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A vivid if sometimes chaotic setting or this second novel by Marilyn Heward Mills The main characters are our women who are transplanted rom Europe are married by Marilyn Heward The main characters are Dona Flor four women who are transplantedrom Europe Three are married two are raising children The Rocker Babies Wear Jeans fourth has children but isn t married andights an ongoing battle with the children s atherThe women view themselves as living in an alien society To some extent and based on the difference in their lifestyles they are outcasts and so they orm a bond of Sono with Visits from the Seventh friendship They support and cheer each other on during difficult times and areamily than Remarkable Creatures friends Among their challenges are episodes of infidelity and spousal abuse All this while coping with the dangers that come with social upheavalEva Dahlia Margrit and Yelena are diverse in character and strong in their individual ways Each woman s experience is touching Iound this book uite dull and hard to inish And I get annoyed when there are continuity errors in books where are the proof readers page 109 Dahlia apologies to Eva or ruining Joseph s day In Heroes Adrift (Hero, fact this was Eva s anniversary party and the mother in law had later on organised a surprise baptismor Joseph which Eva and Dahlia both knew nothing about Small error I know but things like this really bug me I totally agree with one of the reviews that if you are an expat who bug me I totally agree with one of the reviews that if you are an expat who somewhere in West Africa then you will Chuck and Danielle find itamiliar intriguing and enjoyable I live in Lagos Nigeria and I Escaping the Endless Adolescence: How We Can Help Our Teenagers Grow Up Before They Grow Old found this book totallyascinating as there is also an association of Dogs Behaving Badly: An A-Z Guide to Understanding and Curing Behavorial Problems in Dogs foriegn women Nigerwives And all the things the authors writes about happens also in Nigeria The whole point oforeign wives getting together is that there are cases of domestic violence etc and as we do not have Gray Bishop families here well we have to rely and depend on each other Asor the book being Puckster's First Hockey Sweater full of stereotypes I disagree Whether we like it or not when we get together over a bottle of wine and some chin chin we complain bitterly about the African and their ways We go on and on about how NigeriaGhana really has not done well since independence and when we haveinished the bottles of wine we state how things would be better if the colonialists were to come backSPOILERThe book ends with the women still remaining in Ghana inspite of their unhappiness which to me is bit of a cop out as the real truth is if we were to go back most of us would have to ueue up or a council lat and on top of that there would be no domestic to serve us our daily Earl Grey Tea I enjoyed this one to begin with getting to know the characters and identifying with them as Liar foreign wives However now I m a bit bored and have gotten distracted with a Jennifer Worth book I m not sure if I will persuade myself to go back to it171112 I ve returned it to the library. Ildered her But Eva has herriends Dahlia Yelena and Margrit all of them strangers in a oreign la.

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Other in law who does not approve of her British daughter in law and inds her distant rude and strange Things become worse when Alfred has a protracted affair which results in a child uite Understandably Eva Is Not Willing To Have Eva is not willing to have of it and Renovate: Changing Who You Are by Loving Where You Are fails to understand why her mother in law is preaching tolerance Eva s mother in law is preoccupied with thoughts of keeping theamily together even if it isn t exactly her notion of the ideal Gaffer familyOn the other hand Eva sriends who also hail Circumstantial Evidence fromoreign countries and have married into Ghana are Lone Star Justice: The First Century of the Texas Rangers fighting battles of their own Dahlia has endured years of domestic violence while keeping up a brave smilingront in public It is thrilling to read how the women get together to plot her escape and heartbreaking to see how the plan is thwarted by her monster of a husband Things have a happy ending to this story thoughYelena rom Russia struggles to be recognized as a legal Ghanian wife and win the approval of her already married husband s amily Abandoned during pregnancy by her husband Yelena runs her own salon in Ghana and A Chicken in Every Yard: The Urban Farm Store's Guide to Chicken Keeping fightsor her marital rights every day on oreign soil The showdown between Yelena And Her Husband S her husband s wife is uncomfortable to read but you can help but eel Summer Meditations for both women they have been wronged by the same manMargrit appears to have the ideal life living in uiet satisfaction with her husband and dog until one day he is snatched away by Ghanian terrorists and her house is destroyedMills has penned such a delightful study of human emotions and behavior under stress about women rallying together to help each other in times of distress about pulling each other up when they re ready to collapse Beautiful having recently read Ghana Must Go The Association of Foreign Spouses a book based in Ghana transported me right back to this country which holds a special place in my heart Reading it was like reliving my years there without the themes of domestic abuse and isolation but with memories about the awkwardness of being aoreignerMarily I heard about this book not long after I read Heward Mills irst novel Cloth Girl though it took longer than expected to be actually published I was very intrigued by the title as there is a real organisation here in Ghana called International Spouses Association Of Ghana Spouses Association of Ghana like the group in Heward Mills novel it is made up of non Ghanaians married to Ghanaians So I guess I did wonder whether someall of the characters were based on real people Certainly the political and economic situation does ring partly true as I can personally attest having lived in Ghana s second city during the 1980s Overall I ound this second novel not as interesting as the irst one but it was still enjoyable Ghana provides. Red had made it sound heavenly but the hardship drained her of vitality and the oreign culture bew. Association of Foreign SpousesEnjoyed the descriptions of Ghanaian daily life and communities but cringed at the racism naivety of the White Characters Found Them characters throughout Found them unlikeable and lacked depth Too many inaccuracies in book eg Alfred becomes urious when his wife calls him silly and insists it s something that must never be used in Ghanaian culture then shortly after calls his daughter silly Spoiler alert but would Vincent really allow his wife To Leave The Country With His Daughter An Easy Read leave the country with his daughter An easy read eel it needs a good edit and Rise and Shine: Encouragement to Start Your Day for the author to reassess how Ghana and its people are depicted I really wanted to like this book because Ielt I d empathise with the Operation Iceberg : The Invasion and Conquest of Okinawa in World War II foreign spouses OK so I wasn t married to a local but I did live in Africa I enjoyed the early pages where the descriptions struck a chord It s obvious she knows the country well and throughout the book she does a good job of describing the place the culture the politics etc But the story takesar too long to get goingAccording to the jacket blurb the plot is about these women s lives being thrown into chaos by a coup but the coup doesn t happen until page 120 The preceding 119 pages simply introduce us to the women and give us their backstories in tedious detail Even after the coup happens it s all Arrows of the Night: Ahmad Chalabi's Long Journey to Triumph in Iraq fairly slow moving and by that time I simply couldn t care enough about these women to worry much about what happened to them Another thing which Iound slightly annoying but only slightly was the unusual language I don t know if it s the author s background or if she was deliberately trying to be original but I was often pulled up short by an unusual use of words because I had to work out what she meant she leaned over the balcony and puffed out It wouldn t have worried me if she d been telling the story Michelin Green Guide Normandy from the point of view of a Ghanaian every country uses English a bit differently but these women were English German and Russian If you ve lived in West Africa as an expat you will probably enjoy this book than others Howeveror those of you that haven t it is still a nice read if you need something to read that isn t too heavy but also isn t so ditsy From the perspective of a woman getting married and moving into her husband s home adopting her husband s amily and living away rom her own parents is tough in itself When the marriage brings together diverse cultures it becomes doubly difficult or her to adjust to the alien environment while preventing misunderstandings and avoiding giving offence That s just what happens when the very British Eva marries the solid Ghanian Alfred charmed by his stories of his motherland When she actually steps into her new home reality hits hardIt doesn t help that she has many differences of opinion with her Marriage to a handsome Ghanaian architect has brought Eva ar rom the uiet English countryside Alf. ,