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For our intrepid hero Professor Cliff Davenport whose genius and MacGyver like ability to sueeze out of tight "Situations And Develop On The "and develop on the solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems is a groan inducing oy to behold And that man can rap too Here is a sample of a few of my favorite uotes from old Professor Problem solver In trying to describe the invulnerability of the Crabs to the inept military leaders the Prof says You haven t seen these monsters If you had you d know what I mean I d have to see em blown to smithereens with my own eyes before I d believe they re not invincible This of course is a classic restatement of the scientific method Later upon seeing the leader of the Crabs oh yes Crabbies got themselves a head honcho the Professor curses King CrabSee the Devil Twice as big as the others He s cunning than any human being Somehow he s got them out there hiding But how Only a brilliant scientific mind could intuit such sly cunning on the part of King Crab by simply looking at him To top off the wonderful schlocky goodness that is Night of the Crabs I must mention the obligatory love affair between Professor Hero and his beautiful one dimensional bubble headed love interest when she speaks you can actually hear an echo This is the kind of torrid smoky romance that will cause readers to re examine their own pathetic lives and dream of finding someone who can make them this happy How often if ever in your own life can you honestly say you have felt this much His loins were fully charged with emotion and he would dearly love to have taken her Not only beautifully said but it really makes you think doesn t it Bottom line if the title the cover and above uotes make you think you would LIKE THIS ODDS ARE YOU WILL this odds are you will I had a lot of fun with it 30 stars The first of Guy N Smith s killer crab books and still the champion I absolutely loved this book It s not very long but it took me back to my childhood watching great classic American and British monster movies I also watched a lot of Japanese ones too but this book is in the vein of the American and British onesThe giant creatures that start attacking peopleThe scientist who is the only one that understands the dangerThe girlfriend who stand by himThe isolated location a small island off the coast of WalesThe stupid military officers who discount the scientific advice After all we have a great military and great weapons How could we possibly loseThis book reminded me of such classics as Earth vs the Spider It Came From Beneath the Sea Them and even a little of Island of Terror I will definitely read from this author I can totally see someone like Richard Carlson as the lead Night of the CrabsOctober 18 2014 to October 19 2014Group Read Horror Readers Review theme Since when is sex important than Giant Crabs Oh goodness gracious this is the most fun I m had reading a book since I don t know when Sorry Mr Strand yo. A series of apparent drowningsAnd when the screaming stops the crunching of bone and munching of flesh begins.

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GIANT EVIL CRABS INVADE WALESThis is Guy N SmithI can t "tell if he s trying to be serious here but he s a very seriousprolific author who seems to be going "if he s trying to be serious here but he s a very seriousprolific author who seems to be going Short and fast moving 1970s style paperback horror novel featuring giant crabs gratuitous sex and outdated sexism The downside Poor dialogue undeveloped characters and nonsensical action Even for this genre this novel is pretty crappy The upside It s kind of characters and nonsensical action Even for this genre this novel is pretty crappy The upside It s kind of you know what you re getting into when you pick it up But I ust can t in good conscience give it than one star The giant killer crab book to end all killer crab books Guy N Smith is I m afraid to say a mostly forgotten monster scribbling legend Night of the Crabs is the start of one of the wildest monster series ever written So much fun So much death I loved it Let me preface this #by saying that this book was a blast So why am #saying that this book was a blast So why am only rating it 3 stars you ask Even though this book was a lot of fun it s not exactly well written I wasn t expecting horror literature so that was okay with me I m not sure if it was an editing issue or if the original text was messed up but there are a lot of weird things going on in the Kindle edition with exclamation points capitalized letters in the middle of sentences and other things like thatThis book was written in the 70 s so I had some issues with the views on women but I understand this book is a product of its time so that s cool Other than those issues this book was a great creature feature Lots of bloody showdowns between the crabs especially the KING crab and mankind Man usually coming out the loser again and again All kinds of bloody disasters and almost non stop action other than the main characters falling in love within like 3 pages which made this a uick read You know every once in a while I need me some cheesy horror Not everything can be The Haunting of Hill House Sometimes I ust want to be entertained without thinking too much If you re in need or in the mood for the Sharknado of books this is the one for youRecommended for fans of cheesy horror creature feature fun I ve noticed something really special about reading the Giant Crabs series by Guy N Smith out of order it doesn t matter It means nothing Nobody ever learns a fucking thing about these crabs and passes it to the next book Even the main character in Night of the Crabs the first of the crabs books shows up in the second crabs book and really has no information to offer Except guns don t work and they come out when the moon is full but anyone who knows anything about crabs knows that The thing I will say about Night of the Crabs is that it is both the most titillating Crabs book that I ve read so far and also the most idiotic Case in point the lead character Cliff Davenport is an expert on undersea botany he knows about plants AND sea animals Also his nephew is coincidentally the first victim of the giant crabs He flies out to invest. Holidaymakers on the Welsh coast bask peacefully in the summer sunshine blissfully unaware of the huge and evi. Igate his nephew s disappearance and lucky for the book sees "giant crab claws everywhere and can identify them But that s not the best part The best part is the weird "crab claws everywhere and can identify them But that s not the best part The best part is the weird Because Guy N Smith writes sex scenes like a twelve year old who s never seen a naked lady before The "First Time Davenport Has Sex With His Lovely New Girlfriend "time Davenport has sex with his lovely new girlfriend writes the followingHer fingers were active Cliff felt that thrilling sensation of his zip being pulled down her fingers groping inside the open vent and then the coolness of the night air on his warm moistnessHIS WARM MOISTNESSI can say no I have several Giant Crabs books to go Forward By JF Gonzalez Introduction by Guy
Smith This may have started Crab migration Today we have Clickers and Crustations by other authors This book is as close to a 50 s horror movie as you can get How can you not love a bunch of hungry Crabs out for a uick bite I purchased this book from the author at his Black Hill Books bookstore where the last time I looked he had almost fourty of his books for sale which he will gladly sign if asked A FEW PRELIMINARIES FOR THE DISCERNING BIBLIOPHILE1 This book is called Night of the Crabs 2 This book is NOT called An Meaningful Exploration into the Depth and Meaning of Classic American Literature3 This book s cover shows a giganto ill tempered CRABosaurus sporting a stool dropping don t come hither look in its glowing red eyes4 The publishers of this book chose for its marketing tag line to be In The Tradition of RatsThe above should clue you that we are dealing with a certain uality of plot complexity intelligent dialogue and deft characterization The same standard of uality that made the films of Ed Wood and Roger Corman so famous and gave Mystery Science Theater 3000 the material to become the greatest show ever With that in mind reading this book was ust like watching one of those 1950 s monster movies that they used show on Saturday mornings You know the ones you used to watch through one bloodshot eye while you tried in vain to reconstruct the previous evening s Teuila fueled round of misdemeanors Well this book would ualify as one of the better uality bad movies and I had a TON of FUN with it Smith knows the kind of book he is writing and keeps the pace brisk by wasting no time on minutia like plot character development or dialogue He does however leave room for healthy amounts of hokey campy and corny and I spent much of the story with an ear to ear grin on my face I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and plan on reading at least one of the seuels to see if the magic can continue Of course be advised that you will be cheering for the CRABzillas in this story as the human inhabitants are so hopelessly inept that by the time they get ripped into gory chunks of stupidity you re ust sighing thankfully that they ve been flushed out of the human gene pool before they had a chance to breed That is of course except. L army of giant crustaceans that lurk in the dark off shore waterswatching waitingwhile the police investigate.
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