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The Great WaveAmazing story and great lead in to art lessons about The Great Wave Eine wundersch nes Buch f r zwischendurch Die Zeichnungen gefallen mir ausgesprochen gut und durch das gro e Format kommen sie sehr gut zur Geltung Die Geschichte selbst ist in wenigen Worten erz hlt fast m rchenhaft Obwohl nur aus wenigen Seiten bestehend schaffen es Massenot Pilorget einen stimmungsvollen Ausschnitt der japanischen Kultur lebendig werden Zu Lassen I Found This Book With The Cover Of lassen I found this book with the cover of Great Wave the work of art so I decided to give this book a read The authors made a story around this woodcut A family is not able

To Have A Child 
have a child ray for a child We see the fisherman and the great wave and it brings a baby to the man without one They are so happy Then the child and family are happy together When the child should be growing he isn t He wonders where he came from and who he Hokusai s classic woodcut of a majestic wave becomes the starting oint for a storybook children will want to read again and again On a stormy winter's day a baby boy Naoki is swept into a fisherman's boat by a Great Wave Years Pass wave Years ass still Naoki does not grow Must he return to the ocean in order to become a young man The answer arriv. Hould love A beautiful fish comes and takes him for a turbulent ride and it is here that he discovers what he wantsi here that he discovers what he wantsI the story works well with this iece of art There are a few bits of information at the end of the book that talk about the artist and the work of art Debussy wrote Le Mer after seeing this The Lost Library: The Autobiography of a Culture painting is a bit of info at the backI enjoyed this story and the kids loved the story too That great wave does make you feel something when you see it and the kids felt a bit of awe seeing that huge wave They were engaged in the story and the nephew loved the journey through the ocean on the back of a great fish The nephew gave this 5 stars and the niece liked the artwork and the story and she gave this 4 stars review soon The Great Wave is one of my favorite artieces so I appreciate this uniue culturally accurate story about what the Art Piece Could Have. piece could have. Es in the form of a mythic fish Japanese artist Hokusai is one of the world's most celebrated Das Unbewusste vom Standpunkt der Physiologie und Descendenztheorie printmakers His famous woodcut 'The Great Wave' epitomizes the artist's characteristic techniues and themes In this children's book the artist's masterpiece is the genesis for a simple but compelling story beautifully illustrated inictures th. Been about I could use it in an art unit to talk about meaning in art 4 The artwork is sublimeThe story has 3 magical twists that engage our imagination How can we use this book It leads on to imagining and describing the eople s sensory experiences use this book It leads on to imagining and describing the eople s sensory experiences lends itself to rediction uestions The character development at the end is inferred the rest is literal I m glad this book
Is Large Enough To 
large enough to the wonderful illustrations done in the style of the famous Japanese woodblock rintmaker Hokusai
book is large enough to showcase the wonderful illustrations done in the style of the famous Japanese woodblock Eat to Beat Illness printmaker Hokusai storyrovides a great way to introduce children to Japanese art and the other 5 de mayo the Japanese festival Koinobori The backmatter includes a reproduction of Hokusai s most famous work and information about the work the artist his influence on the impressionists Japan and Koinobori Our school s 5 de mayo festivities are going to include some carp kites this yea. At recall Hokusai's brilliant use of detail erspective and colour A stunning reproduction of the woodcut itself is featured in the book supplemented by information about the artist and his work At once modern and classic The Great Wave introduces young readers to a beloved artist and his timeless ortrayals of nature and transformation. ,

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