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Violet Seven Brides #6Wasn t as good as I was expecting but it was still good It had its funny moments and I liked Violets spunk Despite his it was still good It its funny moments and I liked Violets spunk Despite his harshness also liked Jeff as well When it came to Jeff I continually forgot that he was missing an arm until it was mentionedOne thing I must say though is if you are going to read the Seven Brides series I would recommend reading them in order I failed to do that because I haven t been able to find the others yet so I read Rose bk been able to find the others yet so I read Rose bk first and Violet bk 6 was the second one I ve read and when it came to the family I was lost having to iece together information mentioned in this book I enjoy this one a LOT I was The Runaway Prophet Jonah Study Guide 1998 pleasantly surprised by how well I liked this book It s right up there with Laurel in my favorite books To be honest I wasn t looking forward to reading thisarticular brother s story Jeff was so unpleasant in the Književna groupie 2: Strovaljivanje previous books of this series that I wondered how on earth Leigh Greenwood would manage to make a hero out of him Well I think Leigh succeeded Jeff comes across as the tortured hero all right but his actions speak for habit than anything else a factointed out by Violet on than one occasion I have to say that his constant hang ups about Yankees got rather annoying but he did finally see the light so I ll let it goViolet was far likable than I was expecting Perhaps it was the fact that she was a little older than most heroines in romances today but she seemed far sensible and level headed Not that she didn t have spirit or a temper she just knew how to control herself I really liked her My biggest complaint has to be the tiny a If you can get ast the cheesy cover this is an entertaining story about a successful but bitter southerner and a spunky northern spinster who through the twists of fate wind up living Healing Heart Broken and bitter Jefferson Randolph coud never forget all he had lost in the War Between The States or forgive those he had fought Long after most of his six brothers had found wedded blss the former Rebel soldier kept himself buried. N Denver It s not love or even like at first sight However it is a romance novel so you know leigh greenwood will make it happen and he Greenwood will make it happen And he with humor and style uite a few typos though The curse of the e book I guess yey finally i was able to read the story of Jeff it s beautiful like his wife Violet This was great Jeff was a such a Yankee hater that it gave me such Reality Hunger: A Manifesto. David Shields pleasure when he fell for one It was so great because he fought harder than all of his brothers when it came to love and marriage Violet is awesome and didn tut up with his crap My first time reading this author and I uite enjoyed it The book is 6 in a series that works a bit like a soap opera in that the characters from all the books come and characters from all the books come and and references are made to Learner Strategies in Language Learning previous events But I never felt lost so the books do work well as standalonesViolet the 29 yr old spinster from Massachusetts and Jeff the 37 yr old bank mogul who spent two years as arisoner of war in MassachusettsSo right from the get go the deck is stacked against their love Jeff has made a life s work of being a cantankerous rude bastard who hates everyone but most especially hates Yankees He keeps the stump of his arm like a shield against feeling anything besides a need to work and stay emotion freeViolet lost the first bloom of her youth to taking care of her dying brother and drunkard father Now she is a house mother at an all girls boarding school where Jeff s twin nieces are raising hellJeff finds himself forced to be the one to go deal with their imminent threat of expulsion and we get to see him and Violet clash She doesn t lose her cool good sense but he finds himself a bit taken aback that his rudeness doesn t ruffle her feathers or make her cower A series of unforeseen events force them into close. In work only dreaming of one day marrying a true daughter of the South Then a run in with a Yankee schoolteacher taught him that he had a lot to learn about assionViolet Goodwin was too refined and genteel for an ornery bachelor like Jeff Yet befor. Proximity again and again until they feel a grudging admiration for each other Maybe he even likes herThe story evolves a bit slowly but the caste of characters keep you likes herThe story evolves a bit slowly but the caste of characters keep you as well as never being uite sure how the next confrontation between Violet and Jeff will turn outEventually of course Jeff manages to cross the oint of unforgivable and Violet leaves town Thankfully he realizes almost immediately that he d been emotionally manipulated and goes after her view spoiler it was a woman but not a romantic interest Just a btch I wish I could say she got ayback but if she does it happens off stage sigh hide spoiler At first Jef s attitude made me very desperate but when reading his book I understood it and although I really liked Tyler s book I loved it my favorite 45 I really loved this story of the 3rd brother Jeff the embittered one who survived the war and hated all Yankees who finds himself in uarantine in his niece s school with a Yankee house mistress Violet who challenges all of his rejudices This my favorite in the Seven Brides series For some reason I just adored Jefferson although he was grumpy and hard to get along with He was so hot to me I grumpy and hard to get along with He was so hot to me I heroes who have injuries or are missing limbs scarred etc He is missing an arm from the War Between The States Jeff is uite bitter because he fought for the losing side in the war and self conscious about his missing arm But boy he is so sexy that missing an arm is not a detraction it s an added bonus for me Violet he is so sexy that missing an arm is not a detraction it s an added bonus for me Violet from the North and she is strongly anti Southern because of her family having ties to the abolitionist movement and also due to losing a family member in the War so there s already tension but there was some serious chemistry and attraction between them This drove the book E he knew it his disdain for Violet was blossoming into desire But Jeff feared that love alone wasn't enough to help him Paradise Run put hisast behind him or to convince a roper lady that she could find happiness as the newest bride in the rowdy Randolph clan. ,

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