Caged Lion: Joseph Pilates and His Legacy ( kindle ) Auteur John Howard Steel

WI devoured this in one sitting I highly recommend it I too read this in one sitting like another reviewerI was intrigued by so this in one sitting like another reviewerI was intrigued by so things I would have loved to have been present for the revelation about the Magic Circle LOL the lack of instruction given during sessions the way the practice was saved again and again by its disciples after Joe made it so difficult to keep a flourishing business although he wanted the world to know the wonders of his regimen It was interesting to hear about the Pilates litigation issues the new narrative about what Joe s life may really have been like and why he may have developed Contrology even the pictures and sketches leant a veracity to much of those possibilities This was a fascinating inside look at the man so few knew well It also gave an interesting look at a famous teacher who was no doubt talented but whose legendary persona was created out of necessity for the business She then apparently and easily came to believe her own hype from the perspective of the author of course We are grateful to ou Mr Fletcher and Mr Endelman Mr Steel for helping to preserve Mr Pilates legacy for all the rest of us despite litigation which may have worked against so many of us I could not put this book down because the author made me feel I was there with him observing Joseph Pilates I appreciate the chance to see how Mr Pilates presented himself where he taught how he made his students feel etc He was a mysterious man by any definition so it would have felt inappropriate for Mr Steel to have indulged too much in conjecture as to his motives or background I think the author handles this situation perfectly by describing all he experienced and detailing how he researched Mr Pilates history step by step I felt like I was there all the time and I finished the book with the "Feelings I Think I Was Supposed To Have That Joseph "I think I was supposed to have that Joseph was a uniue character with a frustratingly hidden past uite flawed who nonetheless turns out to be the genius innovator of a life changing system of health for everyone Thanks so much Mr Steel. Teel's vivid account traces the expansion of Pilates from a small cadre of dedicated adherents through two periods of near extinction to the global sensation it is today Steel describes Joseph Pilates's ears as a prisoner during World War I Joe's motivation to discover his system of exercises his inspirational teaching techniue and the uniue attraction of the Pilates Method It's uite a sto. ,

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Fe to make the appointment for trial lesson that day I could always claim she was the one who dragged me into it reluctantly if things didn t pan outSome of the discovery from this book were fascinating eg the notion of reformers originating from Joe rehabilitating injured soldiers lying on beds with springs being a myth Some were eyebrow raisingeg I made my exercises like movements in sex it tricks the body into moving naturally and fluidly like it is having sex and it strengthens the right muscles so it improves their sex life The slight letdown however was the discovery that the claim of classical pilates being the true and original Joe Pilates method was an interpretation of the true method of joseph pilates by the true method of Joseph Pilates by elders most of whom had dance background and no doubt injected many of their dance and ballet influences on the clinical approach of Joe s original method I imagine myself to be an exception but I would have preferred the clinical approach and less of the fancier moves of today even if the substance remained true to its origins Even the colorless attire of the early practitioners will proved helpful in aiding concentration during the workout although I am sure there will be howls of disapproval today from the many who willingly indulge in distractionsOverall a masterly told tale Kudos to the author I could not put the book down Since my first discovery of Pilates I have wanted to know its history and origin but I ve always been aware that there is much myth than fact in the public domain I am enormously grateful to Mr Steel for writing this book No he doesn t clear up every single uestion and es he does offer his own conclusions at times but he is careful to distinguish between fact and supposition and he explains the bases for his conclusions all "Fair And Appropriate I "and appropriate I I agree with the author that Joseph Pilates himself probably fostered some of the myth but that doesn t detract in the least from Contrology In fact it gives a little insight into the enigma of Joe as an individual a person whom exceedingly few people kne. Invented an exercise regimen which today is practiced bythan ten million people but in the process reinvented himselfJohn Howard Steel brings Joseph Pilates and his eponymous exercise regime to life from his uniue perspective as a student friend and confidant Joe's influence profoundly changed Steel's life; in turn Steel was crucial for the survival of the Pilates Method and Joe's legacy I ve been a Pilates Instructor for a long time and a teacher trainer for over a decade for Balanced Body and this is the best book I ve ever read on Pilates As with most instructors and I m sure all teacher trainers I have to wade the waters carefully when answering the uestion of "what is the RIGHT way to teach PILATES THE POLITICAL CHASMS IN THE PILATES WORLD CAN The political chasms in the Pilates world can deep especially "is the RIGHT way to teach Pilates The political chasms in the Pilates world can be deep especially Great Short Stories of Detection Mystery and Horror you have people from different lineages in a training and tension can arise uickly if the answer isn t answered in a very PC way This book shows Joe for who he truly was and lets everyone appreciate him for the trails and failures in his life while dichotomously paralleling all that to this brilliant mode of exercise he created I truly cannot recommend this book enough John thankou for writing this book My journey into pilates started a decade ago when I chanced upon the story of a 57 ear old lawyer turned pilates advocate in my local papersin Singapore I was impressed with what he had achieved with his body at that age If he could have that kind of strength and flexibility at 57my age today I wanted in That very day I bugged my wife to ring him up for a trial lesson and to accompany her very shy husband for the session I have become a ardent pilates student and have pulled her along ever sinceEvery practitioner appreciate genius of Pilates but to discover through this book the intrigue of Joe Pilates the man the tumultuous start of the movement and its transition to the Pilates of day was a delightful read I had some goosebumps moments Surely it was my mind and body connecting to a well written book on the story of ContrologyI always wondered how Joe Pilates the boxer the gruff and stocky man that he is produced a movement that often leaned towards the graceful and feminine I found my answer in this book Some menlike me instinctively recoil at the thought of a less than masculine pursuit or being intimidatedor distracted by a roomful of beautiful bodies in colourful skin tight clothing This was the reason as curious as I was about the method I bugged my wi. The surprising story of Pilates the man and the methodPart biography part history and part memoir Caged Lion untangles for the first time Joseph Pilates's opaue life story and the perilous journey of his exercise program known the world over as PilatesThis is the story of Joseph Pilates a gifted man who immigrated to the United States at forty three with no assets or credentials He not only. ,

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Caged Lion: Joseph Pilates and His Legacy

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