[PDF/EBOOK] Swords of Waar by Nathan Long

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Om there the narrative is all about Jane and *Lhan discovering the deepest and darkest secrets of the church foiling assasinations organising religious rebellions As Richard Dean Anderson *discovering the deepest and darkest secrets of the church foiling assasinations organising religious rebellions As Richard Dean Anderson Colonel Jack O Neill would say its all about sticking to the man and doing the right thing Incidentally I can totally see Jane saying something ike that since Nathan fills the narrative by several one iners where Jane references pop culture and the ikeFor the entirety of Swords of Waar Jane is a very different woman Her experiences on Waar have changed her and although Oran society is backwards in many ways such as slavery and misogyny she couldn t be happier anywhere else as Campfire long as she has Lhan with her The romance between the two of them is uite stormy with ample disagreements since Jane is capable of physical feats theikes of which Lhan can at best only dream about He may *BE A BETTER SWORDSMAN BE WELL VERSED IN *a better swordsman and be well versed in but she has raw power on her side and an ingenuity the ikes of which no Oran can match In that respect they make for a great complementary couple so different from each other and yet so similar This is a great follow up to Jane Carver Of Waar Lots of action and smart ass commentary from Jane But what I really iked is the growth and changing dynamics of Jane and Lhan s relationship There are some incredibly tender moments between the two And even when he is being a stubborn putz and an ass Lhan is pretty damn Hurrah For The Blackshirts!: Fascists and Fascism in Britain Between the Wars lovable Makes me wish I had my ownittle purple dude to Adam Smith: An Enlightened Life love on I cannot wait for the next installment in what is turning into a uirky and favorite series for me This is the second book in the series and it s not bad but it s not good either Jane Jae en in theocal Crazy Love language is from Earth She found her way to Waar by mistake the first time and at the end of the first book she got sent back home by the priests of the Temple of Ormolo After managing to find another way back to Waar she sets out to rescue herover Lhan and ends up in a uest to save the ruler of the ands The priests want to assassinate him and replace him because they want absolute power over everyone and the ruler blocks them from this It also turns out there is a sub plot that has the priests stealing all the water in the and causing drought and suffering and Jane and Lhan manage to end up destroying the alien technology allowing this to happen bringing the rains back to Waar It feels ike there should be another book and I d be happy to read it if it ever gets written Proof that if you are given a freebie it might make you an addict Read the free Friday book on my nook Jane Carver of Waar and the minute I finished it I had to buy and read the second book Seriously great fantasy adventure with a saucy wench for a heroine who never fails to kill shag make inappropriate jokes and just simply excel at being the southern biker babe on a distant world we wish we had a shot with Second book was much better than the first and did a good job of developing the world the mythos and simply managing to wedge in exposition while not doing an info dump With everything that happens in this one the next better not be to far off otherwise I may go into tremors from withdrawl If you read the first and wanted back story here it is If you felt you wanted to see stuff with the mysterious priests here it is If you wanted a esbian menage a trois and maybe a pillow fight no not in this one but Jane does manage to kill her way through a temple naked so hey there you go It is difficult to balance sex goddess and barbarian heroine extraordinaire but she manages to do it and why are you reading this just buy the damn book already I did not know this was a seuel but there some really good news in this You don t need to know or have read it though I have already made plans to do just that This picks up after the first book but you uickly get up to speed on where the story is up to which I found a refreshing change More great news about this is that it is really very funny Paragraph of paragraph has some wonderful ittle ine that makes you chortle whether you want to or not I found myself chortling uite a Black Heart, Red Ruby lot This is the comedy version of John Carter or the Barsoom books whichever you ve read or seen and this is what it would have readike if Edgar Rice Burroughs has his body stolen by Nathan Long There is very ittle seriousness in it but a ot of gags about drink being deranged and trying to find a way back to a planet that may not really exist Suffice to say I enjoyed this a LOT If you want some funny science fiction then New Plant Parent: Learn the Ways of Plant Parenthood look up the jane Carter books by Nathan Long You will not regret it Whats not toove Naked biker chick with 6ft sword chopping up purple people. Ng the secret origins of the Gods of Waar–and picking a fight with the Wargod himselfGood thing Jane is always up for a scrap Swords of Waar is the wildly entertaining seuel to Jane Carver of Waar and continues the raucous adventures of science fiction’s newest and most bad ass space heroi. This is a seuel to Jane CARVER OF WAAR WHICH BROUGHT A of Waar which brought a foot redheaded foul mouthed biker chick name Jane to a planet called Waar a feudal world populated by purple skinned princes and princesses tiger centaur warriors airships sky pirates Dreaming Me: An African-American Woman's Buddhist Journey lost technology andots of swordfighting It s a straight up send up of Barsoom of course with Jane upending all the classic Burroughs tropes by bringing her modern Earth sensibilities to a planet stuck in a pseudo chivalrous past The first book was an affectionate tribute with enough adventure to make it fun to read in its *Own Right And In The *right and in the book Jane returns to Waar and her purple over boy Lan just as John Carter always managed to find a way back to MarsHaving spent all of the first book figuring out the way things work on Waar Jane spends the second book continuing to be shocked and disgusted that Waar is so unmodern and unegalitarian While swapping John Carter chivalrous 19th century Southern gentleman with a 21st century badass babe who drops f bombs in every sentence was funny enough in the first book that there was no need to turn it into an explicit critiue of the original Barsoomian tales in Swords of Waar Jane becomes a ot explicitly feminist and populist as the plot involves uncovering a conspiracy among the church that has reigned supreme over Waar for centuries controlling the remnants of its ancient technology and its dwindling water reserves As Jane and her Waarian nobleman swashbuckle their way across Waar meeting old friends and making new enemies and cutting down platoons of priests and paladins she struggles with his sexist chivalric code and he struggles with the fact that his alien over is bigger stronger and a formidable warrior than him and not content to sit at home playing the pampered adoring damselWell enough but at times Jane s obtuseness was grating she is repeatedly gobsmacked that a pre industrial society ruled by noblemen and priests has not yet gotten around to democracy and eual rights and *the climax in which a chief villain who *climax in which a chief villain who been hinted at since the first book emerges just seemed a ittle too on the nose and ess a tribute to ERB than a repudiationThat said I enjoyed this swords and sky pirates adventure as much as I did the first one Jane is a usty entertaining badass even if she does become a bit strident at times and she stands out by very much not being much of a thinker She just charges into trouble with her six foot sword and her demoness reputation and ays about herRecommended for fans of the Barsoom series of course who will appreciate all the references and probably not find Jane to be too terrible an antithesis of John Carter For those who are not particularly fond of classic planetary romances you may still enjoy Swords of Waar as a dissection of the tropes but it works much better read as a kind of fan fiction than as critiue Should Nathan Long write books in this series Well I d probably read them but I think they d uickly become as repetitive as the Barsoom books did 35 stars Swords of Waar picked right up where Jane Carver of Waar eft off meaning Jane is in trouble It doesn t take Moreno long before J This is actually better than the first in the Jane Carver series presenting a much better constructed story while preserving the spirit of ERBhttpopionatorwordpresscom20121 Having just finished andoved Jane Carver of Waar I immediately started on Swords of Waar and I wasn t disappointed Everything that I oved about the first book was present in the second book although it also felt slightly realistic than the first book Yes the action and adventure were still on the overload but since the initial world building was already established Nathan Long was able to focus on some of the specific issues Mr Long only briefly touched on topics of honor and slavery in the first book but in Swords of Waar I felt these topics took the front row He also gave a ot nods to ERB than before going as far as specifically mentioning him by name which made me chuckle several times The book starts off predictably with Jane back on Earth and desperately A Spark of Light: the fearless new novel from the Number One bestselling author looking for a way to get back to Waar She finds a book that author Kline wrote about Waar and his uncle and proceeds to use it as a clue about how to get back to Waar She gets back to Waar only to find that she was declared an outlaw and accused of kidnapping Wen Jhai So much for plans of riding off flying off in the sunset with Lhan instead she has to find Wen Jhai and clear her name As I said before Swords deals heavily with honor and slavery Iiked how Nathan Long brought up some of the ridiculous hang ups that people of Waar have about honor It was especially apparent when Jane agreed to become Lhan. Jane Carver a hell raising redheaded biker chick from Coral Gables Florida had found a new What If life andove on Waar a savage planet of fearsome creatures and swashbuckling warriors Until the planet’s high priests sent her back to Earth against her willBut nobody keeps Jane from her man even if. S Dhanshai and he became her *Dhan I they simply got married with the added bonus of fancy titles Except this *I think they simply married with the added bonus of fancy titles Except this where the problems started and the conflict which I found most interesting happened Suddenly Jane has to act The Exhaustion Breakthrough like Dhanshai and Dhanshai never ever EVER saves her Dhan Sheets him take care of her and certainly can t upstage him in her fighting skills Instead she should submit to him That doesn t sound The Exhaustion Breakthrough: Unmask the Hidden Reasons You're Tired and Beat Fatigue for Good like something Jane would do now does it Here a man s honor is far precious than hisifeMy brain had been scrambled by that romance novel night we d had together before the priests had sent me back to Earth and I d jumped right back across the whole fucking universe to try to have it again How was i supposed to guess he d be a stupid stiff necked caveman who wanted me to play Snow White to his Prince Charming How was I supposed "to know he d have a stick so far up his ass that he d rather die than et a woman " know he d have a stick so far up his ass that he d rather die than et a woman him even a woman who could bench press him for repsThroughout the book Jane had to deal with her feelings about the medieval customs of Waar and Lhan had spent much of the book being a total stubborn ass to her Yes this is the only thing he had ever known so I should give him some slack but I simply couldn t I m not in Hark! The Herald Angels Scream love with himike Jane is so I don t have to put up with his crap and instead can You can find the full review over at The Founding Fields reviews the seuel to Nathan Long s Jane Carver of Waar which he called a perfect novel I had thought that it would be next to impossible to top the awesomeness that was Jane Carver of Waar Nathan Long fortunately proves me uite wrong on that account for Swords of Waar is even better than its predecessor The Founding FieldsWhen I read Jane Carver of Waar back in March the novel proved to be an experience that I hadn t uite had until that point at Colloquial Polish: The Complete Course for Beginners least this year It was funny it was serious it had great characters some over the top seuences that were written extremely well a protagonist who was as good as you can get aarge political conspiracy ots of adult humour and so on Packing all that into a ittle package Bidadari yang Mengembara like Jane Carver of Waar was what defined the novel for me and showed me that if I thought Nathan Long was a great tie in fiction writer he was an even better one when it came to original fiction As a reader I had so much fun with the novel that when I reviewed it I gave it that perfect 1010 score which I hadn t to any book until that point In almost ten and a half months of reading some truly amazing novels Jane Carver still stands out as one of the best right at the top of the food chain which is saying something if you ve been following my reviews all through this year Inevitably I had some really high expectations of the seuel Swords of Waar and I kept hoping that Nathan would duplicate the success of the first novelIn that respect Swords of Waar definitely threw me for a curveball and I came away from it amazed Il admit I had an extremely fanboy mindset going into the novel and I came away from it an even bigger fan of Nathan s work I often remark that I m a fairly easy sell and that I am generally disposed to thinking uite favourably of what I read but when I started reading Swords of Waar I went in with a very critical eye Those expectations had to be met after allWhen the novel begins it finds Jane back on Earth after she was sent back against her will presumably by the priests of Waar For the first act we see a very different Jane than we did in Jane Carver of Waar She is morose depressed regretful and generally miserable Even though I was prepared for something ike this it still struck me on an emotional evel that Nathan managed to capture those emotions and her feelings so well It got to the point that if I could reach out and give her a hug I would He takes her to the very depths of her depression to the point where she will do anything absolutely anything to go back to Waar and La strada delle croci live the rest of herife with Lhan the nobleman of Waar with whom she fell in ove with by the end of the first book and who she was with when the priests cameNathan doesn t dwell overlong on her misery however and she is soon back on Waar after a string of circumstances that will eave the reader grinning because of Nathan s tongue in cheek solution to the problem If you oved Edgar Rice Burroughs novels then I think you will definitely appreciate the irony of those scenesBut things aren t as smooth back on Waar as Jane had thought She comes back in the most unlikeliest of places the grand church of the priests of the Seven in the Oran capital itself And the priests are most definitely not happy to see that the she demon is back and with a vengeance to boot Fr. He happens to be a purple skinned alien noblemanAgainst all odds she returns to Waar only to find herself accused of kidnaping the Emperor’s beautiful daughter Allying herself with a band of notorious sky pirates Jane sets out to clear her name and rescue the princess but that means uncoveri. .

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Swords of Waar