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Ge 200 of a 297 page book I don t care if he did not have a central argument to make other history books that are general narrations about the lives of multiple people have been far expertly crafted The Mitford Sisters is a great example It felt as though I were reading well authored bits of a People magazine with snippets sprinkled here and there Any overarching structure was completely lackingHowever I cannot express how pleased I was that someone has finally written something about Salem s maritime past It is worth a read especially if you grew up in The Area Enough About area Enough about 1692 witchcraft trials already this topic far interesting An very interesting read but I don t think its EFFORT TO WEAVE A MULTI STRANDED to weave a multi stranded over decades was truly successful I often found the multiple transitions and short sections in a chapter annoying or confusing Subject matter 5 starsWriting 2 starsAs a tour guide in Salem I found the stories compelling and interesting bringing detail to the history I already new I really enjoyed the accurate information presented throughout The writing however is poor It seemed the author was trying for dramatic effect but I found it very confusing and unnecessary in a history book Stories were split as the author took tangents with the characters

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the main point the section was sometimes not returned to for several pages Characters were sometimes referred to by last name only which causes problems when there are several members of the same family involved in the narrative I had to flip back and forth several times to figure out which person was the subject I would recommend the book but read it section by section rather than chapter by chapter There are too many topics covered in each chapter to find than a cursory theme among them So completely disappointed by this book The subject matter is to me at least completely fascinating but it s absolutely suandered on some incredibly awkward and just clunky writing Booth somehow managed to find the least graceful way of writing almost every sentence and after the first chapter which closes with indivisible with slavery Indian clearances industrial development and manifest destiny for all which was such a tormented cliche I could barf I just gave up. O its fall from national prominence Death of an Empire is a finely written tale of a little nown but remarkably rich era of American history drawing in characters such as Nathaniel Hawthorne John uincy Adams and Daniel Webst. Death of an EmpireThis book wasn t perfect but I would still recommend it to anyone interested in New England history It is one of anyone interested in New England history It is one of only books out there that I now of about Salem s history that does NOT deal with the witch trials And the witch trials let s face it are played out They are very interesting and all that but come onSalem has centuries of history to delve into including a period around 1790 when it was one of the ten biggest cities in the country and fabulously wealthy and sent ships all around the world to places like China and Sumatra and was a major player in global trade You give the country all this great history and no interest but you hang a few dozen innocent people on witchcraft chargesThis book is all about how Salem s wealth and power as a port slipped away and it is also about a sensational murder trial of the time period The murder was interesting and all but I sort of wished the author had spent time on the trade I would have liked about all the different countries they visited and why they were trading with those places and high seas adventure and that ind of thing The murder trial lost me after a while But still Worth a read anyway OK the copy on this jacket grabbed me at the library Reading it after some seafaring melodrama by O Brien and Forester I was fascinated by the detail of commercial shipping from Salem
Then When The American 
when the American global economy sours a conspiracy among old monied family members sours too The true crime story is less compelling than the presentation of global seafaring The particular presentation of Daniel Webster as bought and paid for by the protagonist is particularly compelling I love history and seeing this title just took hold of me Although the writer seems to have a good grasp on the history of Salem I found it a really dry read to the point my attention this book is great in the fact that it sheds light on a period of in the fact that it sheds light on a period of england history that is both vital and often largely overlooked salem has become trivialized by the exploitation of the witch trials of the 17th century but its history is far vibrant exciting and important there is much to be learned in these pages about the 19th century shipping industry the beginnings of the industrial revolution and its impact on co. Most readers now Salem only for the city's notorious witch trials But years later it became a very different city one that produced America's first millionaire still one of history's 75 wealthiest men and boasted a maritime.

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Mmerce the society who thrived There And Eventually Brought Their and eventually brought their political power and business prowess to boston my disappointment with this book is in the writing itself the author clearly did much research but it seems most of the story is foot noted and is just paraphrasing the documents he found there are uoted paragraphs that go into great detail about attire cuisine and other minutia that drone on and lose the focus of the story throughout there are references to people and events without clarification and for all the aforementioned tiny details many large interesting ones are left unexplained this could have been a spectacular insight to a magnificent era but alas the writing robs it of its greatness this is still worth reading if you are interested in history scandal or new england in general Kind of generous giving it two stars I now the author probably put a lot of work into this My into trivia and history boss recommended it and it looked pretty cool on the cover but the book was mostly boring filled with anecdotes breaks unconnected pieces of research he found and put into the book It was interesting for a while starting about page 200 where someone was murdered and I guess there was historical data about this event which made it a little coherent as a story As a recitation of historical facts it had lots of info and if you really wanted to learn about that era in New England you could be interested and if you really wanted to learn about that era in New England you could be interested in choosing a book to read I wouldn t recommend this one Death of an Empire without a doubt is one of the strangest historical books I ve ever read Indeed it was a mind blowingly strange read The good news and only the reason it got two stars is that This man is a five star teller of anecdotes and a one star writer of history First the good the anecdotes are superb Full disclosure I am a Salem native and grew up hearing the names of the historical figures in the book both as people and names of streets etc It might have been riveting for someone in my position to read about these people behind the names it s hard to determine this I ll certainly never look at the Salem Common in the same way again The bad while the author does have a central dramatic point to the story it is not revealed until almost pa. Trade that made it the country's richest city Westward expansion and the industrial revolution would eventually erode Salem's political importance but it was a shocking murder and the scandal that followed which led at last .