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T Bones and Dane stumble across a murder in a church and a long held secret is let out by a dying priest They are off on another adventureI can t tell if this is Bone S Sisters First Book Or Not I sisters first book or not I not t tell if this is Bone s sisters first book or not I have not the book before this to know for sure but I really liked her characters She s basically an MMA fighter who is built similarly to her gigantic brother Bones and also knows how to kick some buttThe story umps around in Europe a bit but each place they went to served its purpose and *sounded fascinating to visit Every time I read one of these books I *fascinating to visit Every time I read one of these books I that I traveled but not like these guys they are always finding trouble everywhere they goNear the very end a new creature is featured and it was a pretty awesome few minutes while they met exchanged idols and they were shown the way out of the caves It was a weird but interesting scene that I enjoyedIcefall is definitely one of the shorter books in this series but it is not missing the action and adventure that you re used to if you ve read the other books I enjoyed it and if you re a fan of the Dane Maddock series I think you will too Story captures your attention but book length leaves alot to be desiredI was following the seuence of the Dane Maddock Adventures curious about the title paid my 299 and like always started reading a captivating tale and finished it in a day Shocked at the uick read I checked the page count 120 pages Come on Mr Woods all the others in the series average around 260 pages Let the reader know they are paying for a short story and not a full length book Icefall what a great bookWhat a page turner The. Brake into the midst of a deadly race to solve a centuries old conspiracy Danger lurks at every turn and no one knows where the clues will lead or what they wi.

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Icefall Dane Maddock #4Icefall introduces readers to another thrilling plot this time set in Europe Dane and Bones along with a couple of their friends have traveled to Germany for Christmas This is a shorter story than David s other novels in the series but *Still Provides Plenty Of Ups And Downs *provides plenty of ups and downs the group during their visit to a German cathedral Once again David does an excellent ob of mixing history and legends together You ll have to grab a couple to find out what happens but this novella is Filled With Plenty Of with plenty of octane to keep you reading Interesting The concept is definitely of a sci fi nature but is presented in *a manner that is easy to read and comprehend My first read *manner that is easy to read and comprehend My first read this author even though it is 4 in this series but I m certain it won t be the lastAt 120 pages it still packs a lot of action and mystery to keep you guessing and reading I would recommend it to anyone wanting to give it a shot You won t be disappointed You know I really did like this story Read it in a day it was that good Right to the end which I thought ust kinda fizzled So 3 stars instead of four because the end was The League for the Suppression of Celery just meh A Vacation Turned Adventure The Maddock Way 45 out of 5 starsI usually don t read books out of order but I seem to have a bunch of Wood s books that areust all over the place I ve been trying to get caught up and I m probably still than 10 books behind I was glancing through my library and stumbled across this book I ve enjoyed every one of his Maddock related books to date so I figured I was in for a blastI was right Icefall was right up my alley It starts with what seems to be a vacation bu. When the bones of the Magi are stolen from their resting place in a German cathedral the whispered words of a dying priest catapult Dane Maddock and Bones Bone.
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