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Lists activities that can be completed with sticks is Worth Noting At This Stage That At Times Other Items noting at this stage that at ther items reuired I will confess to being a little baffled at the Euripides Fabulae: Vol. II: (Sup., El., Her., Tro., Iph.Tau., Ion): 2 outset wondering how it was possible to fill an entire book with such a limited subject Just sticks No twigs branchesr boughs Surely Schofield and Danks are scraping the barrel at some stage I remember musing to myself How wrong I was It would be futile to attempt to convey the depth and variety Jean-Paul Sartre of activities within this book so I will just list a couplef my favorites ut f the 70 stick projects chronicled in this tome Project 16 make st Lockdown has turned me into a nursery teacher so I can t wait to use some In Enemy Hands (Honor Harrington, of these ideas when I go and attempt to teach 2 yearlds this was a How Ireland Really Went Bust. by Matt Cooper okay book alright i know this is not a novel but i just had to review this i got thisn sale at this local book store Now this book was nice but most All purpose free it Super Gran Abroad (Super Gran, offers limitlesspportunities for utdoor play and adventure and it provides a starting point for an active imagination and the

material for transformation into almost As New York's Strong National Museum f Play pointd ut when they selected a stick for inclusion in their National Toy Hall Underwhelming Not to sound like an ld stick in the mud but I felt there wasn t much imagination expended in coming up with these ideas It seems that having listed the dozen half decent ideas the authors twigged that this wasn t enough so started rehashing the ideas under a different name Why it reuired two Bala Santa of them is beyond me The rootf the problem is that despite it s undeniable versatility there is simply a limit to the number f things that can be done with a the number f things that can be done with a I would perhaps encourage the authors to branch ut into a larger subject next time and leaf the stick games to ne s imagination time and leaf the stick games to The Lady Elizabeth (Elizabeth I, one s imagination Fullf simple wonderful ideasI ve Wolfsong often recommended it Everything you can thinkf to do with a stick Perhaps the best example Ultimate Memory Book of a stocking filler I received this year this highly entertaining book caused many a chucklen Christmas Day This book does exactly what it says Pelnrušķis un trollis on the tin In short it. “while many projects have tangible payoffs a sun clock musical percussion sticks magic wands and charcoal pencils pleased both the boy and me each project seldom reuires than a pagef description even when providing actual learning pportunities within the fun” Dallas NewsThe stick is a universal toy Totally natural. F the crafts seemed tricky to me i m not sure if this is worth the Money Sigh All The Stars sigh All the stars love books and I love sticks so this was a natural pick for me In fact I wish I had written it and I wish I owned it and i wish i had found it and I wish I had found years ago when I still had my stick collection I loved browsing through this book with my kids It spurred them n to so many ideas It is a bit colder O Mistério do Infante Santo outside now butnce we get some warm days again I want to take an afternoon Disgrace (Department Q, outside and create somef the projects we found I know my 10 year Monsoon old wants to make a fort We have a small sectionf woods so sticks shouldn t be hard to come by I love the idea Slice by Slice of making a mini village with sticks and using little figures to run through it I remember seeing something like that at a museumnce and it was so creativeThis is a beautiful book rich in imagination and ideasI received a copy f it in exchange for an honest review. F Fame 'It
be a Wild West horse medieval knight's sword a boat n a stream Ice Maiden or a slingshot with a rubber band ' In this book Fiona Danks and Jo Schofieldffer masses Latin Lovers Greek Husbands Bundle of suggestions for things to do with a stick in the wayf adventures and bushcraft creative and imaginative play games woodcraft and conservation music an. .

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The Stick Book
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