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An t honestly bring myself to rate this 3 stars I wished that for once faery tales real faery tales not Disney fairy tales would have a happy ending I wished that too but Meghan didn t die so adios happy ending There ll be other occasionsOkay I m usually not this harsh towards fictional characters and I don t like to be so I ve made up my mind I won t bully Meghan in this review Also because I ve abudantly vented my fury and indignation in my reviews of both The Iron King and The Iron DaughterOnly allow me to say two things firstly that once again she proved her extreme and stubborn childishness when she accused Puck of basically view spoilerhaving saved her father s life hide spoiler Final rating 45 starsSo how the hell do i start this review Lemme see A long long time ago in a fae land not so far away Nevernever Was Under An was under an Nope sounds like Weird Al Yankovic s song So um lemme see i know With an interviewThe guest of this interview today is the book The Iron ueen for short I I So let s start from the beginning shall weME Sure DI So for starters how do ou feel about meME You were amusing fun and lovely book but i hated one thing about The Guitar Style of Jerry Reed you andour sisters The Iron Daughter and The Iron King Which is the reason i gave الإيضاح لمتن ايساغوجي في المنطق you 45 stars sighsI What could that possibly beME Meghan Who else At least i am finally free of her YAAAAAAYI May i hear the reason whyME Her unbearable and intolerable stupidity knows no bounds She hurt both Ash and Puck and then it takes her a while to say i am sorry My poor babies were hurt and they always forgive her rage Whyyyy Be men for once and be angry like really angry at herI ME Ain t i rightinsert desperate Loki shouting TELL MEI Yesbut she got better through the book and especially towards the endME That s a debatable uestionBut i did like her in the end It was a brave thing to doI Ouuuch Anywaywhat about Ash and PuckME I wanna hug Ash and tell him its all right And now i finally know his true beautiful complicated i cannot even say it name Ashallyn darkmyr Tallyn You are my heart my life my entire existence But i seriously hope he wont ever change become something i hate or whatever in the next bookI You know well i cannot answer thatME Yep i know And Puck I loved him With all of his kick ass comments I want her to be happy and she s most happy with Riders of the Sea you Maybe this will make up for past mistakes He shook his head and returned to his normal idiocy So eitherou say Sure I d love to have Jewish Women Speak About Jewish Matters you along orou have a big bird dropping things on our head the whole trip And he deserves his own happy ending too DI I feel the same There was this particular scene in the book where Meghan and Ash had view spoiler Sex hide spoiler You I particular scene in the book where Meghan and Ash had view spoiler Sex hide spoiler You I My heart lurched and my stomach dropped to my toes Of course it was him How could I not have seen it beforeI have said it in the previous book and I will say it again now No one bothered to ask for a book and a half who the False King was Literally no one No one asked no one said they did not know All that bad writing only for a twist that we saw coming How much should ou dumben The TV Writer's Workbook: A Creative Approach To Television Scripts your characters to create the illusion of mysteryThis 3rd installment in the Iron Fey series is slightly better than the first two but unfortunately ifou take the completely horrid writing from it what remains is boredom The entire book is Meghan going here and there following instructions almost never thinking herself because everyone else gives her everything she needs to know and of course always together with her 2 boys That is pretty much it There is of course the bad guy but as I mentioned the book tries to distract NV Level 3 Health and Social Care you from his identity in the stupidest of ways so no one really cares about him especially since the book offers no real danger Whenever something bad happens it gets fixed right after so we all know Meghan and her team will be virtually untouchable And if someone says It might take a long time to heal or maybe neverou can bet it will take at most days for things to be right again Boring boring boringMy true gripe in this book however is Grimalkin the cat Every fantasy book can have its deus ex machina moment but Grim has been consistently for 3 books the one existence that knows absolutely everything sometimes with no reason other than I m a cat and the one with all the smart ideas and the one saving Meghan when she needs it etc He is basically the safety net for the entire series and it has finally reached a peak in this book always being at the right place at the right time with the right thing to say Wow such good writingThere is nothing else to say about it The main trio still has the brains of an unripe banana and apparently everyone else too apart from Grim Character development What is this can it be eaten Cannot wait for the final installment to see how idiotic can these characters ge. Ebe zu ihr ist ihm längst wichtiger als das Wohlwollen seiner Mutter Mab Als sich die Eisernen Feen zu einem neuen Angriff rüsten kehren Meghan und Ash nach Nimmernie zurück um zu kämpfen Denn es steht alles auf dem Spiel die Zukunft Nimmernies und ihre eige. Powerful I even cried goosebumps and everythingMeghan girlfriend ou kicked some butt and I tot Of all the books in The Iron Fey series The Iron ueen is my favorite This book is pivotal and takes the story in an entirely new direction Not only is this book filled with action and adventure but I finally got to see the romance between Meghan and Ash evolveNot only does the relationship between Meghan and Ash grow but Meghan undergoes a great deal of self discovery and growth as an individual The Iron ueen really is Meghan s coming of age book She grows stronger both physically and spiritually She is faced with many painful truths and twists and spiritually She is faced with many painful truths and twists the way but she rises to the challenge To say the least I felt that this b So this is it WowI can t even begin to explain how much I loved this book I know this has been said many times before but I have to repeat it This was epicThe Iron ueen picks up right after Meghan and Ash got exiled and tells the story of Meghan s last fight against the False Iron King and her attempt to save the Nevernever This was an epic story about bravery loyalty friendship true love as well as despair loss and sacrificesAll my beloved characters were back in this book Grim was his usual mysterious self providing I am a cat as an explanation for almost everything and Puck was still the funny and loyal though a little bitter best friend that I ve grown to love Then there were some new characters that added to the fun like Glitch and Razor I fell in love with Razor right away I want my very own little Gremlin And of course there were Meghan and Ash I adored Meghan in this third installment of the Iron Fey series She s grown up she s brave and loyal and displays the possession of some serious guts But the best character of this entire series is Ash He really gets to shine in this book I enjoyed seeing his icy facade melt and getting a glimpse at the amazing person that lies beneath it Both Ash and Puck made my eyes well up several times with their declarations of love and dedication to MeghanThere has rarely been a book that managed to suck me into the story as thoroughly as the books of the Iron Fey series have You know how sometimes our thoughts drift off while reading It doesn t mean that the book is bad it just happens Well this was definitely not the case here I love Kagawa s worldbuilding and the dark and brooding atmosphere her writing style creates It s like a mixture of Alice in Wonderland Matrix and The Lord of the Rings and made me forget everything around me Her writing was so vivid I saw the world unfold before my inner eye like I Was Watching A Movie Truly AmazingAs For watching a movie Truly amazingAs for romanceI have mentioned before that I m not a big fan of that instant love at first sight thing It rarely works for me Where it did work for example was Twilight Yes I am one of those people Don t hit me please And after having finished the Iron ueen I can say here it worked again Ash is justhe s soI am at loss for words Nothing I can say would do him justice but let me tell Engine Performance Diagnostics you this He nudged Edward off his throne That s how much I adore this characterAs for the ending OhMyFreakingGod To say that I cried like a baby would put it mildly I m talking heart wrenching all consuming sobs here And now I am desperatees desperate to read the Iron Knight Oh GodLast but not least thanks to Harleuin Enterprises for the opportunity to read this book now instead of having to wait until February 2011 Thanks so much I know this is getting old but I have to mention this I LOVE these two uotes They made me fall in love with Ash all over again Hey I whispered as Ash slipped his arms around my waist from behind drawing me close I could feel his glare aimed at Puck over my head a silent protective gesture that spoke louder than any words Mine Back off One thing Ash said in his dangerous soft voice as we turned away If ou do not return with her Ash continued staring him down I will turn this entire camp into a bloodbath That is my promise Songs I listened to while reading On the nature of daylight by Max Richter All that is good by Tyler Bates Evenstar Lord of the Rings sound track Violin Concerto II by Philip GlassStef and Morgan thanks for providing the right soundtrack for this book It made the reading experience so much intense While I was reading the final chapters I listended to on the nature of daylight by Max Richter and it made my heart shatter into a million tiny piecesKim I really enjoyed our reading date Thanks hun Alright that s it I m locking myself up in a closet now and I won t come out before a certain dark faery knight shows up and offers to take me away 25This is way better than the previous installment but since some chapters though not too many just three or four were so boring as to practically compel me to skim through than actually read them I Denen Meghan im letzten großen Kampf empfindlichen Schaden zufügte sinnen auf Rache und machen auch vor der Welt der Sterblichen nicht halt Für Meghan gibt es keinen sicheren Ort mehrDoch diesmal ist sie nicht allein Ash weicht nicht von ihrer Seite seine Li. OMG That freaking ending I can t even people the feelsi can not believe i have the FEELSI CAN NOT believe I have these books for so long and they are so freaking awesome I have so many books hanging out here with me that I haven t gotten to et How many gems do I have Being able to love so many genres of books is just amazing Yes Erebus you get the onesou don t like from time to time but mostly they are so wonderful I love to be taken away to all of these places and it doesn t matter if som Ah I ve finally come to the end of this series sort of It s uite clear to me that I really am not a fan OF JULIE KAGAWA S WRITING STYLE Julie Kagawa s writing style I m always hopeful Sadly I have resigned myself to believing that this is not going to change not now and not everThere was nothing really offensive to me in this book as they were in the previous ones The story moved "at a decent enough clip I suppose though I find myself having "a decent enough clip I suppose though I find myself having force myself to finish it because her prose is just so dry a Everyone this book BLEW MY MIND00AmazingBRILLIANTOVERALL IF I DIED WHILE READING THIS THEN IT MUST BE A GOOD THINGThere was action adventure I had a heart failure at the endingyahBut this had action meaning Ash and Meghan being badass There was romance meaning they kissed and made me die multiple timesThere was STUPID Oberonmeaning WHO S GONNA FCKING KICK HIS ASS FOR MEAnd there was laughter peace and view spoiler poor Puck ending up with nobodysob hide spoiler IAmSpeechless This is easily one of the best series I have had the pleasure to read I read all of the books back to back and let me tell ou Nothing ever prepared me for this epic adventure let alone the ending I struggled to actually sit and write a review for the first two books because I was so caught upon the adventure I knew there was no way I could write a review until I read all three of the books So instead of just reviewing The Iron ueen this will be an Iron Fey review Got it Ok off we goThe Iron Fey series is about a girl named Meghan Chase When we first meet her he day of her 16th birthday she is a normal uiet teenage girl struggling to fit in at school However when her brother is kidnapped by the fey she travels to the Nevernever to rescue him alongside her best friend Robbie Goodfell who is the legendary Puck or Robin Goodfellow unbeknownst to her until then Along the way she meets a Cait Sith named Grimilkin and the Winter Prince Ash She also finds out she is a half fey and her father is non other than Lord Oberon King of the Summer Court Along the journey they discover a new breed of fey called Iron Fey They are growing in number and threaten to destroy the Nevernever as they know itHowever she never planned on falling in love with Ash and he her It is forbidden for summer and winter to fall in love I loved watching Ash and Megan s love grow for each other in this series It was beautiful I did think that in the Iron daughter Meghan got a bit obsessive reminding me of Bella swan but it can be over looked because this series is just that amazing The character growth is brilliantly written By the end of the series Meghan is no longer a shy girl she is tough and knows what she wants And even though Ash vows to protect her he realizes that she has changed and become strong The banter between Puck and Ash was classic And I swear no one can insult and compliment someone in the same sentence the way Grimilkin did The battlefight scenes were epic Very descriptive I felt like I too was fighting besides Ash Puck and Meghan The best part of the series was the ending The last book Seriously If ou pick up The Iron King and The Iron Daughter and are wondering what the hell I m hyping this up for READ THE LAST BOOK It s one of the best books I have ever read It was perfect I think I cried for the entire ending I felt the hope desire and love I keep thinking there could have been another way Julie But that is what I love about this series it s realistic fiction We don t always get what we want no matter how hard we want it to be so Living a fairy tale doesn t change that And for that I believe there was no other way to end this series with changing the book cannon Hats off to The Tale of Atterberry The Faire Pendant Series you Julie Kagawa That was truly remarkable In the words of Meghan Chase It wasuite a ride Wasn t it It sure was I desperately look forward to The Iron Knight and any future works from Julie Kagawa s imagination More reviews and at Cuddlebuggery Book Blog Ifou have not read this series please do I am so very in love with it This installment was probably my favorite of the threeI think one of my favorite parts of reading a series is watching the characters develop And The Iron Fey series was an excellent example of that Ash proved himself to be than an ice cold heart Puck s incessant mischief even gives way to seriousness and Meghan once a insecure school girl find courage beyond her means It was. Wenn Liebe zu Magie wirdAm Vorabend ihres siebzehnten Geburtstags findet sich Meghan als Wanderin zwischen den Welten wieder Sie und Ash der Winterprinz wurden wegen ihrer verbotenen Liebe aus Nimmernie verbannt Nun sind sie auf der Flucht Denn die Eisernen Feen.

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