Europe through the decades and the total unwillingness of Europe s leaders to address its long term conseuences All debate over the huge numbers of immigrants and their offspring from all over the world has been shut down by the mainstream political parties by implying anyone who opposes this transformation is racist xenophobic nativist tcThe displacement of Europeans by foreign peoples in Europe is now a foregone conclusion The Europeans are dying faster than they are reproducing while Muslims Africans Arabs and other foreigners are reproducing their populations rapidly The author Wanton Nights explains the implications of all this for the future of EuropeAll those that love Europe will have to come to terms with a prolonged chaotic and painful departing of what was once the shining light of a civilization that accomplished so muchverywhere in the world Very depressing Well written and gets a good sense of perspective on not only the current situation but identifies the root causes We need to understand the reality dynamics and issues that are affecting the demography affecting the whole of the EU today there is a hope that the mistakes of the past can be avoided but with so Much Soundbite Reporting In The Media It soundbite reporting in the media it only reading something as well researched as this that a better grasp of our dilemma comes into clarity and perspective Never before has there been such a large scale migration bringing about a clash of cultures xpectations and demands upon the infrastructure of our society There has been a lot of fudging the issue and misreporting of facts uoting his sources of information and tracing the history of how we have arrived at this point whether you agree or disagree with immigration being one of the main issues affecting Brexit read this book first to be better informed Anyone who has been paying attention. 2 sh.
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The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam