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Hout the unneccesary waffling This is a great mystery CRIME NOVELLA WITH A SPLASH OF HUMOUR THAT ANY novella with a splash of humour that any ok not children will njoy Strange but very ntertaining A few chuckles along the way Read it you might be surprised you like it Took me longer to read than it should have and #I think it was just too British for me and I am not overly fond of short books which #think it was just too British for me and I am not overly fond of short books which is Will not continue with series FABULOUS The story was fast reading with many new twist and turns to the plan of the killer Very good at not knowing what she would do next uick readFun suspense to while away a few hours Wonder how many other seniors have a bent towards these actions Think I ll pass Amusing little story about an lderly woman who has an interesting way of funding her hobby This cozy mystery is different from most because it s told by the murderer instead of the detective It was ntertaining but got creepy near the nd when she was talking about missing the feeling she got when murdering someone I think I ll stick to the ones where I m on the side of the good guy Great fun with a wit and. Hilda Hopkins hits the road and outwits the police and veryone chasing her but no one can run forever specially not at her age and in ,

This review was first posted The Australian BookshelfThis is not typically a Genre That I Review that I review it being a novella I thought it would be a fun uick read and I was right Hilda Hopkins has finally found her
calling in life 
in life a serial killer preying on lderly men who board at her home and then she drains them of their bank accounts What she loves about her new career is that she can combine it with her love of knitting and she creates replica dolls in memory of the victimsMurder She Knit Is A Witty Knit is a witty paced novella about a serial killing granny who is on the run from the authorities and by run I mean that she shuffles along at a leisurely pace Hilda is certainly mentally unstable but the author creatively makes the reader feel sympathy for her as the old lady that no one pays any attention to Well she shows them Hilda is uite often chuffed with her scapades if not slightly grandiose but there s also something about her that is uite ndearing The author has a succint witty writing style and provides just nough background information on Hilda to make sense of her wit. Nobody suspects little old ladies of doing bad things like sedating their house guests and strangling them with a machine knitted garrotte.

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Flare of retirementWhen thinking of "The Retired There Is Often "retired there is often sense of what do they do This is a fast moving thoughtful witty accounting of just a wonderful knitter Lots of twists smiles and giggles Fun to read great to share with friends who are looking to supplement their retirement Aside from being too silly to finish the writing is not very competent and I just couldn t slog through any further This book is the first in the Hilda Hopkins machine knitting serial killer series Short and light hearted it is an njoyable read from start to finish I found the character of Hilda immensely likeable in spite of the heinous murders she has Committed And I Found Myself Rooting For Her Against The and I found myself rooting for her against the as they chased her down from one small English town to the nextFor me the knitting link was key in my selection of the book and the author s knowledge of machine knitting comes through strongly which is nice All in all a pleasant cosy read with a good cliff hanger at the nd prompting me to read the next book in the series to find out whether Hilda will continue to kill agai. Hose stockingsHilda can't help knitting a lifelike Just Cause effigy ofach of her 'Gentlemen' and it could be her passion for wool brings her undon. ,
Hilda Hopkins Murder She Knit #1