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3 stars for the writing2 stars for the story Not bad and I m glad for the HEA nding given to Leo and Authur s story butit s also undeveloped Not Generations and Collective Memory enough time is spendxplainingexploring Leo s depression nor is nough time spent stablishing that their relationship truly is anything but sexual I found myself skimming past sex scenes which is always a sign that the story is not hooking me in From Notes to Narrative emotionally Ava March is an author I tend to really like but this story feels rushed to me Review for the 2nd Edition Three months into their relationship after thending in Convincing Arthur and we found Arthur and Leopold trying to find balance and working their relationship Unfortunately this was also the case of two men who couldn t actually speak what they actually thought or felt and Guitar Makers: The Endurance of Artisanal Values in North America ended up causing problems For Arthur Barrington who still bears the scars after his break up of a decade relationship he wonders if Leopold isager to return to his freedom that he will find Arthur a bore specially because sometimes Arthur just wants a good night sleep with his lover rather than another adventurous sex romps While Leopold who has been spending the last decade Genre LGBT HistoricalPrevious Book Convincing ArthurMr Leopold Thornton finally has the man he's loved for a decade yet he can't believe his good fortune A reformed rake and a conservative solicitor Can it possibly last To add to Leopold's worries Arthur's #spending time at the officewith a handsome new secretary Desperate not to lose Arthur Leopold does the only thing he #time at the officewith a handsome new secretary Desperate not to lose Arthur Leopold does the only thing he think of use pleasure to keep himMr Arthur Bar. ,

Summary Convincing Leopold

Y LAST read of 2015 Favorite uote Glancing over his #shoulder winked Have at it Mr Barrington The very first book I ver read by Ava March w Review #he winked at it Mr Barrington The very first book I Hard Bread (Phoenix Poets (Paper)) ever read by Ava March w Review the secondditionConvincing Arthur nded with a rather satisfying HFN Arthur and Leopold admitted they had feelings for ach other and decided to give their relationship a chance I was hoping though that we would find them in a better place in Convincing Leopold It didn t happenActually the two of them seem to be facing some serious problemsLack of communication Arthur and Leopold don t communicate at all They never discuss their problems thoughts or at least the things that bother themJealousyLeopold is very jealous of Arthur s new secretary because he believes that he has set his yes on his man which he probably has but that s not the pointArthur is tired overworked and still insecure about the past He s always waiting for Leopold to fail him or to nd up realising that the two of them are not compatibleLeopold doesn t know how to deal with this Arthur so he offers him the only thing that knows well sex But that s not always the answerAnd when push comes to shove view spoilerliterally hide spoiler. Opold aren't suited after allIt takes one disastrous night for Arthur to realize how much Leopold means to him But convincing Leopold he loves him all of him and not just his body proves difficult For Leopold's disappeared and Arthur hasn't a clue where to find him Publisher's Note This book contains xplicit sexual content graphic language And Situations That Some situations that some may find objectionable malemale sexual practices. Convincing LeopoldEing a notorious rake with various #lovers thinks that Arthur will not find him good nough and he can only think of #thinks that Arthur will not find him good nough and he can only think of way to reassure Arthur of his affection by pleasing Arthur in any way he can which mostly means sexArgh you two clonked both men s heads togetherSince this is a novella they finally settled things out rather uickly which was fortunate because if this was a novel length I would be very frustrated indeed I did find myself a bit miffed with Arthur because I wasn t sure if he could actually appreciate Arthur because I wasn t sure if he could actually appreciate Leopold told him that he has been loving Arthur for the past decade and still Arthur acted a bit too uptight towards Leopold Having said that Ava March s writing was good and the steamy level was probably nticing for a lot of MM readers While for me this might not be a strong seuel the Foundations of Tropical Forest Biology: Classic Papers with Commentaries ending lacked the punch of the first book but it was still a nice MM regency to readI definitely look forward to the upcoming release in this series that features Fenton Arthur s rake of a secretary The ARC is provided by the author for anxchange of fair and honest review No high rating is reuired for any ARC receivedON A PERSONAL NOTEAnd this marks Rington truly wants their relationship to work Sinfully beautiful and devoted to him Leopold's the opposite of Arthur's staid x lover And Leopold's given up his old vices putting those concerns to rest Yet lately all Leopold wants is sex in the study in the carriage and at Arthur's office no less The sex is amazing but juggling demanding clients and a demanding lover leaves Arthur xhausted and worried perhaps he and Le. ,