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To Leopold and kept pushing him away I felt so bad for Leopold who s desperate to hold on to the man he loves and suffers from what we now know is depression The angst here stems from a complete lack of communication Neither man is willing to talk about his wants and feelings Only at the end when Leopold leaves does Arthur realize he was being a total douche and only then does he try to convince Leopold that he won t take him for ranted again Leopold should have made Arthur beg but the book does end on a happy note Steamy action included Review originally posted on The Book Adventures of Annelise Lestrange The StoryArthur couldn t be happier with his lover Leopold Without the threat of coming home to an empty and cold apartment Arthur is refreshed and working even harder than usual Except that Leopold seems to be restless of late and just won t let Arthur rest at all during the night And not in a pleasant wayLeopold couldn t be happier with his lover Arthur Without the threat of losing him again to some other respectable entleman Leopold is refreshed and sober as he never has been Except that Arthur s hours at the office seem to only increase and Arthur just hired a new secretary And a beautiful man neverthelessWill Arthur and Leopold work out their differences or prove that they weren t ever suited at allThe Analysis Just remembering that those were my impressions and opinion as a reader I like Convincing Leopold even better than Convincing Arthur As I mentioned on the review for book one Leopold is one of my favorite Ava March s males He is so exotic beautiful and adorable ugh I wanna hug him AhemThis book was a re read and I lost count of times that I did so since buying it so it s another case of over analyzing something that I m deeply familiarized with Not a bad thing just means that you ll have to bear with me for a while longer haha This book was dramatic than the last and left me with my heart in tiny pieces on my bedroom floor I cried hard on the first read and sometimes I still do I just can t stand what Arthur did to Leopold But we ll et there Important thing is that this book is an excellent seuel and a five stars book The narrative in all March s books so far is third person styled with switching points of view between the couple aka my favorite kind so once again we are able to see what Ratscalibur goes on with Arthur and Leopold And that only makes the reader s heart broken when they start to fall apart You know how much they love each other and you can t do anything to help them or assure them how perfect for each other than they areHonestly you have no idea how I felt when I couldn t show this line to Leopold Yet being with Thorn felt right More than right in fact Thorn felt like homeThe plot was simple and straightforward a couple having adjusting problems on their relationship thanks to lack of proper communication The innovations Arthur and Leopold are aay couple on the Regency era

"a time were "
time were could be hanged for sodomy And just like that a simple plot "BECOMES SOMETHING EXCITING HAHA OH AND "something exciting haha Oh and course that no matter the complexity of the plot if it isn t well executed March is my ueen in plot executions 3 I have to say that Jacueline E Smith is hard competition Maybe if Luke and Chase started a romance in Lost SoulsNow let s talk about my sweet darling Leopold Yes I know there is Arthur and Jones but they can wait hunf I usually like top The Million Dollar Goal (The Million Dollar Series, guys best inay couples but Leopold just caught me hard His subtle arrogance and insecurity did the trick I uess A uick uote from Arthur for you to catch my meaning You do realize you are the very embodiment of temptation Thorn arched a knowing brow Yes of course he knewAnd Leopold is so right justsayingAlso he has a condition that made me relate a lot with him I already experienced similar crisis and there is nothing you can do besides waiting for it to pass He said himself that two days in "Bed Weren T That Bad " weren t that bad he was right Last year I had a break down and was abed for two weeks I barely looked up on internet wouldn t personally talk to my parents or do much besides stay tucked in my bed For two weeks I couldn t attend my college classes or et out of my bedroom at all Add this to the knowledge that Arthur was a freaking selfish bastard that couldn t bother to just be honest with Leopold and then you have all my reasons to like Leopold better hahaHowever of course I have to ive Arthur credit In the moment he realized how big of a mess he had made he chased after Leopold like a blind hellhound That was really cute And creepyOnce again I was captured by March s beautiful way of building and portraying of a relationship trying to work Convincing Leopold is all about how communication is vital for a health commitment And all about how perfect Leopold and Arthur are for each other 3To close the characters section I d like to acknowledge Jones Leopold s butler His devotion and loyalty to Leopold were touching especially on a time were employees were almost slaves on the hands of the royal and the wealth I wanted to hug him too hahaAs always I can t treat March s sex scenes as a bonus point as they are present on ever book that she writes please never change and they are always smoking hot I will say this on every single review March knows her business I still et impressed with the overflow of feeling during her character s most intimate moments They may. Rington truly wants their relationship to work Sinfully beautiful and devoted to him Leopold's the opposite of Arthur's staid ex lover And Leopold's My Jihad: The True Story of An American Mujahid's Amazing Journey from Usama Bin Laden's Training Camps to Counterterrorism with the FBI and CIA given up his old vices putting those concerns to rest Yet lately all Leopold wants is sex in the study in the carriage and at Arthur's office no less The sex is amazing but juggling demanding clients and a demanding lover leaves Arthur exhausted and worried perhaps he and Le. This short story follows up the events from Convincing Arthur Arthur and Leopold have been together ever since Leopold managed to convince Arthur to take him serious as a potential lover and that he has been in love with him for years Now after a couple of months Leopold has turned his life around He stopped drinking whoringambling and The Book of Leviathan generally being everything Arthur has always disliked about him But now that he has nothing to do all day he isrowing restless desperately clinging to his relationship with Arthur whom he feels is slipping away from him This time it s up to Arthur to convince his lover that he is worth itIt was nice to catch up with them but I had some issues with this story A total lack of communication Yes I know they re relationship is in its early stages but basically all they have is sex Leopold is insanely jealous of Arthur s new secretary who will be the hero of the next story and instead of talking about their issues he basica Convincing Leopold is a decent seuel to Convincing Arthur You should really read the first book to fully appreciate the main couple and their relationship but I found that the same frustrations I had with the first book are still present in this seuel It s an easy novella to read and March is a Nine Ghosts good writer but my main annoyance is with Arthur and those issues aren t solved in the seuel If you ve read the first book and uite liked the couple definitely continue with this one Other March fans are also likely to enjoy the familiar tropes and writing that make a smooth albeit delightfully steamy regency read The seuel begins a few months after the last book ended with Thorn and Arthur happy together Unfortunately minor misunderstandings and theeneral chaos of life starts to encroach on their time together Leopold having Las Maravillosas Obras de Dios: Historias B�blicas Para La Familia given up drinking and any and all other vices is starting toet anxious about the amount of Arthur is spending at the office while Arthur is too engrossed in work to notice The two come to a turning point in their relationship and must decide how to proceed The story runs along the same format as the first book except Thorn and Arthur are already together Yet Arthur is not شرح جامع مثنوى معنوى giving Thorn the time he promised and indeed he spends much of the story taking Thorn forranted This is where I had the biggest problem with the story and the series in The New Song: For the Sunday School, Societies of Christian Endeavor, and Other Religious Exercises (Classic Reprint) general I never really could warm up to Arthur and didn t understand why Thorn held such love and devotion for the man In the first book Arthur pretty much tries to use Thorn for sex before making demands about how Thorn spends his time when they re not together So now in the seuel Thorn has done everything Arthur s asked and still Arthur takes him forranted and treats him like an annoying pet Arthur does realize how selfish he is being towards the end but I m disappointed it took so long for him to understand He also realizes he takes Thorn for ranted another nice feature but as a reader it s too little too late for me I simply couldn t appreciate Arthur as a romantic lead by this point he comes across as way too self centered and uptight to really understand why Thorn has been in love with him for so long and thus didn t care if he and Thorn work things out I realize not every reader will feel this way and if you didn t mind Arthur or liked him from the first book then the repetitive behavior shouldn t really bother The writing does a commendable job in explaining "The Circumstances And Details That Lead To The Problems All "circumstances and details that lead to the problems all which make sense and seem very realistic This leads to the real strength of the story which is the writing March knows how to write an easy to read and steamy regency and CL runs along very familiar lines The situations language and descriptions are very similar from book to book so fans are likely to find this offering in line with others from March The novella is uick with plenty of erotica and never really slows down It s easy to read in one sitting and mostly clean of mistakes This particular series is not my favorite of the author s due to my issue with the "main character Arthur but it s still a fun read and one I d recommend 42 " character Arthur but it s still a fun read and one I d recommend 42 better than the first one I loved this because it focuses on the established relationshipthe rowing pains the adjustments the expectations and even the failures Yes it has that oft overused lack of communication driving the dramabut I think that Arabian Challenge given the time period this is set and the typical way men especially well t0 doentlemen of this era aren t really reared to be in touch with their feelings stiff upper lip and all that it s an appropriate plot device choiceAnd holy crap the sex is just as hot I don t know what it is about a buttoned up proper English entleman etting all debauched like that but man does it turn my crank 35This book is a follow up to and Der Verlorene Koffer: A Graded Reader for Beginning Students gives us a HEA for Arthur and LeopoldThe first book ends with a HFN after Arthur finally decides toive Leopold a chance to prove that he can be a faithful partner But once Arthur and Leopold return to London from the country Arthur ets caught up in his work as a solicitor and starts pulling away from Leopold Noticing that Arthur has become distant Leopold uses sex as a way to bring them closer Arthur ets to that Arthur has become distant Leopold uses sex as a way to bring them closer Arthur American Literature Student Text gets to point where he dreads seeing Leopold because sometimes he just wants to relax not be seduced Which what Arthur seriously irritated me in this book He wouldn t talk. Genre LGBT HistoricalPrevious Book Convincing ArthurMr Leopold Thornton finally has the man he's loved for a decade yet he can't believe hisood fortune A reformed rake and a conservative solicitor Can it possibly last To add to Leopold's worries Arthur's spending time at the officewith a handsome new secretary Desperate not to lose Arthur Leopold does the only thing he can think of use pleasure to keep himMr Arthur Bar. ,
Be mad at each other or just not care at all for each other but when it comes to the bed you feel that there is nothing outside in the world besides them and their play This is magical I think it s fair enough to say that all March s characters make love 3Of course I also need to express how much I loved the new cover I have the old edition and trust me this one is way better 3Overall this book made me laugh made me cry and made me love Leopold even 3 This is one of the best seuels that I have read and I don t think I ll even stop re reading this bookThat s it thank you for reading and bearing with me Once again Ava March created a masterful mm historical romance She s an all time favorite of mine in the historical sub Cheyenne: A Sweet Historical Romance genre and for a veryood reason she rocksIn this one Leopold Thornton has been in love with Arthur Barrington for a very long time and the man is finally his At first their relationship is blissful and the two seem to The Battle of Maldon and Other Old English Poems get along marvelously but then work and the struggle of everyday life start taking their tolls on Arthur pulling him further and further away from Leopold In desperation Leopold tries everything he can physically to lore Arthur back to him andain his love Unfortunately due to the fact Arthur is constantly exha Review for the second editionConvincing Arthur ended with a rather satisfying HFN Arthur and Leopold admitted they had feelings for each other and decided to ive their relationship a chance I was hoping though that we would find them in a better place in Convincing Leopold It didn t happenActually the two of them seem to be facing some serious problemsLack of communication Arthur and Leopold don t communicate at all They never discuss their problems thoughts or at least the things that bother themJealousyLeopold is very jealous of Arthur s new secretary because he believes that he has set his eyes on his man which he probably has but that s not the pointArthur is tired overworked and still insecure about the past He s always waiting for Leopold to fail him or to end up realising that the two of them are not compatibleLeopold doesn t know how to deal with this Arthur so he offers him the only thing that knows well sex But that s not always the answerAnd when push comes to shove view spoilerliterally hide spoiler Favorite uote Glancing over his shoulder he winked Have at it Mr Barrington The very first book I ever read by Ava March was Convincing Arthur and I really enjoyed it However I thought it had a very abrupt ending So I was very happy when I heard that she was oing to write a seuel Convincing LeopoldConvincing Arthur leaves off with Arthur Barrington and Leopold Thornton or Thorn happy They found each other after ten years of missed opportunities and are in love Now about three months later they are still in love but that happily ever after is a little cloudy Arthur is tired "Working many hours as a solicitor he comes home exhausted and it seems "many hours as a solicitor he comes home exhausted and it seems night all Thorn wants to do is have sex Arthur doesn t want to complain and usually Thorn ca Review for the 2nd Edition Three months into their relationship after the ending in Convincing Arthur and we found Arthur and Leopold trying to find balance and working their relationship Unfortunately this was also the case of two men who couldn t actually speak what they actually thought or felt and ended up causing problems For Arthur Barrington who still bears the scars after his break up of a decade relationship he wonders if Leopold is eager to return to his freedom that he will find Arthur a bore especially because sometimes Arthur just wants a Black Wings of Cthulhu good night sleep with his lover rather than another adventurous sex romps While Leopold who has been spending the last decade being a notorious rake with various lovers thinks that Arthur will not find himood enough and he can only think of one way to reassure Arthur of his affection by pleasing Arthur in any way he can which mostly means sexArgh you two clonked both men s heads togetherSince this is a novella they finally settled things out rather uickly which was fortunate because if this was a novel length I would be very frustrated indeed I did find myself a bit miffed with Arthur because I wasn t sure if he could actually appreciate Leopold Leopold told him that he has been loving Arthur for the past decade and still Arthur acted a bit too uptight towards Leopold Having said that Ava March s writing was ood and the steamy level was probably enticing for a lot of MM readers While for me this might not be a strong seuel the ending lacked the punch of the first book but it was still a nice MM regency to readI definitely look forward To The Upcoming Release In This Series the upcoming release in this series features Fenton Arthur s rake of a secretary The ARC is provided by the author for an exchange of fair and honest review No high rating is reuired for any ARC receivedON A PERSONAL NOTEAnd this marks my LAST read of 2015 3 stars for the writing2 stars for the story Not bad and I m lad for the HEA ending iven to Leo and Authur s story butit s also undeveloped Not enough time is spend explainingexploring Leo s depression NOR IS ENOUGH TIME SPENT ESTABLISHING THAT THEIR RELATIONSHIP is enough time spent establishing that their relationship is anything but sexual I found myself skimming past sex scenes which is always a sign that the story is not hooking me in emotionally Ava March is an author I tend to really like but this story feels rushed to me. Opold aren't suited after allIt takes one disastrous night for Arthur to realize how much Leopold means to him But convincing Leopold he loves him all of him and not just his body proves difficult For Leopold's disappeared and Arthur hasn't a clue where to find him Publisher's Note This book contains explicit sexual content raphic language and situations that some readers may find objectionable malemale sexual practices.
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