Carl von Clausewitz [ Read ] Principles of War

Tivos pasando por las fuerzas armadas el combate y la teor a estrat gica Publicado de manera p stuma menos de un a o despu s del fallecimiento del autor con s lo el primer libro de los ocho ue lo componen revisado por Clausewitz y los siguientes en mayor o menor grado de finalizaci n editorial uiere saber m s de este libro sin spoilers Visite Had to read this for background on a paper I m doing on Clausewitz Not bad and a very interestinguick read Very Difficult Book To difficult book to and to understand Clausewitz s magnum opus On War is unuestionably the most important single work ever written on the subject of warfareClausewitz s writings are of fundamental importance not only for their actual content but because they have done so much to influence almost all subseuent Western and many nonWestern military thinkers "I Read Principles Of War When I Was Seventeen Years "read Principles of War when I was seventeen years before I ever considered attending a military academy or joining the service It was a thrilling book after having read The Fifteen Decisive Battles of th. Y war had become a contest of mass armies with results decided by swift concentrated action and superior effort Victory is purchased by blood Clausewitz proclaims stating that total victory is assured only through annihilation of the enemy's forces Based on the author's thought and observation philosophy and experience Principles of War examines enemy's forces Based on the author's thought and observation philosophy and experience Principles of War examines moral and psychological aspects of warfare stressing the necessity of such ualities as courage audacity an. He makes really good points on the theory of warfare "Especially On The Defense I Think This Applied In World "on the defense I think this applied in World 2 during the first stages of war Russia was on the defense side but later on their offense was superior thanks to allied help enormous soldiers lives I guess Germany s line of supply became longer and Russia could simply retreat line by line By doing this they had time and weakened the enemy s offense slowly War has three objectivesa Conuer and destroy enemy armyb To take possession of enemies materials and powerc Gain Public opinionVictory is purchased by blood Von Clausewitz GOOD BOOK UICK READ A BIT DATED IN IT S THOUGHT ON WAR BUT ALSO A PERFECT EXAMPLE OF THE THOUGHTS OF THE AGE MANY OF THE IDEAS ARE AGELESS THOUGH translatoreditorHans W Gatzke 713488 Probablemente sin superar tras ciento ochenta y dos a os G nero EnsayoLo ue nos cuenta An lisis te rico sobre la guerra basado en el pensamiento del autor su experiencia y su tiempo desde su propio concepto hasta la generalidad de sus planes opera. Not simply the greatest but the only truly great book on War Declared Historian Bernard declared historian Bernard of Principles of War Written two centuries ago by a Prussian military thinker this is the most freuently cited the most controversial and in many ways the most modern book on warfare Author Carl von Clausewitz fought against the armies of the French Revolution and Napoleon served as a high ranking #Staff Officer And Became #officer and became prominent military educator By his da. E World by Sir Edward Shepherd Creasy I had already found that one could theorize on political systems and whole societies after reading The Communist Manifesto but to theorize on the nature and process of war was even exciting So I took notes and memorized von Clausewitz s nine principles of war which did not help me much while attending the academy or serving in the military I had lost interest in war per se but Clausewitz had made a profound impression on me and still doesEveryone should read Clausewitz since it pertains even today than it did in the 19th century When you read about him you ll see how influential his writing has been on military and political leaders right up until the present THIS BOOK WAS WRITTEN IN THE book was written in the tradition of #instructing the sovereign prince in military matters Good uick read It #the sovereign prince in military matters Good uick read It very straight forward and gives the very basics on the principals of war Of course I want to eventually read Clausewitz s On War I just haven t taken that leap yet with as long as it is One day Borin. D self sacrifice and the importance of morale and public opinion Clausewitz emphasizes the notion "Of Strategy As An Evolving "strategy as an evolving rather than a formula a concept that makes this work adaptable to modern strategists in fields beyond military science Translated into virtually every major language Principles of War is reuired reading in intermediate level and senior military schools as well as in many civilian strategic studies programs and business schools. ,

Principles of War