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Rules of AttractionNah Guys suck most of the time Too sadI thought Rules of Attraction was better than Perfect Chemistry because of Carlos Besides his immense sexual appeal tattoos confidence bad boy attitude which always attract me I thought he was hilarious His sense of humor was dirty and wacked p but the best I loved Kiara as well Brittany didn t astonish me I didn t like her much Meh Kiara is strong intelligent and knows what she s doing One problem was that I felt like she shouldn t have had sex with Carlos before marriage I felt like she would probably stick to her terms that her good girl image would stay and change things I don t know if she was planning on abstaining but most likely she would have I m just assuming It would have been nice to see at least one couple actually waiting for marriage to come and being patient I mean one thing I would probably change about Elkeles s stories is to have her characters actually have sex after marriage My respect for them would have increased but realistically speaking it would make sense for them to have sex before marriage Since when do teens in general wait Yeah no Not going to happen Another thing I would change is the cover I mean it s a little too yeah I mean I know they could be naked but I just wished there would be meaning to the cover than just two people kissing Maybe gazing into each other s eyes and blocking out the world cheeseI also liked this one better because of how their romance developed The events were a lot cuter and fun for me as a reader I m of a playful girl who likes to have fun Carlos and Kiara had so much fun I m not saying Alex and Brittany didn t Brittany just felt like a drama Sunce je počelo da se zlati ueen to me and kinda controlled what Alex did It felt like she was asking him to confess his love all the time Kiara just went with the flow and waited for Carlos to confess his love She was patient andnderstandingAnyway another one of my favorites I loved it I m planning on reading her Paradise books as well I hope I enjoy them just as much as I enjoyed this series Before I read the bookAnyone else agree that after this she should write a third book about the youngest Fuentes Luis Yay she is writing another book about Luis Review Time I like to give pointers on how I like my reviews to be read in brackets feel free to ignore my suggestionsAaahhh my Fuentes boys could you be any perfect Yes I am referencing Chandler Perhaps it is a little bit formulaic but its a very nice formula isn t it channelling Salad fingers here aaahhh rusty spoons As you can see above I am really looking forward to Chain Reaction awesome name and this time it will be Luis reforming a bad girl nice huh I really loved how Alex and Brittany were in this best couple ever but I also thought the relationship between the brothers was amazing Unlike Alex Carlos wants to be a tough gang member just like Alex was but misses the point that Alex did it to protect him and Luis He gets to discover what he really wants though and it is very very sweet emphasis on the very s please too lazy for italics Epilogue is well EPIC less cheesy than the first book My only problem is that this one isn t ハリー・ポッターと賢者の石 (ハリー・ポッターシリーズ uite as funny as the first ah well can t have it every way I loved Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles so when I heard about this seuel needless to say I picked itp as soon as it hit the stands I was not disappointed NOTONEBIT Rules of Attraction is funny romantic edgy and From Beautiful Zion to Red Bird Creek unforgettable I loved the dialog pranks and slapstick funny scenes throughout the novel but most of all I loved the sincere moments between bad boy Carlos and goodie two shoes Kiara It s a page turner that will leave you sad at the end but only because you ve finished the book soickly In Rules of Attraction we meet Alex s hot headed and rebellious younger brother Carlos He arrives in Colorado to live with his brother but immediately lands himself in trouble with the law after a school drug bust where he was clearly framed Carlos meets Kiara who is so opposite of anyone he ever imagined falling for and through a Series Of Circumstances Finds of circumstances finds living with her family because of the good graces of her father who wants to give Carlos the second chance he feels #he deserves This begins Carlos and Kiara s rollercoaster of a ride #deserves This begins Carlos and Kiara s rollercoaster of a ride its fair share of Sex, Rock Optical Illusions ups and downsThis was such a great seuel to Perfect Chemistry and I loved revisiting two of my fave characters Alex and Britt But most of all what a great cover to the book I loved it because it captured one of the most endearing moments in the story between the two main characters Oh AND great title as it serves to reminds there are no rules of attraction it just happens naturally Awesome read that I recommend without hesitation This book has a lot of similarities to the first in the series Perfect Chemistry at the beginning it felt like the only difference was that Kiara had a stutter After finishing it I still feel it was substantially similar in characters and plot but I don t give a crap I still really liked it In other news I know some people are fans of the cover art in this series but I think it is pretty mortifying After Perfect Chemistry s cover where Alex and Brittney are laying on each other in the cover art I saw this one and thought thank goodness I am not living with my Boston roommates any they made fun of me for reading the other one and this one is even ridiculous Did you see the cover for the third book in the series Chain Reaction THEY ARE SHOWERING TOGETHER I would never read that book on the T public transportation Buuuuut that brings me to something elseThe sexiness Whoa mama I listened to this one on audiobook and it was pretty hot I enjoyed the romance aspects of this book than most of the romances I read What s that you say That s kind of gross since I m 27 Well FU I don t care what you say Also Carlos sounds hot Alex was hot too It stands to reason that Luis will be hot too If there is a shower scene in book three I am totally there Oh wait I was there anywaySpeaking about sounding hot it was pretty interesting to hear the shifting first person narration in this novel I ve never encountered this in an audiobook before when Carlos is narrating a Mexican well I didn t look him p maybe the voice actor just does an amazing accent man narrates and every character sounds like they would from Carlos point of view so Brittney the professor Tuck and Brandon all have asi Mexican accents And when Brittney narrates the view so Brittney the professor Tuck and Brandon all have Disney Infinity: Character Encyclopedia uasi Mexican accents And when Brittney narrates the voice actor impersonates Carlos and Alex s voices At first I felt that it was off putting but I gotsed to it over time and I think it actually added to my experience SIMONE ELKELES Hola ElleELLE Oh Hi Simone ElkelesSIMONE ELKELES WTF Elle You gave my first book in the series Perfect Chemistry only two stars Explain yourself Senorita ELLE Well Simone Elkeles I just thought it was a bitSIMONE ELKELES I know I know I hear you cari o It was. Hon gar nicht will Carlos sich auf seine Mitschülerin Kiara einlassen denn sie ist das exakte Gegenteil der Mädchen auf die er bislang abfuhr Auch Kiara hat alles andere im Sinn als mit einem arroganten Latino Macho wie Carlos anzubandeln Und doch ziehen sich ,
Rules of Attraction is the companion novel to Perfect Chemistry The main characters in Perefect Chemestry are Alex and Brittany the main characters in Rules of Attratction are Carlos Alex s little brother and Kiara That being said you don t necessarily have to read Perfect Chemistry first I loved Perfect Chemistry there is something about it that is so very addictive so when I heard that Elkeles was writing another novel about Alex s little brother I knew I was in for a treat Perfect Chemistry is still my favorite but Rules of Attraction was also fantasticI m a complete sap for the bad ass guy with the good heart I don t know what it is but ay dios mio I can t get enough And Carlos definitely knew how to play the bad ass guy cardBoth Carlos and Kiara are complex characters Kiara might seem like the easier of the two to figure out but she definitely has some hidden depths Carlos seems like the bad guy on the outside and he s made plenty of mistakes to get himself labeled as such but his bad guy image isn t his problem His problem is his pride I loved getting to see that change throughout the novelI didn t think the relationship between Carlos and Kiara flowed as nicely as it had with Alex and Brittany in PC It seemed a little abrupt and rushed I never felt like I witnessed that falling in love moment I was a little disappointed on that front but nonetheless I still reveled in seeing these two get togetherThe ending might have came a little too fast and it was just a little Dance With The Devil unbelievable not to mention there was another cheesy prologue that I just ATE UP I do love the cheese but it just makes you feel all warm and tingly inside And darn it sometimes I just want to feel warm and tinglyOverall Rules of Attraction was wonderfully written with intriguing characters and a captivating love story I m ready for book three please If you haven t read Perfect Chemistry by Ms Elkeles there may be spoilers ahead Want to get in trouble with me Carlos Initial Final Page ThoughtsOK so I have to admit I originally picked this bookp with every intention of laughing at it as opposed to with it But Ms Elkeles definitely got the last laugh because this book and I had a whale of a time together and I m thinking of proposing soon AlsoSome Things I Will Never UnderstandWhy some girls and some boys where leggings as pants How they get the tiny writing to go all the way through Blackpool Rock Dr Who My 8 times table Olly Murs Why so many people prefer Perfect Chemistry over this book I don t know whether I have to hand in my YA reader card in to someone or get a strike against my name or something but I much much muuuuuch preferred this bookHigh PointsCarlos Kiara Being a badass Perky privates Shared bathrooms Mountain walks Homecoming dances Lake side canoodles Magnetic cookies Chicas Cowboys The Ultimate eers Mr Westford s Home for Wayward Boys Swapping germs Low PointsI didn t really like the whole gangbanger LOL thing in this book In Perfect Chemistry it worked with Alex s character but with Carlos it just seemed like Ms Elkeles was like Meep we need angst I know I ll add a gang That worked for the first one Also the whole pretend boyfriendgirlfriend thing I have no idea why Carlos and Kiara did that at all It just seemed a bit randomI probably don t need to tell you that the epilogue made me want to claw my eyes out but not as much as the first one HeroHola CarlosOh wait sorry I know you don t like white kids try and sound Mexican I m sorry but you might have to get over that if we re going to hang out because I like to pret I am not in love with Carlos Fuentes I do not want him I Don T Think About Him All The t think about him all the Just kiddingEven though I do feel the same way about Carlos I m not going to mention it I m going to try to control myself this timeTRYMiss Simone Elkeles is officially one of my favorite authors now I love her damn work I love her characters I want to meet her so badly That woman knows what she s talking about I finished this whole book in one day All 324 pages of it I eat it all p and thoroughly enjoyed it Why are her books so damn good I ll tell you why Sit down folks Sit down1 I don t care how cliche her stories are I don t care how one can predict what can happen I don t care Her characters are too damn developed for that They re too damn funny thoughtful emotional and complex for that It can be as cliche as Elkeles wishes she s still good at voice and character development I forgot all the things about love stories that annoy me the most I was too distracted by her awesome writing and characters 2 Even though Rules of Attraction is super nrealistic it was truly adorable Yeah yeah Bad boy falls in love with good girl we ve seen that plenty of times Then why I m I LOVING THIS SO MUCH Because Elkeles wrote this with such beauty and emotion I m I LOVING THIS SO MUCH Because Elkeles wrote this with such beauty and emotion love Carlos so much Yes he s a jerk and super annoying but I still love him for what s inside him Cheesy I know What can I do I m hypnotized This was my same reaction with Perfect Chemistry3 Just like Alex and Brittany I like how Carlos and Kiara s romance developed It was so sweet Their relationship was fun than Alex and Brittany s in my opinion I can feel so much sexual tension just by their little pranks and I love that The cookielocker prank made me laugh my buttocks off I love Kiara for that and I love how Carlos played it cool and got her back It was so adorable Although at times I felt like their romance was too rushed I love how there were small events that strengthened it 1 Locker prank hilarious2 Mountain climbalmost kiss where they both can t stop thinking about each other3 Modeling session where Kiara feels sexual tension oh sexual tension yes4 Game when Carlos finds out he doesn t want Kiara to be with another guy swoon5 Make out session at Kiara s house where they both realize they ve fallen in love6 Homecoming where they you know the rest don t youI loved those events However it s not completely oh so perfect I know what I m doing moments I love how ncertain Kiara was about where to touch Carlos It showed that some girls really are clueless and shy and not everything goes by wonderfully It was the same when Brittany felt the pain of sex back in the first book Even though both the boys had sex in the most weirdestdirtiestwhy the hell would you do it there kinds of places Alex floor of Enriue s auto shop Carlos at the lake house in the rain they didn t seem to care I mean as long as they re together I wouldn t want to do that though Carlos is hilarious I want to smack him then kiss him because I smacked him then smack him again for kissing him Alex and I smacked him then smack him again for kissing him Alex and are so alike Well Alex is twenty in this book so he s changed Back when he was seventeen though like Carlos he was just the same They were both snarky egotistical insanely confident and slightly rude However they were the life of the books I loved them If only guys like that existed. Das Letzte was Carlos Fuentes will als er zu seinem Bruder Alex zieht ist es diesem gleichzutun Denn weder ist Carlos bereit auf sein Image als »Bad Guy« zu verzichten noch mag er sich wie Alex nd dessen Freundin Brittany in eine feste Beziehung begeben Und sc. ,

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Too intensely POWERFUL a novel for your mind I accept ELLE m actually no it was that ISIMONE ELKELES Si chica I feel you I suspect the hot teen sex on filthy garage floor scene was far too EXTREME for 4 Stars Also reviewed at Lady Jayne s Reading DenThis is an Adult who enjoys reliving the stirrings of first love and self discovery during the teen years through YA books review CONTENT WARNING Since this is a YA book I will include a warning that this book contains some Sexual Drug and Alcohol Course Language and Violent Content Recommended for Older Teens and Adults who enjoy YA books Rules of Attraction is the seuel to Perfect Chemistry and the second book in the Fuentes Brothers Trilogy I really love the cover of this book Very HOT and romantic I don t know what it is about kissing in the rain shivers Perfect Chemistry was one of my favourite reads of 2010 I just absolutely adore Alex and BrittanyIn Rules of Attraction author Simone Elkeles once again ses the formula of bad boy from wrong side of the tracks meets middle class good girl However while I really enjoyed this book it lacked that sizzling combustible magic that was Perfect Chemistry for meCarlos Fuentes is a rebel who loves living on the edge He is forced to move to Boulder Colorado to live with his older brother Alex to finish off his senior year of high school One his first day of school Carlos gets assigned to Kiara Westford who is to be his peer guide Kiara is an avid hiker dresses in baggy T shirts and hiking boots and is wholesome definitely not Carlos typeWhen Carlos ends p getting into some trouble he moves in with the Westford family as part of the REACH program Through living in close proximity to each other Carlos and Kiara get to know each and well much to both their surprises sparks eventually fly and they end p falling for each other Hey this is a YA Romance Like in Perfect Chemistry I really enjoyed the alternating point of views that allows the reader into both Carlos and Kiara s heads Simone Elkeles is really connected with her inner teen Her writing keeps me engaged and makes me remember what it was like to be a teen falling in love I didn t like Carlos much from the snippet I got in Perfect Chemistry and wasn t sure how much I would like this book but ended p really enjoying it The reason I love Alex so much is because he didn t want to be in a gang but felt he had no choice He wore a mask to convince others he was bad yet longed for something in his life His internal struggle moved me so muchplus he was so gosh darned sexy Whereas while Carlos was a hottie too I felt that he had an attitude problem and enjoyed being a badass I really enjoyed watching Carlos growth throughout this book Though at the end of the day Alex is still my numero no Fuentes brother mi corazon AahhAlex sighs I loved Kiara She is the kind of girl I could see myself having been friends with in high school She is smart funny strong determined and caring Though actually her love of cars and hiking wouldn t have aligned with my interests of reading and talking about hot guys at that age Oh wait those are still my interests LOLI really liked Kiara s best friend Tuck and her adorable younger brother BrandonThe epilogue was sweet but was a little corny But what I most especially loved was getting of Alex and Brittany in this book and seeing them in college even though things were not smooth sailing I loved the realism of their relationship They are one of my favourite YA couples I just love themAll in all Rules of Attraction was funny romantic angsty and tugged at my heartstrings just at the right moments I happily recommend this YA series for adults who enjoy reading YA and want a sexier grittier read and for older teens I m looking forward to the youngest Fuentes brother s Luis book out on 24th May 2011 16th August 2011Love the cover It seems that in this 3rd book Luis Fuentes is the good boy with big dreams who falls for the wrong girl And I already have a cutie image of my Luis so bring on Chain Reaction I originally had Mark Salling who plays Puck on Glee Love Glee in my mind as Carlos as he has the same sort of attitude But Mel who commented on my Perfect Chemistry review led me to a new Carlos Thanks MelMy Carlos Marlon TeixeiraMy Kiara Hayley ErinSome of my favourite otesscenes We kiss all the time I clear my throat then add We justdo it in private A smug expression crosses his face I don t buy it for a second cause if you were my girlfriend and a stud like me was livin in your house I d kiss you in front of the guy every chance I got as a reminder A reminder of w w what That you were mine Tell me somethin you do that would shock me She sits back on the couch Shock you Yeah Shock me to the core She sits Beyond the Qumran Community up on her knees and leans toward me I ve thought about you Carlos she whispers in my ear At night in bed I think about kissing you our tongues sliding against each other s while your hands are buried in my hair When I think about feeling those ripples in your naked chest I touch my Here s popcorn Westford says barging into the room with two big bowls filled to the rim with freshly popped popcorn Kiara what are you doing You know about fixing cars you re athletic and you know when to shutp That last one isn t a skill Honey trust me It s a skill La cucaracha La one isn t a skill Honey trust me It s a skill La cucaracha La Ya no puede caminar porue no tiene porue le falta I don t know the rest la la la la K The lady at the store said yellow means friendship and red means love The Rosary is the only thing I own that has value to me It s yours I m yours C Reading Order for the series1 Perfect Chemistry Review here2 Rules of Attraction 3 Chain Reaction Review here COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER I do not hold the copyright to any of the images sed in this review They are posted to add visuals to the review and for fun If any of these images are yours and you would like me to remove them please let me know and I will do so as soon as possible If I can identify the copyright I will do so Rules of Attraction was a good story that I enjoyed reading but I didn t think Carlos and Kiara had the crazy chemistry that Alex and Brittany did So the romance wasn t as satisfying and electric Carlos was also not as sympathetic a character as Alex because I felt like Alex only did bad things because he had no other choice while Carlos acted like a punk just because he wanted to But overall the story was a good read that I enjoyed a lotWe got to see of Alex and Brittany as they are both in college They hit a rough patch in their relationship when Alex Doesn T Want doesn t want meet with her parents because he is afraid she will realize she can do better than him but they work things out when she convinces Alex that she wants to be with him no matter when anyone thinks and she refuses to hide their relationship at all Damn you Latino boys hot tattooed sweet talking Latino boys Now no one is going to be good enough. Iara nd Carlos magisch an – Losing Control und riskieren damit mehr als sie je geglaubt hätten Denn selbst wenn Carlos Kiara zuliebe sein ganzes bisheriges Leben über den Haufen wirft – in seiner ehemaligen Gang gibt es Leute die dasnter keinen Umständen zulassen woll. ,