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M Seaver passed away at 75 a man known as Tom Terrific and The Franchise I attended Seaver s 300th victory at Yankee Stadium when Seaver pitched not for the Mets but for the Chicago White Sox with Carleton Fisk as his catcher He seemed to have every possible positive component in School Dazed life talent goodooks emotional stability wonderful family and even his own vineyard in California but was aid ow by a combination of early onset dementia *the coronavirus In the face of such news why not envision *coronavirus In the face of such news why not envision kind of paranormal pitcher but one with the all around persona of Tom Seaver even though he couldn t uite toss a baseball 160 MPH Tom Seaver the improbable fictional Sidd Finch were both Mets As the French American scholar author the Chinese Fairy Tales Fantasies: Folio Society Edition late Jacues Barzun once put it Anyone who wants to know the heart mind of America had betterearn baseball George Plimpton s novel The Curious Case of Sidd Finch is perhaps not in a class with Malamud s baseball tale but if one enjoys the game of baseball a good but somewhat farfetched yarn George Plimpton s book is uite worth readingThe 1st photo image is of the author the 2nd is of the man who posed as Sidd Finch for the novel s cover the 3rd image is of the Old Haunts late Tom Seaver during his tenure with the Mets A Sports Illustrated April Fool s spoof turned into a fullength story The title doesn t ie as the book ays out the curious case of an English Buddhist french horn playing rookie pitcher who can throw a baseball at speeds of excess of 160 miles per hour At 90 miles per hour the ball is hard to see At 100 miles per hour the ball begins to rise At 160 miles per hour good Cooking for Company: All the Recipes You Need for Simple, Elegant Entertaining at Home luck and prayer won t help you Well alas it was as I feared The hype about the book was than the book could deliverThe foreword by Jonathan Ames was delightful and I especially appreciated that the publishers decided to include the original Spo Excellent summer readingSure the plot kind of meandered but I found The Curious Case of Sidd Finch to be a completely charming book I thoroughly enjoyed the main characters of Sidd Debbie Sue and Owl and thought the whimsy that infused the novel was just delightful I also appreciated that Plimpton did research on his whimsy many of the people mentioned in the novel such as the horn player Dennis Brain and minoreague pitcher Steve Dalkowski were real people which I got a kick out of Also apparently Lung gom is also a real thing in Tibetan ore so kudos to Plimpton for doing his homework there tooThe whole book just made me smile Glad I read it One of the first books I ever read as a kid was Paper Lion by George Plimpton I really enjoyed that book I also ove baseball so I thought this book was a natural for me NopeThis book mixed in real coaches and players from the New York Mets from the mid 1980 s with the fictional character of Sidd Finch Sidd raised his head with me on April 1 1985 when Roger Temple wrote an article in Sports Illustrated about a Buddhist monk who the Mets discovered who could throw the baseball 168 mph with complete control I remember how shocking it was to hear about Sidd Even the fastest MLB pitchers only through 105 mph at the most Turns out it was an April Fool s joke The first My Wifes Affair letter of the first words of the article spelled out April Fools This book was a 275 page extension of the article Howeverike stuffing yourself with candy makes you sick stuffing your reading with all of this fantasy A real charmer uirky clever and very interesting Originally an April Fool s Day Hoax article written by Plimpton and A real charmer uirky clever and very interesting Originally an April Fool s Day Hoax article written by Plimpton and by Sports Illustrated with the aid of the New York Mets after seeing the public s response George Plimpton turned it into a novelAs a Dîwana Jan lover of baseball I fell inove with this novel and the character of Sidd Finch Throughout this book it discusses the effect that such a talent would have on the game of baseball and then it shows us I think that discussion is a fitting comparison for what the steroids era has done to baseball The only difference is that Sidd Finch had a purity and honesty too him He had respect These are things that few players today seem to have They are greedy ook out for 1 steroid juiced behemoths I d rather read this book than watch a ball game today I recommend this book to those who are still in ove or want to be in ove with the game of baseball. Potrebbe ritirarsi a meditare oppure mettersi a suonare in un'orchestraTra dibattiti surreali alla radio e in tv spiegazioni paradossali di psicologi biologi storici e giornalisti e addirittura il coinvolgimento della mafia newyorkese Sidd viene travolto dagli eventi Ma grazie all'amicizia con Robert e Debbie Sue un'avvenente surfista innamorata di ui riuscirà a trovare a sua strada. ,

Oet saint Lama Milarepa Naples! learning to achieve a parallelism of thought movement an astonishing rhythm that gathers a tremendous amount of cosmic force Whileiving at Harvard iving in Cambridge Sidd attended a baseball game at Fenway Park he has come to view a baseball diamond as a modified mandala It seems that with meditation baseball diamond as a modified mandala It seems that with meditation contemplation of mind soul on a certain objective Sidd has earned to throw a baseball 165 MPH with absolute accuracy at a target breathing to produce inner heat clear ungs while inhaling 5 wisdoms Oh and Sidd is a master of the French Horn wears only one boot when pitching with the other foot *Bare Are You Still With Me On All Of This *Are you still with me on all of this one must suspend disbelief to keep score in the midst of George Plimpton s baseball fable much as we were asked to do by Bernard Malamud in The Natural though perhaps to a esser degree than is necessary with the story of Roy Hobbs But alas baseball is the perfect game for the mystical mind a game that can go on indefinitely with no clocks foul ines that stretch to infinity And how did Sidd Finch initially master his accuracy with a baseball He did it by tossing stones at snow eopards in Nepal in an effort to protect yaks from being preyed upon Remembering that Roy Hobbs fashioned his own special bat Wonderboy from a tree struck by ightning I suggest that almost anything is possible when you suspend disbelief so why not Sidd Finch After all I recall attending a White Sox Game vs the Detroit Tigers where the remarkable Mark Fidrych would pace about the pitching mound and speak to the baseball he was about to toss in an attempt to motivate both himself the ball prior to hurling it uite naturally Sidd Finch with his surname oddly enough being an old English word for ie or fib becomes a secret weapon for the New York Mets who sign him but have difficulty maintaining his full attention particularly after he pitches a perfect game in his first outing the eague president other forces worry about retaining competitive balance in the face of such a seemingly mechanical unhittable force That said Sidd has no inkling about other aspects of the game including hitting running the bases the ritual hazing that befalls new players and the routine practice of being ignored by his fellow teammates as he approaches a no hitter not wishing to jinx their pitcher Also Finch can t drive a car or toss a Frisbee or perform other fairly routine functions in ife What is interesting about the novel is that Plimpton uses real names including that of Chub Feeney National League President at the time players on the Mets of the mid 1980s Nelson Doubleday whose family association with baseball goes back to its founding Mike Marshall a former player who went on to get a PhD in physiological psychology who intones within the novel about muscle structure everything necessary to toss a baseball at great speed while retaining accuracy All of these associations add something concrete to the story of Sidd Finch who is soon referred to as Shoeless Sidd the Yeti the Kathmandu fireballer ForSidd was changing the properties essences of the ball the game itself It struck me how often a ball is inspected during a game with a pitcher comforting his fingers with the texture of the ball Football players do not have this kinship with their ball most of the players never even touch it during the course of the game Neither do basketball players Live Bait look at the ball rather than at the rim of the basket Tennis players are taught to keep their eye on the ball but have no particularly affection for it But Sidd has done something to the ball of baseball somehow removed it from its familiar associationsBeyond his seeming aloofness from the game Finch does have a sort of hippie girlfriend Debbie Sue who walked ashore one day while surfing when Sidd the narrator Robert Temple were in Florida where the Mets conduct spring training Sidd participates in tantric sexual calisthenics with Debbie Sue is uestioned about just how this fits with his interest in Buddhism The book did fall into some disarray with highly implausible eventsate in the novel including when a Mafia hit man is introduced because Sidd Finch s heroics with a baseball somehow cut into national betting odds Curiously I write this review just as Hall of Fame pitcher To. Re No Strings Attached la palla a una velocità impensabile Il suo nome è Sidd Finche due «d» sono un omaggio a Siddhārtha e il suo talento prodigioso minaccia di sconvolgere Fancy Strut l'essenza del gioco del baseballIl mondo dello sport è in subbuglio e i media si scatenano che succederà uando il «Cannone di Kathmandu» indosseràa divisa dei Mets Ma Sidd non ha ancora deciso se diventare un atleta. ,

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I confess I read the magazine story originally written on April 1 1985from which this book was expanded It *Was Only When I Mentioned *only when I mentioned to my son who is a walking baseball almanac that I discovered it was a hoax I hope that I have not spoiled the tale for anyone but I did find it entertaining and unusual I have seen it described as humorous but it did not appear that way to me but amusing at times I am uite interested in baseball so it was not difficult for me to picture the maneuvers discussed Although this was written thirty five years ago the names of popular baseball figures played prominent roles in the narrative I m Northern California: A History and Guide - From Napa to Eureka looking forward to discussing this with my short story book group and hearing their reactions I did not find this a hilarious story by any means but it was very creatively written Iiked how it incorporated real people including the author as characters in the narrative The baseball details were nearly always right on target George Plimpton got me It was April Fools morning 1985 istening to Boston DJ Charles Lauidara s The Big Mattress on WBCN as I was shaving getting ready for another mundane day at a very boring job Charles started speaking right after a song exalting my team The New York Mets and how they just pulled off a coup signing a reclusive Tibetan Monk who threw a 168 MPH fastball This was on the heels of a 90 win season and days away from Gary Carter starting at Catcher following his trade from The Expos an embarrassment of riches The elaborate hoax was the result of Plimpton s feature article in Sports Illustrated SI and Plimpton et it run its course for two weeks finally acknowledging what they had pulled offThe ruse was so elaborate in fact that the sub heading of the article read He s a pitcher part yogi and part recluse Impressively iberated from our opulent ife style Sidd s deciding about yoga and his future in baseball The first etters of these words SPELL OUT HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY AHA FIB THE out Happy April Fools Day aha fib The reaction prompted Plimpton to write this book which was released two years ater in 1987Far from a A Sally Lockhart Mystery 2 literary masterpiece baseball fans nevertheless will enjoy this read It is a uirky funny novel that allows the reader s imagination to participate Being aife I Love My Dad long Mets fan and given the resultant roller coaster ride it has taken me on for fifty years I have grown accustomed to the odd the strange and the unexpected on that score Plimpton doesn t disappoint On the advent of both the 2013 baseball season and April Fools on which day the Mets begin this season you may enjoy dusting off this very funny book At a time when I followed sports especially baseball a bit thoroughly I remember the famous article detailing the mysterious Sidd Finch in Sports Illustrated 35 years ago the April Fool s Day cover story as it turned out When the novel appeared somewhatater expanding the story by the publishing company I worked for I got a copy It has All about Us lingered unread on a shelf with other baseball books I d read ever since But a global pandemic can cause one toook backward turning to books ong postponed from being read such was the case with George Plimpton s The Curious Case of Sidd Finch For starters Hayden Sydney White Finch was an orphan adopted by a wealthy British family with his father a rather well regarded anthropologist dying in a plane crash in Nepal where he d been doing research his mother in a freak accident in the same country What I d forgotten is the context for how "Plimpton in expanding the magazine story into a novel embedded the story of Sidd Finch within that "in expanding the magazine story into a novel embedded the story of Sidd Finch within that the man who narrates the tale Robert Temple a stand in for the author who in the book is suffering from Post Traumatic Shock following many helicopter missions referred to as joy pops during his time in Vietnam Mr Temple is in the midst of a ong period of convalescence spending a great deal of time exploring his consciousness said to be time between the dog the wolf also seen as a master plan of idleness a cocoon of darkness At this point who should appear in his Noni Speaks Up life but Sidd Finch having fled a brief stint at Harvard following graduation from his elite British boarding school also seemingly in a kind ofimbo after his father s death when he had spent time in Nepal Bhutan Tibet Handbags and Gladrags living as a disciple of the great 11th century Buddhist Florida 1985 Il reporter Robert Temple si è rifugiato in un cottage sul mare per isolarsi dal mondo e allontanare i ricordi del Vietnam Dalle sue parti c'è il ritiro dei New York Mets e Robert incontra per caso un giovane inglese convertito al buddhismo appena arrivato dalle montagne dell'Himalaya che grazie all'autodisciplina e al controllo assoluto del proprio corpo riesce aancia. The Curious Case of Sidd Finch

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