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Zodiac The Eco ThrillerI haven t had this much fun since Metzger s Dog I wonder if Chinese Gordon and Sangamon Taylor are related somehow An extraordinarily fun book Stephenson meshes hardboiled crime with the acing of a thriller and he opulates the book with his typical nerdy witty humor It s not so much a sci populates the book with his typical nerdy witty humor It s not so much a sci book as it is a thriller with a lot of hard science behind it It is so delightful reading a Stephenson book narrated in the first ersonZodiac was WAY ahead of its time upon The Wedding Redux publication in 1988 Computers gadgetsollutants and the corporations legally inculpable for complex reasons that dump them everywhere you name it Stephenson foresaw it If not for the voice of Sangamon Taylor Neal Stephenson s Zodiac would have been a relatively okay eco thriller but the book isn t just the voice of Sangamon Taylor it IS Sangamon Taylor and once again Stephenson s ability to create compelling leading men think Hiro Protagonist in Snow Crash makes one of his books superior to the ulp it was inspired bySangamon Taylor is Boston Harbor s very own Toxic Avenger Working for GEE a thinly veiled fictional Greenpeace ST spends his days testing the waters in his Zodiac so that he can trace the waste dumping of Boston s big bad corporations He s already got two corporation kills on the side of his boat and he s going for the kill that will make him an ace ST declares himself to be an asshole I do it for a living and he is to some extent He hangs up on a cranky old cancer victim he strings along Debbie the girl he loves to some extent He hangs up on a cranky old cancer victim he strings along Debbie the girl he loves runs away from any chance of commitment with assiduity he regularly artakes of any drug that doesn t break Sangamon s Principle of Simple Compounds and even a few that do he s foul mouthed cynical and egotistical But the very fact that he knows he s an asshole and is the one to admit all of these flaws to his audience suggests that he really isn t and that little twist makes all the bad bits of ST enjoyable than they should be and all of the good bits ositively entertaining Or maybe there s just so much of me in the slightly overweight Big Mac munching bike riding drugged up hypocritical invirinmentalist that I have no alternative but to like him Whatever the motivation ST is likable and that likability allows Stephenson To Do One Important to do one important with Zodiac that other eco thriller writers cannot make the issues secondary Eco thrillers tend to be terminally reachy articularly those written in the last twenty or thirty years You open to age one see the soapbox and spend the rest of the book reading a never ending speechifying guilt trip But Zodiac lets entertainment be the thing and if you develop an increased sense of moral outrage at real world toxic dumping corporations then so be itFinally here s one warning to those who may be fooled by Stephenson s body of work Zodiac is at best Sci Fi lite But it isn t really even that If you re looking for his Sci Fi work look elsewhere If you are looking for Stephenson having fun however and writing so that you can have fun Zodiac is the book for you Zodiac is described as an eco thriller which about sums it up actually It certainly is a thriller I read all 290 or so Bootie and the Beast pages in one long night gripped from the outset The hero of the story is a chemist working for GEE a direct action environmental organisation in its Boston branch He s out to get the companies dumping toxic waste into the harbour and the rivers and canals that feed into it He has three company logos on the bows of his inflatable raft with its over size outboard motor capable of making it fly None of those companies is trading any Now he s gunning for his fourth but the opposition start gunning for him literally and some of that opposition are criminal Families not criminal Corporations The man on a crusade has a big mystery enemies than he can figure out reasons for a neglected girl friend a freak show of friends a knowledge of chemistry his wits and a Zod. Believe it or not some readers find Zodiac even fun than Neal Stephenson's defining 1990s cyberpunk novel Snow Crash Zodiac is set in Boston and hero Sangamon Taylor S T ironically describes his hilarious exploits in the firsterson S T is a modern superhero a self roclaimed Toxic Spiderman With stealth spunk and the backing of GEE. ,

Iac boat This turns out to be The Art of Mary Beth Edelson plenty to drive this taughtacy funny and occassionally unpredictable novel forward but at the end one uestion is left unaswered what does our non violent eco warrior want To rotect the auatic eco system or bash big corporations Zodiac is the first book I ve read by Neal Stephenson an author I see mentioned fairly often often with mixed reviews My own reaction to this articular book is a little mixed The title Zodiac refers to a type of motorized raft the characters used The story is set in Boston and is told from the first Motivational Perspectives on Chronic Pain personerspective of a character who tries to catch ublicize and revent corporations from dumping toxic chemicals into the Boston Harbor Naturally the big None Like Him: 10 Ways God Is Different from Us (and Why That's a Good Thing) powerful corporationeople aren t happy and don t take his interference lying down The book is robably better classified as a Thriller than as Science Fiction There was at least one small science fiction element but for the most art it seemed entirely based on technology and scientific knowledge from the 1980 s when the book was 伝説の勇者の伝説 5 出来心の後始末 published There s a decent amount of science usually explained well enough for the layman to understand and I never felt like I was reading infodumps I learned some things and I liked that On the other hand the story itself just wasn t that appealing to me Since the book is story driven than character driven it was hard to be too enthusiastic about it if I wasn t enthusiastic about the story itself I liked the main character well enough but I never felt attached and I didn t feel much interest in the other characters at all As far as entertainment level this wasretty middle of the road for me There were Killer Games parts when I did feel eager to learn what would happen next but mostly I didn t feel any compulsion to keep reading when I had other things to do Fortunately this was aretty short book If it had been stretched out into a longer book I might have had trouble making it to the end This book is a thriller a detective story with science lots of chemistry in fact but it isn t uite a science fiction novel Neal Stephenson has created a memorable main character Sangamon Taylor a chemist and ecology activist The emphasis is on the activist He Lives In Boston And lives in Boston and around mostly on his zodiac a s This book revolves around toxic waste being illegally dumped into Boston Harbor While I was reading it the water in the fish tank went mysteriously cloudy overnight despite being recently cleaned and our two goldfish who were like ten years old went belly up So that was kind of creepyThe first Neal Stephenson book I read was Cryptonomicon and I jumped from there right into The Baroue Cycle and then the brain busting brilliant behemoth that was Anathem I loved them all but saw freuent complaints from other Stephenson fans that he d gotten boring and his books were too long After reading Snow Crash last year and now Zodiac I understand where they re coming from I d olitely disagree but now I think I ve got a better idea of why fans of earlier work are frustrated with Stephenson s later books And oh by the way his new novel coming out in September is over 1000 ages so I don t think he ll be scaling back any time soonSangamon Taylor is the granola James Bond and a self described rofessional asshole A chemist who works for an environmental outfit that starts with the letter G ST works tirelessly to stage flashy events that expose the illegal dumping of toxic waste and sometimes he gets a little hands on then just calling the media but he refuses to cross the line into violence His main area of expertise is all the the media but he refuses to cross the line into violence His main area of expertise is all the dumping into Boston Harbor and he spends most of his time zipping around on his Zodiac boat charting the chemical levels figuring out how it s getting in the water and then ripping the ass out of the corporation doing the olluting ST is cocky smart and has the MacGyver like mechanical skills to use toilet Cocksure parts an. A nonrofit environmental group as his weapons S T chases down the bad guys with James Bond like Zen Cruising Boston Harbor with lab tests and scuba gear S T rides in with the ecosystem cavalry on his 40 horsepower Zodiac raft His job of tracking down Beyond the Cliffs of Kerry (Bold Women of the 18th Century, poisonous runoff and embarrassing theowerful corporations who caused them becomes. D salad bowls to block off a mile long underwater ipe being used to illegally dump toxins ST s crusade against the illegal waste dumpers of the Boston area eventually gets him mixed up with a conspiracy involving some extremely dangerous toxic waste and a residential candidateAs mixed up with a conspiracy involving some extremely dangerous toxic waste and a residential candidateAs Stephenson is a bit ahead of his time in this book written in 1988 ST and his friends seem like Gen X 90s then the New Wave 80s and the book manages to avoid seeming dated despite the lack of cell Mein Erster Mörder phones and the Internet in the story I loved the character of ST who seemed like a foul mouthed version of one of the Mythbusters who has nothing but hatred for the soulless corporate yuppies and contempt for the spacey granola heads of the environmental movement who can t do the simplest mechanical task The schemes he cooks up are innovative and funny and it was nice to have a main character who was genuinely trying to do something for the greater good without being either cynical or sanctimonious I did get a few laughs out of ST s strategies which usually involved exposure to the media and his confidence thatublic shaming was the way to force a giant corporation out of business Oh how uaint that seems when we all watched an oil company spill crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico on cable news daily for over two months and is still doing business as usual This was a smart and funny ecological thriller that was way ahead of its time A uirky scientistToxic James Bond for the environmental group G International cruises Boston harbor in his Zodiac boat looking for ch I m not sure what I would have thought about this book if it had been by another author or an author I didn t already know It s a fun book and decent in its own right Have you ever seen ictures of eople you knew when they were babies and tried to scope out the resemblance to their adult appearance That s sort of what I found myself doing in this book There are lots of hints and suggestions of the kind of writer Stephenson would become But standing on its own this book seems just as much like someone trying to riff on Carl HiaasenThe book is decidedly coherent that some of h Sangamon Taylor just might be the love of my life and as far as I m concerned the fact that he s an emotionally unavailable fictional character is kind of a win win By my metrics of greatness billing ST that s what all the cool kids call him as the Granola James Bond undersells him by a long shot Employed as a Kaki vojaki: roman v rimah in slikah professional asshole his words by GEE an environmental activist group in Boston ST is a chemist by training a fan of avoiding Boston traffic by taking to its waterways in his sometimes trusty Zodiac and overall isretty much eual arts super spy mad scientist and sardonic badass at large So what makes Sangamon Taylor so swoon worthy 1 He s great at hand to hand underwater combat which is kind of a must 2 Dude knows his way around a lab but he s a nerd of the eople using six acks of beer to illustrate the difference between benzene rings and henyls is beyond brilliant In a inch ST would definitely know how to make use of dry ice and a fun sexy little molecule some like to call dihydrogen monoxide 3 Speaking of molecules Sangamon s Principle The Simpler The The simpler the the better the drug comes in handy in the event that one needs to decide what kind of ick me up to employ before going into battle 4 ST knows that no grenade is a good grenade but sometimes you ve gotta lay all tinnitus concerns aside and Bear Boy pull thein 5 He definitely knows how to make the best of a bad situation 6 Last but not least Sangamon Taylor understands that it s not about the size of the boatit s about the engine and knowing how to use it I could go on but I don t want to induce seizures among the gif sensitive masses I m far from being a Neal Stephenson expert but rumor has it that Zodiac is an exception to the rule for those who otherwise are not big Stephenson fans. Sticky than usual; run ins with a gang of satanic rock fans a deranged geneticist and a mysterious PCB contamination that may or may not be man made lus a falling out with his competent I adore stress girlfriend all complicate his mission StephensonS T's irreverent facetious esprit filled voice make this near future tale a joy to re. .