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My RussianDe me madFor being titled My Russian the Russian features only within a small amount of #Pages If The Author Did # If the author did specifically point out at a stage in the within a small amount of pages If the author did not specifically point out at a stage in the that the narrator had an affair with the Russian you could completely miss it as there is literally no deep description of their relationship The book peaks however with those fleeting pages about the Russian and his life If the novel had been about that it would have been fascinating Had the book been about the unraveling of a marriage and an affair it would have been easier to get involved with the story Had the book been about the attack the husband suffered or even the elaborate falsity of the society in the book it would have been entertaining However the book was not about those things a whole They were small events which I think hurt the overall work This book was without consistent context which not only left the story with holes too big to ignore but also hurt the character development The narrator seems pompous in the long run her husband malleable her son lost The others are too superficial to even digest The story underneath the fluff of this novel was good but the actual book itself was not Ack It is difficult to plow through a book when so few of the characters are likable or sympathetic This one ust didn t connect with me The constant shifting of time periods especially at the beginning were difficult to follow and information I wanted to know and felt was essential to the story line and main character development was not provided I think we all fantasize about walking out on our complicated lives at least occasionally to escape its tedium or complications Deirdre McNamer s character Francesca does it and travels on the high road and very briefly on the low road The events invite us if we reflect on them to become better observers in our own lives The plot of the novel is somewhat melodramatic I don t know anyone whose life brushes up against violence and drama to the extent that these characters do But I was intrigued enough to read the book to the end It was a surprising Redeeming the Republic Federalists Taxation and the Origins of the Constitution journey I appreciated that Francesca wasn t totally likable and that McNamer left room for a lot of ambiguity My only uibble is that the sort of escape McNamer describes is only available to people of means. Er soul to her recent unexpected passionate affair with her Russian gardener Yuri whose sudden unexplainable disappearance leads her to uestionust who she has become As she seeks an answer she meets people she could never have known in her real life and views people she thought she knew as strangers As she reveals who shot her husband she is forced to see herself in a bold new and entirely unexpected light. Ss unsure she has the right room Heads turn Where did she come from in all her blonde haired dishevelment A half hour later yellow head bent tongue PROTRUDING SCRIBBLING AWAY SHE S ALWAYS scribbling away she s always there she s never been absent she s not a lie anyReally nice stuff here Don t you agree Well it was weird I kept wanting to like the main character and hoping that the next revelation would do it But alas no With all the books in the world I say spend your time on a different one I got this in a book swap still not sure if the person loved hated it or couldn t figure out which and wanted a second opinion Extremely flowery language Unfortunately they are in place of any progressive forward motion in the book The change of identity at the center of the plot seems far fetched though at least interesting but in the end it was pretty meaningless and Guide to the Contemporary Harp just took a meander much like Francesca herself Not sure I liked any of the characters much except maybe the Russian gardener nothing much Russian about him tbh The writing doesn t give a strong sense of time and place especially considering all of the descriptive language Apparently it was a notable book in the NYT in 1999 well there is no accounting for taste including my own Maybe I missed the point here Loved the writing hated the ending This book wasust overwhelmingly underwhelming And 2 stars is my being extremely generous I tried to like it but it is one of those books that almost landed on the I give up pile and it s not even 300 pages long which I think says a great deal about the book I have two big problems with this book Firstly the language I can deal with poetic writing okay but when its so blatantly fluffed so much so you know a thesaurus was used it makes the entire story fall by the wayside and you begin to focus on the sentence structure and how it s almost purposely written to read like a book that should change the world My second gripe is the ending It ends We find out what led our narrator to do what she did and yet there is no proper conclusion The next chapter begins and the narrator is off *STARTING A NEW LIFE NOT THE ONE SHE PLANNED *a new life Not the one she planned her escapades but a new one nonetheless The lack of progression made me feel cheated The lack of a hashing out between the husband and wife mother and son ma. He night her husband Ren was wounded by an intruder's gun Francesca has felt uneasy in their marriage and resentful of how Ren has changed over the years Now as an undercover spy on her own life she scans her history in her unsparing sometimes darkly funny search for clarity from the idealistic days of college when she first fell in love through the uiet disappointments that have collected in the depths of

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Very Odd Read Interesting at times *but for the most part was a very long and overly thoughtful read The writing in *for the most part was a very long and overly thoughtful read The writing in novel is beautiful but the story wanders and wanders and wanders some until I really didn t know where the author was going with it There s a thread throughout that she keeps coming back to a mystery about an intruder but it wasn t compelling enough to keep me interested particularly with so many details about things that have nothing to do with that part of the story This book has been sitting on my TBR pile for several years and I remember Trying To Start It Several Times But to start it several times but must not have been able to get going this time I was determined to finish it to see if there was some reason it was named a NY Times Notable Book but I really can t see it LITERARY SPARKS THAT FLARE UP INTO FLAMES DEIRDRE MCNAMERYou read something the words flash at you they spark creativity in your brain Deirdre McNamer s writings often do this to me Here are some examples from her novel My Russian The ones in direct uotations are I think totally Ms McNamer s The ones not in uotations are what my creative mind came up with when reading her creativity1 the main character Francesca having disguised herself to look older is chagrined at people s new take on her Had I been a dog I think he would have glanced at me It s a revelation the invisibility of old age 2 You re outside a house looking in The family room flashes of blue television light the faint drone of an announcer at the football game some tiny cheers from a tiny crowd3 That horrific lunch when Laura broke all the rules of social etiuette was wiped out off the map never discussed again but it still sits there at the edges of our days the mute residue of the thing lethal and irremediable4 The feeling I always get when watching standup comedians on TV I feel desperate to usher the performer offstage desperate to wipe the leer off his face and keep the next Plato and Parmenides: Parmenides' Way of Truth and Plato's Parmenides joke unsaid because even the best of allokes won t be enough to compensate for such stark public vulnerability 5 She was one of those intensely ebullient people who are great at the right kind Of Party But Wear Mightily party but wear mightily the nerves in a small tight space6 Lies get installed They skitter into place like a panting child late for the first day of cla. While her family thinks she is vacationing in Greece Francesca Woodbridge disguised by the wig the dress and the limp of an elderly woman checks into a local hotel ust blocks from her home The reason for her deceit is twofold to step outside of her life and observe it from a distance and to watch the comings and goings in her neighborhood for clues to potential suspects in her husband's shootingEver since .

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