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Sheldon Wolin s Politics and Vision IS EASILY ONE OF THE MOST easily one of the most books I ve ever read Correspondingly it is also one of the most insightful Wolin presents a comparison and analysis of an entire tradition of thought weaving a cohesive history of ideas through political philosophy from Plato to well his own 2004 In so doing he explicates with sagacity dozens of thinkers Along the way he raises discerning uestions of their roles in the tradition as well as reflecting on the cohesion of their theories He ends famously advancing his own theory of the US as an inverted totalitarian stateThis is a remarkable work for many reasons Firstly perhaps most importantly for This Review This Is A review this is a of outstanding insight to all kinds of readers Having studied philosophy for many years now I The Internet of Us: Knowing More and Understanding Less in the Age of Big Data learned an enormous amount However Wolin is completely accessible inanguage and explanation to make this a rewarding introduction as well Secondly to this ater point Wolin makes easy work of at times confusing theories and systems His writing is clear and precise Thirdly substance This outstanding work was created in two parts across 40 years major political changes a successful academic career and the writing of many other impressive works in their own right After all this Wolin s theory at the end of Politics and Vision is resonant with our time and offers a deeply important challenge to the next generation of thinkers and actors It is all by itself worth reading 570 pages of introduction One of the greatest modern political works The expanded edition is superb providing Wolin s pessimistic view of the future of politics after the disturbing rise of corporate power and increasingly inverted totalitarian system of the ate 20. This is a significantly expanded edition of one of the greatest works of modern political theory Sheldon Wolin's Politics and Vision inspired and instructed two generations of political theorists after its appearance in 1960 This new edition retains intact the original ten chapters about political thinkers from Plato to Mill and adds seven chapters about theorists from Marx and Nietzsche to Rawls and the postmodernists The new chapters which show how thinkers have grappled with the immense possibilities and dangers of modern power are themselves a major. ,

Politics and Vision Continuity and Innovation in Western Political ThoughtS reissued in expanded form in 2004 It appears to be uite appropriate to study today I read about a third of this It was interesting and informative but the print was so small it gave me headaches And that was with my glasses on I didn t want to but I had to give it up Eat your vegetables This book is my education in political thinking Mr Wolin generously shares his wealth of understanding in this tome which sometimes reads ike a textbook but often I think this tome which sometimes reads Talking to Dragons (Enchanted Forest Chronicles, like a textbook but often I thinkike an investigation If you think the book is good you should have heard his ectures at CalBecause I refer to PaV so freuently the old book is worn and should be reboundI was just reading A SECTION ON AUGUSTINE I SCRIBBLED section on Augustine I scribbled uick uestion in the margin two paragraphs ater I had my answer integrated with a comprehensive view of whatever I was checking This was not the first time that happened when reading PaV The book and one s background generate uestions Wolin seems to anticipate said uestions and answers them precisely and with contextOther than his outstanding Three Times the Love lectures I recall his care for his students I thought and think him a giant The best at what it sets out to do Covers pretty much the entire western history of political theory it begins with an introduction to political theory and philosophy and then proceeds to explain and interpret the tradition of western political theory and philosophy from the ancient Greeks to post modernism it is uite illuminating for serious students of political philosophy andets the average reader come in contact with the methods and subject matter of political theory itself toward the end of the book sheldon offers a critical diagnosis of american demoracy which he expands upon in his new book Democracy Inc. At political thinkers must also rely on creative vision Wolin shows that great theorists have been driven to shape politics to some vision of the Good that ies outside the existing political order As he tells it the history of theory is thus in part the story of changing assumptions about the GoodIn the new chapters Wolin displays all the energy and flair the command of detail and of grand historical developments that he brought to this story forty years ago This is a work of immense talent and intense thought an intellectual achievement that will endu. Th and early 21st century Absolutely stunningly beautiful He MANAGES TO TOUR SEVERAL THOUSAND YEARS OF POLITICAL THEORY to tour several thousand years of political theory ve never seen anything this erudite before I m a The Bride of Willow Creek little dismayed I didn tearn about this a ong time ago when I was discovering some of the classic texts eg The Lonely Crowd or The Organization ManI just found it via the author s obituary Sheldon S Wolin 93 Political Theorist Who Saw Limits of Popular Democracy DiesFrom that obit Politics and Vision subtitled Continuity and Innovation in Western Political Thought appeared at a time when American political science was under the sway of the behavioralist revolution which emphasized the uantitative analysis of data rather than political ideas as a way to explain political behaviorProfessor Wolin then teaching at the University of California Berkeley galvanized the profession by gathering key political philosophers beginning with the Greeks in a grand debate on democracy and examining their ideas not as historical artifacts but as a way to criticize current political structures The book revitalized political theory by making its history relevant to an "analysis of the present Nicholas Xenos a student of Professor Wolin s and a professor "of the present Nicholas Xenos a student of Professor Wolin s and a professor political science at the University of Massachusetts Amherst wrote in an email It challenged the behavioralists for whom history was increasingly irrelevant It also provided a way to criticize the present using the concepts and vocabulary that since antiuity had sustained concern for what he called the possibilities of collectivity common action and shared purposes In 1985 the American Political Science Association honored the book with the Benjamin E Lippincott Award in recognition of its asting impact It wa. Theoretical statement They culminate in Wolin's remarkable argument that the United States has invented a new political form inverted totalitarianism in which economic rather than political power is dangerously dominant In this new edition the book that helped to define political theory in the ate twentieth century should energize enlighten and provoke generations of scholars to comeWolin originally wrote Politics and Vision to challenge the idea that political analysis should consist simply of the neutral observation of objective reality He argues th.

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