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Joplin in front of Hitler at an official state function much to Der Fuehrer s horror this scene is one of the best passages in the book Besides being in love with life Marseille was an exceptional pilot whose talent alone made him bearable to his superiors who generally hated him They were however in awe of his awesome flying skills as was every German Ace and all considered him to be the best pilot Germany ever produced In brief Marseille was a genius in the air mortal and fun on the ground and someone worth spending time with brief Marseille was a genius in the air mortal and fun on the ground and someone worth spending time with is a great story of an extraordinary person The Star of Africa is a biography of one of the most brilliant and controversial aces of the Luftwaffe Marseille was the ultimate role model for the German outh until he opened his mouth is a perfect uote to describe Jochen Marseille s personality A bohemian Berliner who was openly anti Nazi in the era when one careless word could send ou packing off to a concentration camp was definitely born in a wrong place if not in the wrong time Freedom loving and eccentric honest and kind hearted Marseille simply didn t belong in Nazi Germany Of course in a country where military service was an obligation and not a choice the liberal Luftwaffe was probably the only suitable option for him This is where his star truly shone and here s where he celebrated every victory over the downed aircraft and mourned the death of every killed enemy pilot A brilliant pilot who wasn t afraid to tackle ten enemy aircraft at once he remained a true humanitarian Against G ring s standing orders and risking being shot down he would fly to the enemy airbase just to drop a note to the downed pilot s comrades to let them know of their friend s fate He would entertain the captured enemy pilots like personal guests and protect his African mechanic and good friend in front of the highest ranking Wehrmacht generals Eventually finding himself and disillusioned with his country s new nationalistic values he tried his best to act like a human in the army where humanism was frowned upon This wonderfully written biography is great not only because it offers a glimpse into Marseille s unforgettable personality but due to the detailed study of his flying career and techniues all based on actual documentation sources and interviews given by his comrades and people who were lucky to know him I laughed at Jochen s numerous exploits and I cried at his tragic and untimely death An invaluable research source and just a great read for all WW2 history buffs I can t recommend it highly enough Five stars for the depth of research and to the authors for having the foresight to conduct interviews with Marseille s contemporaries while they were still alive This detailed book is filled with interviews that give the reader a sense of what Marseille was like how he behaved and how the code of chivalry he lived up to One nit and its code of chivalry he lived up to One nit and its smallAs a student of the war in North Africa I had very good awareness of where the airfields and targets described were This book would have benefited greatly from one or two detailed mapsHighly recommended story of one of Germany s greatest aces The Best aviation book I ve ever read I read this book 5 times each time it is as fresh as the first reading You really feel like our in the cockpi. That may have been what changed his attitudeSS Lt Gen Karl WolffWatching Marseille in the air was like watching a deadly aerial ballet He looked like he was twelve ears old and often acted like it Major Werner Schroer Knight's Cross Oak Leaves and Swords JG 27Marseille was perhaps the best that the Luftwaffe had His record was only surpassed by his immature unrpofessionalism Col Hajo Herrmann Knight's Cross Oak Leaves and SwordsMen like Marseille captured the public imagination and rightly so they played a dangerous game and Marseille was perhaps the best to ever fly a fighterLt Gen Gunther Rall Knight's Cross Oak Leaves Swords with 275 victoriesThere was great rivalry for kills and Marseille boasted that he would beat all of usGeneral Gustav Rodel JG 27 Knights Cross Oak Leaves 98 victori. ,

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A great fighter pilot His skills were amazing great pilot and unbelievable shot but a rogue within the Luftwaffe and German military He was a deadly fighter pilot et he had a soft spot for enemy pilots and risked his life than once to assist them when he knew they were no longer able to fight The descriptions of his air tactics and aircraft handling are fun to mentally recreate This is one of the best books about fighter pilots I ve read Even though Marseille s actual victory score is disputed by many historians this book undoubtedly makes it clear that he was one of the greatest fighter pilots of World War 2 The book gives great detail on his operational flying and his claimed victories and many anecdotes about him as a comrade from many different great fighter pilots of the Luftwaffe The book is than that though as the book follows him through his turbulent outh growing up in Nazi Germany and his early ears in the Luftwaffe where he was a troublemaker before going to join the North African campaign While reading this book I realized that he was mere 22 ear old at the time of his death and just how fast these men had to grow up during the War and make life and death decisions His devil may care attitude toward authority and and make life and death decisions His devil may care attitude toward authority and Nazi s also brings to light some interesting incidents and calling him the James Dean of his time is very accurate to me Great book about a great man who was on the wrong side at the wrong time as he can surely be counted as one of the Greatest Generation The Star of Africa by Colin D Heaton and Anne Marie Lewis is a fascinating biography of Luftwaffe ace Hans Joachim Marseille who is credited with 158 aerial victories mostly in the skies over North Africa Although the authors did a diligent job explaining the complexities and excitement of air to air combat they truly excelled in unraveling Marseille s paradoxical psychology Marseille was a naturally gifted pilot but was also a rebellious and insubordinate officer with a big mouth and no filter who constantly ridiculed Nazi dogma often in the presence of high party officials Heaton and Lewis superb historical account of Marseille explains how he was able to survive in Hitler s totalitarian state against the odds despite standing against everything the regime stood for while also becoming one of the greatest aces of World War II Highly recommended for readers of thoughtful history Disclaimer I won this through a Goodreads ARC giveaway DisclaimerThat said The Star of Africa is a well researched and lively portrait of an extremely interesting figure Hans Marseille He was gifted fighter pilot who served in both the European and African theaters with a distinctly un military flair And throughout his life he was involved in numerous escapades many that should have resulted in sacking The book was an enjoyable read if a bit stuffy at parts But I enjoyed this book none the less The Star of Africa a biography of Hans Marseille who I like to think of as the James Dean of German Luftwaffe pilots is an excellent profile of one of the most iconoclastic Germans who fought in WWII Marseille was larger than life he loved women flying and drinking had a South African servant who served with him in the North Africa And Was A Talented Musician was a talented musician loved jazz and dared to play Scott. W MarseilleHis list of affairs with women some even married and famous was an embarrasment but his success as a fighter pilot uieted much of the dissent Lt Gen Hans BaurHe was so handsome all the women loved him and it was easy to be infatuated with himFilm director Leni RiefenstahlMarseille was the ultimate role model for German outh until he opened his mouthHitler Youth Leader Artur AxmannHis loss was a bitter blow to his compatriots in JG 27 but a blessing to those of us on the other sideRon Cundy Royal Air Force North AfricaIf Marseille had about three victories per mission on average If he had He could have been the top ace above Hartmann if he had livedCol Hannes Trautloft Knight's CrossI suppose from what I learned and what i knew that once Marseille accidentally learned of Auschwitz. Depending on what Vide et plein you want from this book it is either great or just good Ifou are a war historian this book is amazing It chronicles most of Marseille s 158 victories in minute detail manoeuvres times types of aircraft name of the pilot shot down etc But there are only so many ways ou can shoot down an air plane and after 158 times things get rather repetitive For me this became a little boringMarseille was aptly described as a rogue Luftwaffe ace His womanising drinking playing jazz and generally defying the military brass made him a really interesting character In the end he had mellowed somewhat and was getting burned out Personally I wish the book had about the man and less about his deedsI would also have liked a map so I could visualize where all this took place I read a few notes in other works about Hans Marseille but never looked deeper until I found the book on the site Book LemurWhat a great story This man was anything but the typical Nazi He was a drinker womanizer jazz listener military protocol rule breaker and an anti party pilot If it weren t for his father sympathetic superiors and his excellent pilot skills it s no doubt he would have been court martialed and shot or sent to Buchenwald He was the antithesis of everything Germany stood For IdeologicallyIn His Early ideologicallyIn his early as pilot he was nothing than rogue He didn t communicate with his copilots or wingman on what his intentions would be during combat He took off engaged the enemy with no regard for his mates Many of them complained and refused to fly with him fearing for their own lives Yet they could not deny his prowess in the air No one in the Luftwaffe could make an ME 109 dance and maneuver the way he could It was in Africa under the tutelage of Oberleutnant Gerhard Holmuth he finally started finding his groove Rather than constantly reprimand him for his indiscretions and lack of discipline he became the father figure Hans never had He became aware that combat flying wasn t a one man show It was a concerted effort of his gruppen and schwarm This isn t to say he still didn t pull pranks on his mates or continue his defiance of authority figures He was invited to Berlin by Hitler to receive his Knight s Cross During the reception he showed his pianist skills for all the top Nazi brass After several excellent classical pieces he started pounding out jazz By the end of the recital the room was empty In another instance he commented about Goring wearing nail polish and insinuated he could have a gender issue Any of these acts would have spelled the doom of an ordinary man not Hans The last item I want to point his respect and chivalrous behavior to his opponents He was a firm believer that if at all possible the families of downed pilots especially the mothers should know the fate of their sons Several times he would fly over British airfields dropping off notes concerning a pilot who didn t return from a mission Despite his charm and excellent flying skills there was one threat he couldn t combat mechanical failure On September 30 1942 he would take to the sky for the last time His final tally would be 158 enemy kills There are some minor punctuation and formatting issues They do not detract from the storyHighly recommend this story Five Stars Hans Joachim Marseille was. The Star of Africa is a biography of the dramatic life and meteoric career of German Luftwaffe Captain Hans Joachim Marseille known to Germans and Allies "ALIKE DURING WORLD WAR II AS THE STAR OF "during World War II as The Star of Marseille a legendary figure in the annals of military history had over 100 kills to his name and was one of the rare recipients of the Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves Swords and Diamonds the Third Reich's highest honor awarded for valor in combat Unlike other German fighter aces Marseille is also a famous figure in the public imagination in the United States and other English speaking countries where his rebellious nature iconoclastic behavior and early death have nourished his reputation just as greatly as his exceptional skill and chivalrous conduct as an adversaryComments from Those Who Kne. The Star of Africa

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