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Children s story set in a boy s boarding school focusing on a group of friendsThe title comes from the story within the the group of friendsThe comes from the story within the story the group friends are reparing a lay to be erformed before the Christmas holidays it is called the idea of this The Wedding Redux play is that in the school of the future learning will be experiential you want to teach children about volcanos well you llack them into a Rolling Thunder plane and fly to one history fly to theyramids and so onIn the time honoured way of Ye Castle Stinketh: Could You Survive Living in a Castle? plays withinlays what this alerts us to is that the learning within the fictional school is also experiential it is not the formal top down lessons which count in the formation and leading forth of the young eople towards adult life which giving the date of ublication may include dying on the eastern Front in the bleak midwinter it is the feud with the neighbouring school in the same town the bullying in the classroom and how Bootie and the Beast pupils respond to it the attempt of one boy to demonstrate to himself and the world that he is truly braveWe re shown that so long as you can successfully avoid death in wars the influence of informal experiential learning is life long as shown in the contrast between the relationships of the school boys and those of the school director and his eventually rediscovered friendIt s overwhelmingly the story of how good deedsrompt others to do better and be better eople which makes it an appropriate Christmas book I suppose One of my all time favorite children s books Loved it as a kiddo love it still Four stars for the heart melting factor as the ending I read the book for the first time years ago its Indonesian translation to be exact The book is about a group of students in Johann Sigismund Gymnasium in book is about a group of students in Johann Sigismund Gymnasium in last days before their Christmas break Erich Kastner was superb in creating so humanly characters the lot is fantastic and to this day I am still heartened by the boys friendship One uestion remains lingering on my mind though are the school rincipal and his long lost friend actually gays With novels that have been erennial favourites since childhood I often find it both nigh impossible to in any way ost a review that is for one adeuately laudato. شهامت بدون هوشیاری و هوشیاری بدون شهامت پوچ است تاریخ بشر زمانهای بسیاری را به یاد دارد که در آنها مردمان شجاع ناهوشیار و مردم هوشیار بزدل بوده اند هرگاه آدمهای هوشیار با شهامت و آنها که شهامت دارند هوشیار شوند، بشریت پیشرفت می کندنویسنده در Ry of either the author or hisher story at least according to my own rather stringent criteria Translated into English as The Flying ClassroomFor the longest time I ve always associated the right books with immense bouts of depression Since I was a kid I would happily spend the day reading tonnes of charming little tales about brave Motivational Perspectives on Chronic Pain princes mysterious elves and clever talking tigers But then some busybody teacher would inevitably ruin my enjoyment by letting me know that these books were not age appropriate any I needed to read stories with depth I would generally relent and give the suggested books a try only to end up neck deep in melancholy Andeople wonder why kids are reluctant to take up readingHow about telling them about an author s trials in finishing a story that is 2 years overdue Let them giggle at his athetic attempts to claim that Christmas stories cannot ossibly be None Like Him: 10 Ways God Is Different from Us (and Why That's a Good Thing) penned in August Failing that tell them about giving butterflies auspicious names like Gottfried in attempt to hone their stalling techniuesAs for the story itself wouldn t your inner child rather read about rowdy kidsreparing for their winter holiday Now don t dismiss these activities as meaningless just because of our rotagonists age waging a snowball fight to liberate your friend or rotect your school s honor is no small feat Plenty of your friend or rotect your school s honor is no small feat Plenty of is needed for this Tactical approach to battle stalling methodology to gain time to liberate the captive and not least dealing with the conseuences of unauthorized rule breakingStill seems too cheerful a representation of the real world How about being unfairly stuck in detention while your sick mother is waiting for you to visit her at the hospitalBy the end of the story I was freely bawling my eyes out This is the kind of story you should want 12 year olds to discuss should want 12 year olds to discuss stuffy old oems entrenched so deep in their own metaphors that even the teachers have to rely on heavy guesswork to analyze themThe only thing I was not too keen on were the chapter titles They gave away the entire lot of the storyScore 425 starsThis is the kind of story that will make children want to dive into a book and not emerge until they ve ?الی که به این مطالب تقریبا فلسفی فکر می کرد تصمیم گرفت نوشتن داستان عید را شروع کند داستانی که در مدرسه ‌شبانه روزی شکل می گیرد و در آن،‌ سخن از شجاعها و ترسوها، آدمهای عاقل و مردم نادان استبا اجرای نمایشنامه “کلاس پرنده“ ، بالاخره بعضی بچه
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Coured its every nook and cranny Well I know I like children book They are all special for a erson like me who doesn t really want to grow up But this book is so uniue and the way Erich Kaestner wrote his dry humor in this book is really one of his kindYou will meet the little Uli von Simmern a wanna be a boxer Matthias Selbmann the smartest Martin Thaler the sarcastic Sebastian Frank and the author Johnny Trotz in this Germany boys boarding school storyAll of them are in this Germany boys boarding school storyAll of them are up together From funny story when Professor Kreuzkamm asked his own son about the accident of the burning books in the classroom OMG so hillarious Friendship happy story and closed with one touchy story about Martin who wanted so badly to go home to celebrate chrismast with his arentsI read books about girl specially those who also go to a boarding school Enid Blyton s Mallory Towers or St Clare series So this book really gives me boy s oint of view There were two episodes in this German children s classic that really stayed with me The first occurs early in the book The narrator tells you about a little boy called Johnny who was born in The first time I read this book was about 20 years ago and I have loved the book ever since Probably apart from my textbooks which whether I like or not I had to read repeatedly in high school and college this Is The Book That the book that ve been reading again and again from the first to the last age for most timesThe story is set in an all male boarding school or to be exact a Gymnasium called Johann Sigismund in Germany Unlike many other books about teens living in dorms the story does not last a term but instead only Beyond the Cliffs of Kerry (Bold Women of the 18th Century, portrays a couple of days in the life of five Obertertia students They rereparing for their Christmas musical Porto Bello Gold performance but at the same time they also have to face several important events from school brawls over silly reasons against the student of the local Realschule isn t that big andersonal troubles Although written in a relaxed funny manner the book I had a bout of nostalgia the other day and just had to read this again Still love it still cried DNF 25% I was trying to read it with a student but it was soooo boring. ?ا یاد خواهند گرفت که زندگی نه با پول درآوردن شروع می شود، و نه با آن به پایان می رسد یاد می گیرند که نه هیج وقت خودشان را گول بزنند و نه اجازه دهند دیگران آنها را گول بزنند ازناکامیها نهراسند و بخوبی با ناگواریها رو به رو شوند تسلیم مشکلات نشوند. .