[read What Hedge Funds Really Do: An Introduction to Portfolio Management] epub by Romero

Plained euation they never explain WHY this in Python euation does what they say as pseudo Python instead of a simple mathematical euationThe authors clearly never heard of superscripts either200100 1 CAGR 102 1 CAGR 102 110 1 CAGRSince 2 110 1072 then1072 1 CAGR andCAGR 72% ie 1072 1That s how it s formatted in the book except that all of the above lines are formatted such that all of the symbols line up It s like a 15 ear old wrote it I m so glad 2 110 1 CAGR and since 2 110 1072 then 1072 1 CAGR was explained Wow That was a tough one to follow And it doesn t get much better folks It doesn t get much betterI give it 2 stars instead of 1 because it at least contains what seems to be valid information It s just presented in a horrific manner. just presented in a horrific manner. managers to charge exceptionally high feesWhile the details of each funds' approach are carefully guarded trade secrets this book draws the curtain back on the core building blocks of many hedge fund strategies Beyond the book's instructional goa. ,

Definitely too small a book for the price one can read it in 20 min The authors just want to make money out of it easily explains the fundamental concepts and principles of hedge fund investment strategies with case studies Really useful to attend the course computational investing by Tucker Balch on coursera This is so small You could copy and paste the whole content in less than 40 pages of Word This is expensive for what it worth Done by a teacher who asks his own book which is far from being the best book on the subject This book is not worth than 2 4 High level description of the Hedge fund *IndustryI Purchased It Because Of * purchased it because of coursera course offered by the author The only reason I bought this book was because it was reuired for a What Hedge Funds Do provides a needed complement to journalistic accounts of the hedge fund industry to deepen THE UNDERSTANDING OF NON SPECIALIST READERS SUCH AS POLICYMAKERS understanding of non specialist readers such as policymakers and individual investorsWhat do hedge funds really do These lig. Lass taught by one the authors surprise surprise It s dry as cat litter and very amateurishly formatted and explained Mathematical proofs are generally over explained in the dumbest very amateurishly formatted and explained Mathematical proofs are generally over explained in the dumbest and random poorly explained notation is used Here re a couple excerpts from an early section I recently reviewedThis is done by compounding the daily return by the number of trading days in a Selen, tome 19 : chairs petits secrets year 252 as follows in Python annualreturn cumproddailyreturns 1 1That s it There s no explanation for the non Python savvy reader that cumprod is a numpy function or that dailyreturns is a particularly shaped numpy array presumably or much less WHY this euation is howou could or should calculate the value There was absolutely no reason to express this otherwise unex. Htly regulated funds continually innovate new investing and trading strategies to take advantage of temporary mispricing of assets when their market price deviates from their intrinsic value These techniues are shrouded in mystery which permits hedge. What Hedge Funds Really Do: An Introduction to Portfolio Management

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