Ebook [Show Me a Story Why Picture Books Matter Conversations with 21 of the World's Most Celebrated Illustrators young adult science fiction] by Leonard S. Marcus

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Edge of Bauhaus furniture and architecture but I think her illustrations look folksy and would never made the connection on my own When William S DESCRIBES HOW HER STUDIES describes how her studies influenced painting specifically with color and light value to create a spontaneity in her work I began to see the Bauhaus influence through the combination of craft and art She explains how she purposefully makes her illustrations reflect how a child would paint and I started to appreciate what she did in her picture books Sections like Vera William s get into techniue than others Each illustrator is like eating a different flavored Ben Jerry s ice cream cone James Marshall would be Coffee Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz Maurice Sendak would be Americone Dream and Mo Willems might be S s because I always want some Piggie and Elephant books Marshall tells some hilarious stories and is uite outrageous calling teachers cockroaches because nothing can destroy them after spending a day with kids His interview shows his wit so prevalent in his books Maurice Sendak is uite a character whom the other illustrators refer to as being influential in their works He took the children s book from a sentimental Victorian past to what you see today Sendak pushed boundaries and saw children as knowing and aware of the world around them Mo Willems says Failure is funny and discusses how he tried to imitate in his pigeon books Sendak s Where the Wild Things Are manipulation of the audience s response through design One of Willem s favorite characters was Charlie Brown because he was miserable but funny not like Mickey Mouse and pals always merrily dancing around like they were on lithium Leonard Marcus introduces each author and gives a summary of their strength as an artist in the field before launching into a uestion and answer format I wasn t sure I would like this but found his uestions really interesting and the answers unexpected Sometimes he d ask such a sophisticated uestion about the work I wasn t sure if it was the illustrator answering Other times such as with the William Steig interview Marcus compares his book Amos Boris with William Blake s The Tyger Steig was so flattered and excited never thinking of the two as connected It is obvious Marcus did a ton of as connected It is obvious Marcus did a ton of before his interviews The chapters conclude with great uotes from the illustrators for the most part Interviewers are stuck with what the person being interviewed says and Marcus shows tremendous writing and interviewing skills with the great chapter ending uotesI didn t expect to get library lessons from this book but got ideas for either author studies or indepth read alouds The artists discuss things that they ve done when going on school visits or teaching art to kids such as Lois Ehlert s fish auarium made with plastic milk cartons to complement the book Fish Eyes While reading Tana Hoban s interview she talks about New York school children being asked what they saw on their way to school to which they replied Nothing The children were given cameras and it opened their eyes to what they passed everyday when going to school I wonder if I give kids an iPad on their first day of library and have them take photos of what they see if we can put together a book or photo display that ties in with curriculum and gets them to notice their surroundings in a different way I love this type of book It turns my dodo brain into an electrically charged force field Maybe force field is too much of an exaggeration but it does make me excited about teaching Elementary librarians should read this book No excuse. Olor plates revealing each illustrator's artistic process from sketch to near final artwork in fascinating behind the scenes detail Why do children love and need picture books so much Recasting and greatly expanding on a volume published in 2002 as Ways of Telling Leonard S Marcus confirms that picture books matter because they make a difference in our children's liv. TEdited to add on 22418 As a direct result I m looking at a giant stack of books by authors I had missed in whole or in part which exercise I am enjoying the hell out of I have never stopped enjoying picture books but I ve never been methodical in my choices mostly grabbing whatever looks good on the New Shelf or an endcap Marcus choices are a good mix so farLibrary copy Show Me A Story Why Picture Books Matter is a collection of interviews Leonard S Marcus has spent decades interviewing illustrators In this c Good collection of interviews with a collection of interviews Leonard S Marcus has spent decades interviewing illustrators In this c Good collection of interviews with childrens illustrators I wish the e book version had been arranged differently with examples of the illustrations themselves interspersed with the interviews Simply marvelous I enjoyed the different perspectives on both art and literature and the vitality and importance of how they intertwine Each illustrator captivated what art means and its powerful effect on the world of children wonder is a beautiful thing and it s our ob to encourage it Basically I need to own this book so I can refer to and re read whenever I please This book contains "interviews with many children s illustrators The conversations are really fascinating because they show the "with many children s illustrators The conversations are really fascinating because they show the the scenes of how many beloved kids books came about I found it inspiring the hear how the illustrators came into their book field after exploring many other art mediums and often attending art schools Many of the authors were influenced by the historicalsocial backdrops at the time they created their illustrations while some simply found inspiration from their kids and friends They discuss censorship editing and life events that all influenced their booksThe book also includes a section of sketches and preliminary drawings from some of their works I ve now bookmarked many of the stories in the bibliography to read in the future that section is uite helpful for references I read picture books as a living to rambunctious kiddies but when it comes to the illustrations I m a dodo bird Text comes to the illustrations I m a dodo bird Text get Artwork I don t A mom said her kindergartener had to read some book I was reading about a tiger and a wheel I have no clue what he was talking about but can I have that book She inuired That kindergarten read aloud had me toodling through the text sounding like a dodo bird with the kids What the heck is the illustrator doing here Ooh I really like the dreamy feeling but did she use the computer to get that funky background Or maybe it s a collage Isn t it surreal I think that s the idea Oh heck why are there little wheels on every page Hmmm I do recognize she s using watercolor You get the picture The beauty of kindergarteners is they love chittering librarian dodo birds And I love them Leonard Marcus interviews 21 illustrators who have had a big impact on the development of children s literature His goal was to find out how these people decided to become artists and what experiences prepared them for a career in illustration This book isn t for everyone You need to have some interest and background knowledge of illustrators publishers art and writing The illustrators explain their techniues typography and apprenticeships as well as mention famous artists designers editors who influenced their work Take illustrator Vera Williams She went to Black Mountain College and studied under Josef Albers who was a part of the Bauhaus movement in Germany The Bauhaus movement in the early 1900s believed in the combination of craft art and technology and was the precursor to the International Style found in architecture I have some knowl. Renowned children's literature authority Leonard S Marcus speaks with their creators and others twenty one of the world's most celebrated authors and illustrators and asks about their childhood their inspiration their determination their mentors their creative choices and Amplifying these richly entertaining and thought provoking conversations are eighty eight full Oh man The selection of authors for this was good plenty of famous and well respected people did you know Eric Carle grew up in Nazi Germany Huh some newer comers who are good examples of the current picture book era like good old Mo Willems and Chris Raschka Did you know Jerry Pinkney did a re imagining of Little Black Sambo because it was a story he had enjoyed as a young African American kid Well now you do There were a good number of interesting descriptions of process inspiration and thoughts about what children s books can and should be But despite my compliments I thought Marcus was kind of a lousy interviewer He seemed a bit too proud of himself for knowing people and not as interested in getting new or complex information out of his subjects A lot of the times he ust let the subject answer uestions however they felt inclined to do so and interviews were less than they could have been because of that The famous and established the subjects were the less serious stuff he seemed to get out of them Of those though Maurice Sendak told some really interesting and moving stories about his Jewish heritage and the way he incorporated his real life into his surreal storiesButyeah Basically picture books as an art form are an interesting and puzzling phenomenon and I want to read about them on a critical level This was a good start to that but yeah More authorial intent is desired A must read for all interested in writing and illustrating for children I read the interviews of my five favorite illustrators featured Carle Henkes Oxenbury Sendak and Willems Sendak not surprisin Show Me A Story of my five favorite illustrators featured Carle Henkes Oxenbury Sendak and Willems Sendak not surprisin Show Me A Story Leonard S Marcus is a fascinating read The Show Me A Story Leonard S Marcus is a fascinating read The with notable illustrators are interesting to read and gave me greater insight into a genre of children s books that I already adore the picturebook I will not relay here the number of times it has been said to me how easy it must be to write for children particularly picturebooks I will gladly put this book in their hands to help them understand the work the inspiration and deep thought that has gone into the most celebrated picturebooks so that they can see what it really takes to get it right "These Twenty One Interviews And Eight Eight Color Plates Will "twenty one interviews and eight eight color plates will explain how picturebooks came about ust why picturebooks are so important and the impact that they can have on the children that have access to them I was very interested to read Show Me a Story I love picturebooks the skill it takes to get a story across in thirty pages or so and make it interesting is much difficult than most people realize Getting a glimpse at the mindset and inspiration of some of my favorite authors and illustrators was fascinating Individuals such as Eric Carle Mo Willems Chris Raschka Rosemary Wells Peter Sis and William Steig The interview providing insight into Maurice Sendek s work was really poignant to me since he ust past away on Tuesday morning after suffering from a stoke a few days earlier I highly recommend Show Me a Story to anyone that appreciates picturebooks teachers librarians and aspiring writers I also recommend the read to anyone that thinks writing or illustrating a picturebook is easy and simple It will give any reader insight and understanding into how some of the best and most celebrated picturebooks came about and how picturebooks can make a difference in the lives of children Fascinating My only disappointment was not being able to see of each illustrator s work some of them I didn t know at all and others I am only familiar with a small portion of their varied outpu. In compelling interviews by the acclaimed Leonard S Marcus twenty one top authors and illustrators reveal their inside stories on the art of creating picture booksMax and Mickey; Miss Nelson; Pack uack and Mrs Mallard; Pigeon; Sylvester; John Henry; and a very hungry caterpillar these are ust a few of the beloved picture book characters discussed in Show Me a Story. .
Show Me a Story Why Picture Books Matter Conversations with 21 of the World's Most Celebrated Illustrators