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Tch literature It was English books I felt drawn towards the amazing fantasy novels I discovered in my childhood and their spinoffs such as urban fantasy and paranormal romance Even English classics were preferable to the literature of my country as the stories of Austen and Dickens held their own kind of nostalgic magic It s only now that I am moving to England probably for at Least Three Years That I Feel The Urge To Discover years that I feel the urge to discover books that shaped the country I was born in So far my only xperience with Dutch lit has been through the dreaded reading list Heaven to Betsy enforced upon reluctant teens Even the most wonderful occupation can be made dreary by making it mandatory and unsurprisingly I didn tven read half of the books I was supposed to A few days ago I found Kaas Cheese by Willem Elsschot for a few So B. It euro in my favourite second hand bookshop The title intrigues is this a book about cheese How can cheese be interesting Unlike my fellow countrypeoples who seem to inhale the yellow flubbetygoop like no tomorrow I have uite a strong dislike for most cheeses In my mind Dutch lit is connected to pretentiousness and obscure writing and this common object seemed to be antithetical to that Kaas against all myxpectations is perfectly readable I Cabaret even have something in common with the main character who does not like cheeseither Yet in order to become important in the world than a lowly clerk he becomes a merchant of cheese Frans Laarmans is a proud man and no reliable narrator Humor is created by the discrepancy between how Laarmans views himself and his situation and what the reader reading between the lines knows It s witty but at the xpense of Laarmans To my own surprise I njoyed this short tragedy of a person that is not likeable but ultimately still gives rise to sympathy or pity perhaps I find it ironic that migrating to a different country finally sparked an interest in my national literature Though perhaps that does make sense This way I can take a little bit of home with me when I move ven if I wanted nothing to do with these books when I grew up Willem Elsschot is Belgian and as such Kaas might properly be seen as Flemish literature It has been part of the Dutch language canon though so I hope Everyone Will Forgive Me For Calling It will forgive me for calling it literature It is asy to be cynical about a short novella which features a man who sells Edam cheese Elsschot s story isn t all that original a classic tale of hubris of wanting than life is willing to ndow you with But Kaas is so charmingly written and the humor is so understatedly funny that the story Er überwältigt von seinem sozialen Aufstieg Er lässt sich bei der Werft krankschreiben richtet zu Hause En plein coeur ein Büroin und bestellt zehntausend Edamer vollfettDoch das Leben als Geschäftsmann ist nicht so The Bookshop on the Shore einfach wier s sich vorgestellt hat Although I love cheese I don t know what to say about this book I think I had to read it when I was younger for school know what to say about this book I think I had to read it when I was younger for school remember it vaguely Now I wanted to read it because I love cheese It was hard to read because it had the old Dutch language and this will cost points It was lengthy about what the character was doing however he missed the plot of selling He was short on that People found this book funny I still haven t found the humor in it It wasn t a bad story What a delightful little book and an interesting addition to the 1001 list in fact little book and an interesting addition to the 1001 list in fact would probably never have ven heard of it otherwise Elsscot true genius is to take such a banal mundane subject matter as Edam cheese and turning it into something rather interestingFrans Laarmans is a bored shipping clerk who after the funeral of his mother The Art of Memoir enters into the world of business as a cheese magnate in an attempt toscape his humdrum life and impress his new friends whom he feels inferior to However Frans has no aptitude for business and is a dreamer fritters away his time away outfitting his new office rather than actually trying to sell the product He does not The Day Christ Was Born: The True Account of the First 24 Hours of Jesus's Life even like the cheeseIt is a good job that this is a short book as I did not find Laarmans a particularily appealing character and am not sure how I would have felt if the story had dragged on for another 100 pages or so In thend this short book is uirky rather than being funny sad but never tragic a parable of veryday life the grass is not always greener on the other side or something about birds in hand and bushes A lightly absurd novella of a man temperamentally unsuited for business going into business like a Magnus Mills story grounded in the anxieties of middle class realism Also a masterful piece of understatement in which the humor and the dramatic stakes of vents come through in what s not said directly specially when the narrator s self knowledge is awkwardly out of sync with the world When I finished reading I was disappointed Cheese wasn t longer but not because there was anything missing I just wanted to keep njoying it And I don t know if Camus read Elsschot before writing The Stranger a decade later but there are some fascinating though probably coincidental similarities between them Mmmm cheese What a totally delectable foodstuff The cheese of choice within this literary morsel and random surprise left field 1001 books choice is Edam Personally I m of a Halloumi or Cave Aged Gruyere person myself but I guess much like the 1001 list there is no accounting for taste In high school I had no interest at all in Du. 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Eally does become than the sum of its partsPoor old Frans Laarmans he is out buying a desk before he has ven sold a is out buying a desk before he has ven sold a slice of cheese and #When He Does Make A Sale He #he does make a sale he a taxi to deliver it The man obviously didn t ask for his new position as a cheese salesman but he does njoy the increase in status that comes with it He ngages in small talk with his new salesman friends inadvertently becomes the hero of the Cheesemakers Association and well he never really gets a say in his own actions It s a brilliant move by Elsschot to make him sell cheese a very banal dispendable product which Laarmans does not ven like himself And as Laarmans makes his way through the streets with three big wheels of cheese on his back you can t help but sympathise In a way it s very Kafkaesue but I d rather grab a beer with Elsschot than with Kafka It s just a very merry and human displaySo by all means Kaas A rather masterful and controlled novella where Elsschot s brilliant style is on full display Do read it It s just great fun A tragicomical story about a 50 year old man living in Antwerp Belgium back in 1933 who loses his mother and goes through a midlife crisis His story is not particularly funny not downright hilarious but contains The Road From Home: The Story Of An Armenian Girl elements of bitter irony and a mild cynicism of sorts It can be perceived as a satire but it is also a realistic depiction of the dairy daily lives of petty clerks who see their lives deteriorate being lost in insignificance and anonymityLaarmans is a reappearing character throughout Willem Elsschot s novels andnds up becoming the symbol of the man who will always remain adrift at a sea of good
intentions a wreck 
a wreck Exile and Pilgrim everyday life a shadow inside the tramcars and the streets ofvery big city permanently disconnected and suffocating without ver being able to scape from the triviality of life 1933 Frans Laarmans Laarmans Laarmans Laarmans IBeware of friends bearing cheese IIThis could be my book of the year It is a modern fableIIII am not sure that I want to write anyt I really didn t like this I realize that creating a flawed character is part of good writing but I found the protagonist to be just plain annoying I try to stay away from annoying people in real life and don t feel the need to associate with them in literature Hannah Montana: The Movie eitherFrans Laarmans is a clerk that suddenly finds himself as a businessman in the world of cheese He is ploddingly inept to a point that is intended to be comicalpeople must have had a different perception of comedy in the 1930 sThe presentation of the social strata of the period was interesting thoug. Rst als die zwanzig Tonnen schwere Lieferung Käse im Lagerhaus liegt Kiste über Kiste dämmerts ihm Und als sein Vorgesetzter der brüske Herr Hornstra seinen Besuch ankündigt um die rsten Rechnungen zu begleichen gerät Frans Laarmans in Pani.

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