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Tory that didn t reuire any thinkingJust a good girly time had By All I Haven all I haven read the first book n this series Beneath the Glitter but the premise of this story seemed right up my alley

A YA Book About 
YA book about dealing with love fame and friendship And Brotherhood of Thieves: The Wardens it has over a 4 star rating on Goodreads so I decided to givet a shot After the whole fiasco with their animal fundraiser Ava and Sophia London just can t seem to stay out of the spotlight So when the offer to design a line for the New York Fashion Week the girls can t believe their luck The girls put their hearts and soul How to Become an It Architect into their line but they soon learn that famesn t as amazing as Shaking Behind the Microphone: Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking it s cracked up to be Everywhere they got seems like someone Lamikorda is trying to sabotage them But who Can they maket through fashion week before they re ruined for good Like I said I thought I would really enjoy this book It sounded like Lauren Conrad s books or Zoey Dean s A List series But I ended up being really disappointed with how this one turned out The London sisters just seemed too perfect and their super nice personalities got a tad bit annoying Who s that nice to everyone all the time Especially when Garou Saga: Who's Who Werewolves it comes to famous people Not only were the girls personalities not realistic but the things they go through are too over the top Pet napping Literally runningnto the person you re just thinking about not once but multiple times Having multiple men madly fall n love with you just because you re you Come on I just wish this one was realistic and less dramatic So overall I feel like we got the sugared up version of a story about the t girls Things seemed too juvenile unrealistic sugared up version of a story about the t girls Things seemed too juvenile unrealistic often times not explained enough I just couldn t wait to get through the story so I could move onto a different book While t was a fast read that had some Complete Guide to the TOPIK (advanced) interesting partst wasn t for me I definitely liked this way than the first book I m even surprised at how much I really like this If you liked the first book but you weren t fully satisfied with the story definitely read on to this one I got through this much faster and t certainly was an easier read There were a few things that bothered me and a few things that I really enjoyed The story didn t really drag n places Sophia and Ava were not as annoying as I thought they were You Come to Yokum in the firstnstallment The Contessa was even annoying than Sophia and Ava were Sophia and Ava were just so confused view spoilerSophia was with Hunter and has obvious feelings for Giovanni but was n complete denial Hunter was that over controlling boyfriend that s such a turn off n the book and definitely lowered the bar for this book Ava was basically three timing with Liam Jax and Dalton Dalton took uite forever to come nto the picture but when he did t made me happy although I was very fine with Jax He was so sweet I really wish Dalton and Jax were real and they definitely made up for lame Hunter hide spoile. Ugural fashion showbut not f their rivals have anything to say about Jonathan Franzen: The Comedy of Rage it The same unseen enemies responsible for framing themn LA are back and determined to ruin the sisters for good this time Can Ava and Sophia find out who's trying to destroy them before t's too la. Where Beauty Lies

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What can I say I just love this book 25Alright so I only read this book because t was bugging me that after so many years I still so I only read this book because t was bugging me that after so many years I still no Artscroll Children's Siddur idea what had happened after book 1 ended on that cliffhanger It s filled with the same repeated and cringey drama and boy trouble and I found myself scanning through a pagen two seconds just so I could move on or even skip pages so I could save myself from second hand embarassment I totally saw the ending coming and well I m just glad I finally get closure to this mind numbing series I received an ARC of Where Beauty Lies and Beneath the Glitter from a Goodreads giveawayReview contains minor spoilersI started with Beneath the Glitter and really liked t It was girly and fun Where Beauty Lies was as well but t was a little confusingPlot Fun and creative but unrealistic I found the drama with the dog and cat to be unbelievable I know Iron Cross it s fiction but that twist was a little too much for me I think Elle and Blair could have come up with something a little real Also I felt that the storyline took a long time to develop and tiento what happened with the first book Beneath the Glitter ended on a cliffhanger and Where Beauty Lies seemed to pick up abruptly and didn t really recap much of what happened before Even though I read the first book I would have liked a little background so I could completely understand where the book was goingCharacters I loved the descriptions of Sophia Ava Liam Hunter Dalton and Giovanni But the other characters like Lily seemed to just be Zachary's Virgin in the book as filler It s hard for me to getnto a book when I don t know what the characters look like Elle and Blair didn t really describe Lily or the others n a physical what the characters look like Elle and Blair didn t really describe Lily or the others n a physical only n what they re major functions are I find t easier to enjoy a story when I can visualize a character and set up the scenes Torah With Ramban's Commentary Translated, Annotated, And Elucidated: Devarim/Deuteronomy (Artscroll) in my head I couldn t really do that with any of the secondary characters or even WhitneyWriting style The story read like a blog or a magazine I loved that It was like I was sitting next to Elle and Blair and they were just telling me a story without reading any of their notes Their narrative was easy to taken and enjoyableSetting This book was set n New York City not Los Angeles I m from California so I m familiar with LA but all I know about NYC s what I ve seen on TV and online I felt that there was not much description of the setting just street names I would have liked for them to explain about what NYC looks like and how t feelsOverall I liked the story I loved the dynamic relationship between Sophia and Ava I loved how they were Both Very Smart And very smart and to earth They seemed like real girls The first book was definitely my favorite of the two but I would like to see them write another I was kind of sad when the story wrapped up at the end and there was no mention of another book I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys YA and chick lit I thought. The London sisters return n this charming new novel about love friendship and the perils of fame Despite their very public arrest Ava and Sophia London are about to discover that n LA there's no such thing as bad press Suddenly they are the hottest It girls n town an. ,
It was very descriptive n some places but then skimmed over others I found t a fun little pleasure read I was able to read Time Capsule itn a day but I did like Hot Under the Collar it Much like the first bookn this series this Horses installments cute fun and fluffy but very much tailored to a particularly audience that I don t really fit Goblin King into From a literary perspective there reallysn t much The Luthier's Apprentice in the way of plot theme or even depth or perhaps accurately elements that transcend the otherwise shallow seemingndustry the story takes place n Most plot twists stop just short of posting a neon sign way way beforehand Most of the resolutions to their challenges are either tied up with surprising ease or with well awkward plot holes as when the main antagonist of pretty much the entire book s basically brushed aside n a paragraph pretty much the entire book s basically brushed aside Villa Mendl: Leben und Schicksal der Ankerbrot-Erbin Bettina Mendl in a paragraph no explanation or resolution to that strand of the story On the bright side the characters are uirky and there are some genuinely funny moments There s plenty of relationship angst to go aroundf that entertains you though t gets a bit painful to read f you don t find the male love Schlechter Sex 2 interests particularly attractive or entertaining Where Beauty Lies had much going fort that Beneath the Glitter which I also enjoyed Whereas Beneath the Glitter primarily focuses on two girls moving to LA pursuing their careers and falling n love Where Beauty Lies has a healthy does of romance n addition to mystery and betrayal The plot was engaging but t s still a light fun read at heartSophia to mystery and betrayal The plot was engaging but t s still a light fun read at heartSophia Ava are just as lovable as they were Sword and Sorceress 24 in Beneath the Glitter but this time they are unitednstead of being torn apart by a series of unfortunate misunderstandings They are so passionate about their work that you just have to root for them I also loved watching their relationships progress with the boys I thought they should be with there are definitely some love triangles going on here so I m keeping the details to myself The supporting characters were also great and I found myself second guessing one of the people I thought framed DaltonAs great as the characters are however I really enjoyed the plot The London sisters know someone s out to get them and they know ts someone close to them they just don t know who I was right about the male antagonist and the entire time I was reading the book I just wanted to scream HELLO IT S HIM Despite that frustration however t s completely understandable why the London sisters didn t figure The Riptide Ultra-Glide it outWhere Beauty Liess an excellent follow up to Beneath the Glitter Great characters an engaging writing style and plenty of mystery makes this one novel Hollywood glamour fans won t want to miss I liked this book The second book made the story better even though a second book wasn t necessary This could have been combined Die Sanduhr into one bookI also liked the characters this time around Very funny There wasn t a big twist or anything I think this was a cute D are one step closer to making their brand London Calling a household name Their newfound celebrity status takes them jet setting to New York City to expand their brandnto fashion and home goods Their first stop Mardi Gras is fashion week where they're about to put on theirna.
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