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Have strong supernatural elements Just earlier this year Smith offered up a Local Girls frightening apocalypse tale Darkened which is alsoantasy than horror so urban A Is for Awful fantasy is a natural transition Still in terms of style Smith proves he can step out of his comfort zone without sacrificing his own personal charmKayla is a young beautiful and privileged college coed with an ugly problem Despite her exceptional physical ualities no one wants to have anything to do with her Inact those that don t outright ignore her are completely disgusted by her Even the nerd who was once obsessed with Kayla acts like she s got the plague When she meets a super hunk in the park she thinks her luck has made a turn or the better but Kayla couldn she thinks her luck has made a turn or the better but Kayla couldn be wrong This handsome man is the Devil himself and he s here to make her a deal she can t refuse You see Kayla was kind of a bully in high school Go My Little Half-Moon figure right Well she was nasty enough that someone with the Devil s help put a shunning spell on her Unless Kayla performs a despicable act at the Devil s behest she will endure a life of sexless attention deprived solitude Even the bums on the outermostringes of society mock her So Kayla has to decide if she s got what it takes to do the Devil s bidding and end the spell or live as a pariah of pariahs Hello, Good-bye for the rest of her daysKayla is not a likable character She s conceited vulgar and often downright cruel She s also in that annoying in between stage of adolescence and adulthood when you think you know it all and the world revolves around you In the initial set up I worried I might not be able to tolerate heror the length of the story but Smith knows how to spin a good yarn Once he s engaged you in the plot he sneakily charms you with Kayla s antics It s hard to say where I took the turn A Succubus for Freedom and other tales of Obscene Orgies from passive observer to Kayla devotee but at some point there was no denying I was her loyal sidekick Hell I even grew to admire her I don t give a shit attitude andeisty disposition Kayla s the type of bad bitch who won t hesitate to tell an angel get out of my way or I ll kick in your heavenly balls An important detail that makes Kayla s character successful is her voice is consistent so the reader is never taken out of the story A college acuaintance uses the phrase as if which I ind a little outdated but other than that misstep the language is believable Kayla s dialogue is so natural I imagined Smith creeping around the Vanderbilt University campus the setting of this tale eavesdropping on the emale student body خلقیات ما ایرانیان for inspiration I certainly hope that s not the case because I m pretty sure you can get arrestedor thatKayla s not the only entertainment in this story To keep her on task the Devil sends two legendary baddies Jack the Ripper and the Countess Elizabeth Bathory While good ole Jack is on site to monitor her progress when he isn t indulging his unsavory desires Ms Bathory is there to provide guidance or *Young KaylaDespite The Violent History *KaylaDespite the violent history the Ripper and the Blood Countess you won t ind their taste A Fatal Debt: A Novel for blood explored in graphic detail here Instead Smith has toned down the goreor this story Even though Kayla and the Devil is stripped of the viciousness typical of a Smith novel it s not a glaring omission You won t be aching The White Ballets for bloodletting because you ll be too caught up in the story to notice Smith builds momentum uickly and keeps the pace consistent Once the plot kicks into high gear you ve already committed yourselfor the rideKayla and the Devil is a light hearted and un read with a good sense of humor but I was especially excited about the ending You may think you got the plot igured out but a ew twists bring a surprising conclusion Too often an ending can t live up to the expectation born of a great story but Smith manages to pull one last trick out of his hat or the closer If you re missing Kayla like I do don t worry she ll be back because Smith is turning this into a series Who knows what misadventures he has in store The Portable Guidance Counselor: Answers to the 284 Most Important Questions About Getting Into College for our potty mouthed protagonist Well I have an idea but I m not gonna tell ya You never know maybe someday we ll get to see Kayla and Meli Destroy Frankenstein Or Kayla and Meli versus Planet of the Apes OK probably not but I ll be alongor the ride anywayORIGINAL REVIEW HERE This is the second Bryan Smith book I ve read and I continue to be impressed with his work Smith manages to make you care Living with a Dead Language: My Romance with Latin for a character that you should otherwise hate The plot isull of all kinds of twists and craziness including visits rom infamous real life serial killers Jack the Ripper and Countess Bathory The violence is airly tame compared to most modern horror novels but Smith s strength in story telling and characterization are what carries the book I can t wait Bongology: n. The Art of Creating 35 of the World's Most Bongtastic Marijuana Ingestion Devices for the seuel and would loveor the series to get a uality Design the Life You Love: A Guide to Thinking About Your Life Playfully and with Optimism film adaptation and then maybe Bryan Smith would get the attention he deserves. But now her past has come back to haunt her Someone wants revenge Bad enough to engage the services of the devil But the tables have turned again and the devil now has his own deal to offer KaylaHe can end her suffering End the shunning spell But only at a very high price And Kayla must decide whether she has it within herself to surrender her soul and commit an act so heinous it will damn heroreve.

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This is just my second Bryan Smith novel read the irst being crazy backwoods horror Depraved some time ago19 year old college student Kayla Monroe is a mean girl with the looks brains and privilege to amplify the point She s used to being the centre of attention and getting her own way especially with the opposite sex Things take an unpleasant turn in her sopho year and After You Drop Them Off: A Parent's Guide to Student Ministry for reasons unbeknown to her Kayla has abruptly turned into a social pariah Even her old stalker runs in the opposite direction to avoid herDesperately lonely Kaylainds the answer one afternoon whilst visiting her Share, Retweet, Repeat: Get Your Message Read and Spread favourite spot in the park For theirst time in ages someone gives her the time of day it s just a pity that someone happens to be the Devil himself with a solution to her unnaturally shitty social predicament Can Kayla really bring herself to do what is reuired and literally sell her soul to get things back to the way they wereKayla and the Devil was an entertaining read but not at all the gory violent horror I had albeit happily braced myself Minimalist Baker's Everyday Cooking: 101 Entirely Plant-based, Mostly Gluten-Free, Easy and Delicious Recipes for This was a pleasantly surprising paranormal urbanantasy read which I would recommend to riends of mine who like that genre with an added biteOne of the main things I liked about Bryan Smith s writing in Depraved was the lively dialogue which had a good dose of wit and sarcasm In this story there is of that and I ound myself laughing at some of the things Kayla said or her mental observations which she somehow managed to keep to herself I also love it when an author makes me like a primarily unlikable character Kayla is a cow but I couldn t help sympathise with her the hopeless and crazy situations she ound herself inI wasn t too keen on the ending but I m still looking orward to reading book two of Kayla s misadventures Kayla and the Devil was a very good novel She Weeps Each Time You're Born from the warped mind of Bryan Smith Kayla meets the devil standing by a tree He s got a dealor her A crappy deal A damned if you do damned if you don t kind of deal Kayla is not a very nice person and likes to cut people down with her sharp tongue Can she complete the devils deal and ree herself rom the Seven Days, Seven Dinners fires of hellI couldn t help but make comparisons to Jeff Strand while getting into this one but theurther I read on I realized that Bryan has his own tale to tell and does it with his own voice style and wit A well done A Northern Light fast paced sharp and entertaining read Evidently this one is very tameor Mr Smith so I am off to get some of his backlog and check out some of his splatterpunk work Kayla is a beautiful but self centered college girl But If You're Missing Baby Jesus: A True Story that Embraces the Spirit of Christmas for some strange reason people have shunned her She can t even get the nerdiest guy on campus to shag her What could possibly be causing her miseryHint Read the titleBut don t worry cause it s nothing that a deal with the devil won tix But there is another catch Kayla has to kill Someone To Cement The Deal Or Be A Pariah The to cement the deal or be a pariah the of her lifeI have a soft spot or deal with the devil stories and this is a good one Kayla may be unlikable but she isn t evil Demolishing people with sharp words may be easy or herbut murder The Anne Perrys Christmas Crimes (Christmas Stories, fun in this novel is trying toigure out how Kayla will outwit the devil and save her soulor maybe she won t It s a kick inding out if she doesBut be warned This is a irst in a series There is a satisfying ending but there is also a tease White Water for Book II Normally I do not careor that sort of thing but I must admit I m intrigued Kayla s life should have been amazing she s rich beautiful and doing well in college Unfortunately The Slave Dancer for Kayla her life is not going well she no longer has anyriends men avoid her and even her stalker is now repulsed by her She s baffled over the change that is until she meets the devil who explains this is payback Special Agent for something she did in high school He has a dealor her that will lift the shunning spell but to honour the deal she must take an innocent life and she will be doomed to enter Hell whatever she decides to do She has a week to complete the task and to help the devil partially lifts the shunning spell and sends her some interesting helpers to keep her motivatedKayla looks Sleep with the Fishes for ways to both complete the task or work around the deal enlisting her ex stalker who seems to be the only person she can trust at the moment Does she have it to take an innocent life or will she be destined to live on the periphery of society as a social leperBryan Smiths books always tend to beun and this was no exception The premise is interesting and there are several ways in which Kayla tries to work around the deal to trick the devil The story itself is very straightforward the writing lowed well and it was an "Easy Uncomplicated Read To Get ThroughKayla Is At First Very " uncomplicated read to get throughKayla is at irst very she s spoiled cruel and has a razor sharp tongue that she uses all too reuently Her shunning period didn t seem to teach her too much and when the sp. College student Kayla Monroe seems to have everything Stunning looks smarts and loads of money thanks to her privileged upbringing But something’s gone wrong Ever since the start of her sopho year people have been avoiding her Her A World on Fire friends shun her Guys no longerlock to her Even her ormer stalker an awkward geek now wants nothing to do with herShe is on the brink of utter despair when she encount. .

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Kayla and the DevilEll was partially lifted she was only too happy to put people down as she d done before I did like that there was growth with her character although much of it came at the end and it was rustrating at times to see her treat people so abominably who were going out of their way to help herLee her ex stalker was a great character that I wish had been in of the book His relationship with Kayla was uite one sided she took advantage of him again and again but I liked that he held her accountable and that his actions towards the end of the book had such a profound affect on her Overall an uncomplicated un read that is well worth the read Note Since it wasn t listed here my copy was the epub copy available or Nook on bncomWhile known 100 ways to Fight the Flab - and still have wine and chocolate for his brand of in yourace no holds barred hardcore horror Bryan Smith took a slight departure with his slick and sexy urban dark The Oxford New Greek Dictionary fantasy Kayla and the Devil Meet Kayla Monroe blonde and beautiful college student and sometimes a royal bitch and proud of it Mild spoilers ahead Life is usually goodor Kayla until she experiences something weird The Cello Suites : J.S. Bach, Pablo Casals, and the search for a Baroque masterpiece for someone of her desirable stature men and women mostly shun her now as if she s the most despicable creature to walk on two legs Unable to understand why and on the brink of depression she then meets the man of her dreamstall dark and handsome and he isn t turned off by her But then again he wouldn t behe s the Devil And he offers Kayla a deal because of a past transgression Perform a grisly deed and she wouldn t be shunned any longer or die and be tormented in Hellor all eternity The plot moves along smoothly mostly due to Smith s deft and razor sharp writing and a The New Job Security few twists and turns make it enjoyable and unpredictable While not outright horror there s enough gore thanks largely to two notorious and bloodyigures The Day Fidel Died: Cuba in the Age of Raúl, Obama, and the Rolling Stones (A Vintage Short) from history to satisfy horrorans and in a subgenre rife with sexy vixens in leather toting swords and The New Odyssey: The Story of Europe's Refugee Crisis firearms Smith has created a series I d read any day of the week The climax is definitely a cliffhanger of sorts leading up to a seuel Kayla Undead MUST read Kayla and the Devil is theirst novel Bryan Smith wrote after the death of his wife Rachel and he dedicates this one to her I had heard about his troubles a while before picking this one up and along with The Jumbee feeling sympathyor the guy I wanted to see if his writing had changed in any way I To Helvetica and Back figured he would write a very bitter novel about how the world was created by being shit out of the unclean ass of a less than adeuate god but thankfully Smith does not go in this direction Instead he ventures into the land of urbanantasy a land that Guts and honesty Those are Bryan Smith s main writing tools I see reviews rom time to time that wail and remonstrate about sex profanity and violence in a book and if Those Put Off By All Means put you off by means this one Because the sex profanity and violence are there and Smith doesn t apologize or them Nor does Kayla his protagonist apologize Where the Heart Waits for who she is At least in the beginning She s an incredibly uniue creation and though she can be abrasive selfish andrustrating she s also sharply drawn
And Utterly Realistic I Mentioned 
utterly realistic I mentioned and honesty earlier and though I stand by those claims about Smith I eel I ve undersold his writing which is immaculate As a ellow author this is the kind of writing that motivates me to do better to not settle to push my limits and to mine the depths of my abilities KAYLA AND THE DEVIL is a A Burglar's Guide to the City five star read Smith deserves every compliment he gets and is one of the best writers of darkiction working today What happens is you look up top ten horror books The Annotated Phantom Tollbooth for Halloween and then before you know it you ve moved on to top ten most disturbing books and half an hour later down the internet rabbit hole you re looking at like top 13 splatterpunk books you ve never heard of and the next thing you know you re reading thisuckin thing and you re like how did this happen Why am I doing this This is not my thing I read seeeerious books This book is not serious Although it is technically an exploration of the Faust myth This is like one step up American Apocalypse: The Great Fire and the Myth of Chicago from self published Why would I even review it It s like a Hindu reviewing Methodists Who cares what I think Look if you re considering reading this book at all my opinion is not the one you should be listening to Read the other reviews I like Virginia Woolf I do not like this book and I shouldn t have read itIt s not at all splattery btw and the ending is a catastrophicail Bryan Smith channels his inner 19 year old party girl in his latest urban antasy novel Kayla and the Devil This modern Faustian tale transforms Nashville Tennessee into a world where the Blood Countess Elizabeth Bathory is just a phone call away and Jack the Ripper hangs out in your local movie theater Smith has lirted with Stories for a Romantic Heart: Over One Hundred Treasures to Touch Your Soul fantasy before House of Blood and its seuel ueen of Blood both. Ers a young man in the park The man is charming and movie star handsome Kayla thinks maybe her luck has taken a turnor the better But she couldn’t be wrong Because this man is the Devil Capital D definitely intended The ultimate embodiment of evil And he has something to tell KaylaKayla hasn’t always been the nicest girl in the world At times she has been downright mean She’s grown past that. ,

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