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Winning Moves

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Is time There are some good side stories such as Kat s retired class="60f3a26aab5824e52c36fd72ef2a14cc" style="color: #0000CC; font-size: 20px;">Parents Who Are Faced who are bankruptcy There is also the Dance show shenanigans that we got sed to in the first two Books With The Tough Dance Competition As with the tough dance competition as as the sabotage that ensues and Kat is right in the middle of it to help resolve any issues that threaten the show Kat is afraid to let herself commit to Jason again as they both have their own careers and each time they tried to get back together there was always something pulling them apart Jason is determined to prove to Kat that this time they will make this work and stay together The sexual tension between them is hot and no matter what issues they may have had they cannot keep their hands off of each other Make no mistake their chemistry together is steaming hotWinning Moves is a fun enjoyable and very sexy read I enjoyed this series very much If you want something to relax and enjoy with a great story and an awesome sexual couple look no further then The Stepping Up Trilogy as it is a perfect readBarbThe Reading Cafe 2755 stars Il libro di Jason e Kat Vabbe che lo commento a fare La chimica tra i due spettacolare e lui mi aveva gi affascinato nell episodio precedente Vorrei davvero che Triumph (TriAlpha Chronicles, uesta serie non avesse mai fine Winning Moves by Lisa Renee Jones is part of the popular series that centers around the dance show Stepping Up Choreographer Katherine Kat Moore little expects to have to deal with working on the Vegas stage show version of the famous dance show with her ex husband but Jason Alright is one of the judges who is essential to the show Their pursuit of their respective careers was responsible for their marr. Eone experienced who will shake thingsp Someone like dancer Kat Moorewho just happens to be the ex wife of the show's director Jason AlrightJason will do anything to ensure Kat takes this job Even if it means playing dirty He let Kat. Felt like it was only ten pages of story bc the rest repeated or stayed the same It was an interesting storyline though This book is the third of the Stepping Up trilogy by Lisa Renee Jones and in my opinion the best I love reunited ex lovers romance trope and this one was perfect The depth of the love between Jason and Kat is apparent trope and this one was perfect The depth of the love between Jason and Kat is apparent from the start and I started rooting for them before we were done being introduced I started rooting for them before we were done being introduced reality dance show theme still felt fresh even after 3 books and aside from some seemingly far fetched and convenient subplots I felt like this book could be happening somewhere today A great end to a great series Winning Moves is the 3rd and final book in Lisa Renee Jones Stepping Up TrilogyWe meet our heroine at the beginning of the story as Kat Moore arrives home in Las Vegas after traveling on a dance tour and swears to herself that she will give p traveling forever Just when she is ready to leave the airport and head home she gets a call from her agent about a gig right there in Las Vegas allowing her to make some good money and stay home The show is *based on the popular America s Stepping Up Dance Reality show but this one will be *on the popular America s Stepping Up Dance Reality show but this one will be a Vegas hotel Unbeknownst to Kat as she arrives to meet the people behind this show she sees our hero and Kat s ex husband Jason Alright Jason is the director of the Vegas show and also a judge on the tv show He still loves Kat and he wants to win her back and does everything in his power to ensure that she will take the job as the show s choreographer Winning Moves is above all a wonderful romance between Kat and Jason and has you rooting hard for them to find a way to make it work th. Stepping Up is coming to a stage near you don't miss outAmerica's hottest dance reality TV show is taking the show on the road with a three month tour followed by a yearlong run at a Vegas hotel All they need is a new choreographer Som. ,

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Iage falling apart but they haven t lost the spark of attraction for one another They will have to determine whether they have both matured enough to know what their true priorities are and brave enough to get beyond their past hurts to have a different outcome for their relationship or will they waste their second chance at lovethis contemporary waste their second chance at loveThis contemporary was an entertaining return to the ambience of the competitive world of dance as showcased by a popular fictional reality show The intense rivalry as well as the dedication and sacrifice demonstrated both in front of the camera and behind the scenes is nicely depicted even as several romances are showcased The struggle to balance a career and a personal life is explored in this lovely read that explores whether the intense passion between two ambitious people is enough to provide a framework for a permanent relationship This was an entertaining addition to the series that provides a fascinating and heart tugging look at a popular version of a reality show Honestly a choreographer living in Las Vegas Right p my alley This was an easy read I actually read it in one day It was exactly what I needed at the time It
was easy to 
easy to both main characters and it was refreshing to have a male lead who didn t make me want to throat punch him She was actually irritating than he was but even still I liked her If you re looking for a light hearted happy ending easy beach read or in my case day off on business travel read this is it AmazingI loved Jason and Kat s story even then the first one in this series Every book Lisa Renee Jones writes pulls you into the story and makes you feel apart of it A must read. Walk away once before and this time he's determined to keep her as close as possible preferably naked in his bed But Kat won't be won over so easily He'll need to come The Messy Accident (An ABDL Story) up with some new moves if he hopes to sweep her off her feet again.

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