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Lost And Found Bride kWell this was interesting I ve read and heard some much about Amanda Hocking lately even an article on a major Italian newspaper that I finally decided to give it a try I d like to start by saying that this is my second attempt at a self published author and the first one didn t go well The other book I read was ALMOST HUMAN The First Trilogy 3 in 1 Edition and the main problem with it was the editing The book was probably 150 pages longer than necessary and there was so much internal monologue that I skipped and skipped and skippedWith Switched the fundamental problem is basically the same editing This book is better than the one I mentioned above but it still needs a professional hand working through it It certainly does not need to be cut On the contrary It jumped from action to action to action without any character development at all Wendy goes from finding Finn creepy to falling in love with him without maturing the feeling inside her at all BAM I ve fallen for him The dialogue is horrific at times there are long parts where the characters are just bickering and repeating things over and overThe second part of the book was definitely better than the first The writing flowed better even the dialogue got better and I almost never furrowed my brow like the characters so many times did I wasind of shocked at the end when the escape scene is described in approximately 20 lines It felt like Hocking was tired of writing or had finished her word count for the day and decided to cut it short Plotwise once again I can t really say this book was anything new or original I appreciated the Troll theme that is new but the rest is pretty much standard in YA lit now Finn especially reminded me of a mix of Patch from Hush Hush the stalking and Sonny from Wondrous Strange Wendy I didn t like AT ALL What a pain in the ass she is She Ambition and Accommodation: How Women View Gender Relations kind of sounds like a badass at the beginning and then she turns in this whiny please Finn save me thing Tove and Rhys I liked especially Tove an interesting character with a lot of potential Matt is a totally underdeveloped character and i m guessing we ll see of him in the next installmentAll in all I can say this book was OK Considering it is self published it is even good But I also think that Hocking needs to mature as a writer get published and acuire some new ideas I will be looking for her work in a few years time Trolls Inow right Flashy colorful hair so ugly they re cute dolls we all had at one point In Amanda s world these are all misconceptions They re called Trylle and they re beautiful magical and on the brink of extinction With an entirely uniue lore Switched is able to stand out from all the other paranormal books available I Fascinated By The fascinated by the Trylle How they lived the monarchy their custom of switching babies at birth #It Was Absolutely Creative Into This World #was absolutely creative Into this world a collection of commendable characters that are both well developed and easily likeable even a select few that are fun to hate Wendy has a big personality She s had a difficult traumatic childhood but that only made her stronger for the wear She doesn t let anyone manipulate her She s sympathetic and American Kinship: A Cultural Account kind All of which make her really relatable I enjoyed going through her dilemmas with her The stressful demands of becoming a princess overnight the boy she s falling for it was all delightful Almost like a modern day fairy tale Yes The wonderful boys From sweet to sweaty Wendy has got than her pick of lovely bachelors to chose from I absolutely loved how the romance was played out in Switched It s passionate and heartbreaking It doesn t fall with the clich s of today s YA novels It s unexpected true to life Truthfully I devoured it and I can t fathom choosing a team She can have them all rightWhile there is still good story development I did find some parts of the book were a bit slow A good portion is dedicated to character and world building however the book does not completely suffer from first book syndrome it does have its own beginning middle and end but I think the rest of the trilogy will be much action packed with powerful plot twistsWith this admirable debut Amanda Hocking has begun a trilogy that has immense potential Switched is just as beautiful inside as it is on the outside definite cover lust and I highly recommend it For of my reviews visit my blog at Xpresso Reads Please check out Electrifying Reviews for reviews like this plus giveaways interviews and By now practically everyonenows Amanda Hocking s story Self published wonder turned multi millionaire now with multiple book deals Before all of the hoopla I read a little book called Switched Even before all of the fame I loved this book So of course when it was re released I absolutely had to read it again And let me tell you I loved it even this time aroundSwitched is extremely readable and entertaining Both times I ve read it I ve gotten pulled into the story immediately and my eyes are glued to the pages until the book is done The Trylle society is original and intricate and I loved reading about the compl. Amanda Hocking is an indie publishing sensation whose self published novels have sold millions of copies all over the world and Switched is the book that started the phenomenon Prepare to be enchanted When Wendy Everly was six years old her mother was convinced she was a monster and tried to ill her Eleven years later Wendy discovers her mother might have been right She's ,


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D trolls are something new to me I wanted to now about trolls because I really find them interesting And of course the fact that the female character Wendy Everly is a troll and a changeling I Ancestral Voices: Religion and Nationalism in Ireland knew I will really like this bookSo was this book a yay or nayI must say a little bit of bothI love it because honestly Amanda Hocking s writing style is so flawless and very easy to read She uses words that are light and undemanding She doesn t complicate everything and she doesn t give me trouble analyzing such things Her character and world building is also non complex What you read is what you get Now what made me become a little bit disappointed was the plot It was neatly done but it was weak The progression was poorly established I think there were scenes that weren t really necessary but they were given emphasis I guess to lengthen the whole book but to be honest the interesting things only happened at the last few chapters of the book Another thing that bothered me was the existence of the Vittras These are the creatures that act as antagonists They are Trylle s greatest enemies In this book their descriptions unfortunately didn t make an exceptional appeal Their physicality was so vague I couldn t really imagine how they look like Do they look like human or somethingMy expectation for this book was also different Because this book talks about trolls I really expected to see some unworldly mythical creatures here Creatures that look like theseBecause we re talking about trolls right So why did I only see humans and no trolls at all This is fantasy so I was looking for something different Anyway I understand it as I ve read further because the author eventually explained it through her characters that trolls don t really look mystical but instead they look human So yeah I couldn t do anything about that BUT STILL I want to see REAL TROLLS Nevertheless the thing that absolutely lifted the whole story was Finn This character is so amazing I like him from the beginning up to the end Even though he s brooding and he was uite snobby in most parts of the book the gentleness and protectiveness in him were so tangible I have nothing against Wendy on the other hand She s an okay character and she doesn t annoy me but I think she needs some development There were parts when she doesn tnow what to do and she s very dependent to other people despite her extraordinary abilities Hopefully her character will get better in the next booksAs a whole this book is good I just think it needs elements to make it really sensational My friends who have already read this series told me that it s going to get better in the next installments so we ll see Good luck to me oh it rhymes haRating 3 Stars Picture this a great life with a loving family with the exception of #your mother trying to ill you when you were 5 and you re a total brat all through out this book #mother trying to ill you when you were 5 and you re a total brat all through out this book could picture Wendy whining and using her little gift of persuasion sarcastic ooooh and ahhh to get her way It was her own fault for not having friends and being miserable because she never freaking tried Its a two way street honey You re not THAT beautiful speaking of which i was so fucking tired of her constantly getting compliments It seemed so fake and gag worthy ALSO it was one of those stupid love stories They now each other for about TWO WEEKS and I m led to believe the attraction is only physical and i uote my hands were TREMBLING AND THAT FAMILIAR BUTTERFLY FEELING and that familiar butterfly feeling gave me spread throughout my bodyhere comes the funny part I was in love with him and I wasn t going to give him up Not for anything in this world or the next WHAT THE FUCKKKK WHO ARE YOU who are you to be proclaiming your love for someone after TWO WEEKS and you barely even now him past his gorgeous face and lastly Wendy go home literally You re maybe upset for about a day or two before you forget all about the family home literally You re maybe upset for about a day or two before you forget all about the family loved and cared for your ungrateful little ass I mean reallyview spoiler and yes I John for Everyone: Part One, Chapters 1-10 know her and Rhys run away but she only leaves when Finn no longer works there and she cant get what she wants any hide spoiler Sooo after finishing Switched I realized 2 things1 I m officially in love with Amanda Hocking2 Trolls are hot 3 I also suspect that I am a troll due to the hair thing but I haven t found any proof yet I m looking on it Did you think you could treat me like shit at a dance then sneak into my room in the middle of the night and tell me that I m a troll with magical powers and I d just be like yeah that sounds right Wendy Everly a girl whose mother tried toill her when she was six and always thought that she was living someone else s life finds out that she is indeed living someone else s life because she is a changeling a child that is exchanged in secret for another child Of course there is and she feels uite astonished when she is also told that she is a troll although she isn t green a royal one the heir of the Trylle Anarchist Modernism: Art, Politics, and the First American Avant-Garde kingdom So Wendy has to move into a palace with a cold mother when everyone prays for her downfall and another tribe wants toidnap Birth and he's come to take her home Now Wendy's about to journey to a magical world she never new existed one that's both beautiful and frightening And where she must leave her old life behind to discover who she's meant to becomeAs a special gift to readers this book contains a new never before published bonus story The Vittra Attacks set in the magical world of the Tryl. Exities of it and how Wendy fits into all of itAmanda Hocking has a smooth exciting writing style I ve never read something by her I haven t enjoyed immensely even her blog posts Her ability to create something so fun yet thrilling in its own way is uniue I cannot wait to see where she goes in life because I m sure that her recent surge in popularity is not temporaryWendy is a strong willed girl and reading Switched from her perspective was a joy She is in a tough position but she doesn t budge when it comes to what she believes in and I appreciate that The other characters are completely enjoyable and I loved them and their interactions with each otherThe Princess Diaries meets Tithe in Switched the highly imaginative immensely enjoyable novel from Amanda Hocking an up and coming talent I have nothing but love for Switched and cannot wait to continue the story with Torn Review for this book is below the PSA The PSA does not have anything to do with the book but a TOS policy change that Goodreads deemed not to tell their faithful users This book started out strongly Despite the protagonist being a brat the throwing hissy fits ind I was very into the story However when it got to the middle and she completely forgot about the family she loved because ooooo cute boy and the plot seemed to focus purely on her crushing on said boy they lost me And the overuse of the word foxy made me want to hit something There was some SMASH BANG excitingness at the end but then it went into mopey melodramatic girl mode againSPOILERS BEYOND THIS POINT BRIEF SPOILERS MINI RANTSeriously I can t stand when girls are like Oh my relationships over I just want to die now Nothing in books makes me ANGRIER I ve never called myself a feminist but this boy centric female protagonist that is so common in paranormals makes me feel like one It needs to stop Girls should not lay down and hope to die just because a boy has left them And it bothers me that women are the ones writing these weak female characters Review also posted on my blogI finished this awhile ago and am uite glad I decided to do so There are plenty of suspenseful moments in this book which is why I Being after Rousseau: Philosophy and Culture in Question kept reading bu there are also things lacking One thing that got on my nerves was the lack of character building I mean nearly all the characters felt like cardboard cutouts with no depth or personality I found them hard to emphasise with And another hing is I would have liked tonow a bit about the trolls themselves and what I is exactly that makes them special than humans I mean yeah they have magical powers that have been diluted over time and they commune with the earth don t like to wear shoes and sometimes have a greenish tinge but that s about all that s described oh and they leave their babies as changelings in rich families so that the rest of the trylle can have the money for medical care and a comfortable life when the channelling returns to the communityAnother thing that bothered me was than Wendy HARDLY EVER stood Up For Herself When for herself when mother treated her like shit and everyone else around her just expected her to now everything about trylle culture and forget about her home life I was so frustrated at times I wanted to reach into the book and shake some sense into her I just hope #she becomes stronger in later booksI also would have liked to #becomes stronger in later booksI also would have liked to about he vittra and why they are a violent sect of trolls and exactly what they want as this was unclear But overall a good even read and a series I will continue in time HOT DUDESYESThat s all you need to now my friends A formal and better xD review of this is available on my blog Check it outI hadn t had a book infuriate me this much since A Beautiful DarkSo Wendy Everly finds out she s a changeling switched at birth and that she s actually one of the Trylle aka trolls She s also a princessEvery Single Character In this book Expected her to now everything about Trylle life already Nobody even educates this girl Sometimes Finn the hero tries to but then they end up making out or some other annoying romantic activityWendy was so damn unlikable She was close to being a TSTL heroine When her mother Elora yelled at her about the stupidest things she just stood there and took it She needs to learn to stand up for herself I would ve probably liked her or at least respected her if she would just stop letting that bitchy mother of hers to treat her like fecal matterI didn t like the characters the story the romance nothing But a friend of mine told me that it gets better in the seuel I do see some potential in this series I guessI d probably still read the seuel just to see if it really gets better I mean I got a copy of it already I bought it at the same time I got this one I guess I just had high hopes for this series First off Switched is really gorgeous Just look at the cover Isn t it so beautiful I personally chose this edition because the cover has some work of magic in it It s like it has an ability to suck me into its world BeautifulSecond the premise is really really good I love fae stories an. Ot the person she's always believed herself to be and her whole life begins to unravel all because of Finn HolmesFinn is a mysterious guy who always seems to be watching her Every encounter leaves her deeply shakenthough it has to do with her fierce attraction to him than she'd ever admit But it isn't long before he reveals the truth Wendy is a changeling who was switched at.