[Summary The Russo Japanese War 1904 1905] Epub by Geoffrey Jukes – Kindle ePUB & PDF

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The Russo Japanese War 1904 1905

characters Í eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ↠ Geoffrey Jukes

So as with all Osprey books IT HAS A LIMITED AMOUNT OF has a limited amount of of the actual events but this one is much better than most So much so that while I was eading it I looked up the author and found that I had The Extras read a number of books by him mostly from the original Ballantine World in Conflict series And they were books that Good overview of a war that had conseuences for both Russia and Japan I had previouslyead a book about Tsushima so I was aware of many of the problems faced by the Russians but this book added to my knowledge about the land fighting as well I Özgüven Öğrenilebilir really appreciate the fine maps that are included So many books ignore these vital assets to their stories A clear and concise military history of the Russo Japanese war I especially liked the details on troop numbers and analysis of soft factors like morale and public support The subject matter wasn t that interesting but Geoffrey Jukes conclusions made meealize that this book is important for those wanting to ead on the First World War aka The Great War Jukes discussed the war why it happened and the events leading. The Russo Japanese war saw the first defeat of a major European imperialist power #by an Asian country When Japanese And Russian Expansionist Interests Russian expansionist interests over Manchuria and Korea the Tsar assumed Japan #an Asian country When Japanese and Russian expansionist interests collided over Manchuria and Korea the Tsar assumed Japan Up to the war the battles the political and military leaders the
Mutinies And Why They Happened 
and why they happened an OspreyEssential Histories it did what it set out to do summarize #the mutinies and why they happened For an OspreyEssential Histories book it did what it set out to do summarize war in less than 100 pages It had the maps and the photos the strategies of the generals and whether they were successful or notWhat I eally liked about this book was the impact the war had on the military strategy and thinking of the First World War The military observers from the major powers who accompanied both belligerents arrived to conclusions fatal for hundreds of thousands of soldiers ten years later To them Japan won the war because they had the ight attitude and the better spirit Attack Attack Attack With that kind of attitude you ll beat everyone Unfortunately there s a little to it than that especially when you send a company of men into a full frontal attack and they have barbed wire trenches and machine guns obstructing their charge up the hill or across the field You failed That s because you had the wrong attitude You need to try harder you need discipline Meanwhile we ll use Ld never dare to fight However after years of planning Japan launched a surprise attack on the Russian Port Arthur on the Liaoyang Peninsula in 1904 and the war that followed saw Japan win major battles against. Avalry to outflank our enemies That works when your enemies have thin lines but when your enemies are heavily concentrated everywhere as they were in the enemies have thin lines but when your enemies are heavily concentrated everywhere as they were in the front ten years later then that strategy doesn t work alsoThis war led to overconfidence of the generals and the slaughter of the common soldier Unfortunately businesses today use the same strategy You Our Yanks re company is not doing so well Your workers are failing at their tasks Why it s their attitude They lack discipline They need to go out there and attack Attack Attack This book provides enough detail for it to not feel like a Spark Notes summary of the Russo Japanese War but in typical Osprey style offers a concise overview of the key whos and whens This book provides a nice overview of this conflict which changed the dynamic between European powers and Asian powers and put Japan on theoad to being the most confrontational Asian power of the first half of the 20th Century The book focuses a bit on the army ather than the navy but there is than enough of the Battle of Tsushima for one to grasp its absolute significance. Russia This book explains the background and outbreak of the #war then follows the course of the fighting at Yalu River Sha ho and finally Mukden the #then follows the course of the fighting at Yalu River Sha ho and finally Mukden the battle anywhere in the world before the First World Wa. ,