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Dancing with Ben Hall and Other Yarns yNs to out of sheer boredom and invariably that is intellectual boredom I can t begin to tellou how surprised I was to find that Doyle was a spiritualist It is something I found myself remembering as Holmes performs his tricks Because there is something terribly similar about the tricks Holmes performs and the cold reading performed by a spiritualist His explaining often results in his audience saying something like now it is explained I can see how easy it all is which then has Holmes complaining he should keep his methods to himself Except I think there is a deeper significance to him doing these performances and that is to constantly have his audience wondering what else there is about them he can see what other secrets has he access toA lesser character would have mystical powers Holmes achieves the same thing through the force of his intellect The only wonder is given our culture s clear distrust if not active loathing of the intellect how he ever came to be uite so loved in the first place Perhaps his coldness explains this perhaps it is because he is the model of the detached scientist that it is alright to like himNow talking of love My eldest daughter became particularly fond of Mr Holmes about five BUG DEATH years ago So much so that she read all of his stories after we watched many of the BBC TV shows of his works made in the 1980s One day she had been reading one of the stories in this book and Watson mentions in an off hand way that one can calculate how tall someone is from the length of their stride And so Fi actually tried this taking various measurements and doing a series of calculations It is hard to exaggerate the utter joy children bring into one s life They come highly recommended as do the wonderful stories in this collectionOh and there are a couple of stories where it is mentioned that someone is reading a book with aellow cover a mysterydetective story In Italy detective stories are still referred to as Yellows I wonder why these stories tended to be printed in books with ellow covers I must wiki it at some stage June 2020So this is a Group read for English Mysteries where we shall be reading all of the Conan Doyle Holmes short stories and Novels over the next 18 months finishing on Dartmoor for Christmas 2021Interestingly I have to say the version I am now reading has 12 short stories compared to the 10 in 2018 I can only guess that different editions and I have many for different countries have different sets of storiesFor this re read there will be 12 12 is the number of stories there shall be So in order read The Redheaded League 5 A wonderful example of Holmes capabilities What is The Red Headed League and why does it want pawnbroker Mr Wilson to join their ranksA Case of Identity 4 Where has the intended of Miss Mary Sutherland disappeared to In fact why did he vanish on the way to their wedding The Boscombe Valley Mystery 5 Who else but his son could have killed Mr Charles McCarthy but if so why did James not say what their argument had been about or why make up the story about his father saying a rat with his last breathThe Five Orange Pips 4 Who keeps sending members of the Openshaw family 5 Orange Pips And what papers should be put on the sundial in the garden The Man with the Twisted Lip 5 A wonderful story in which Holmes is for a while stumped how could the beggar have killed the fit London businessman and disposed of his body out of the window into the Thames so uickly And then a night of pipe smoking contemplation allows him to solve the crimeThe Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle 5 A fabulous story demonstrating Holmes ability to delve into a problem and follow it to a conclusion So who was the man who was attacked late night as he staggered home

"With A Goose Peterson The "
a goose Peterson the saw man attacked and rescued his hat and goose Holmes manages to discern a large amount of information about the gooses owner just from his hat much to Watson s amazement The Speckled Band 5 Probably one of the most famous short stories and very atmospheric Why did her twin die and what is the whistling The Adventure of the Engineer s Thumb 45 A story that focusses on an injury done to a hydraulic engineer who had been called out late at night to repair a hydraulic press Offered an extortionate fee for his assistance it ends in him being taken to Dr Watson s surgery for treatmentThe Adventure of the Noble Bachelor 45 The upper crust Lord Robert St Simon calls on Holmes when his American very rich wife of just a few hours mysteriously disappearsThe Adventure of the Beryl Coronet 5 Alexander Holder co owner of a private bank arrives in a terrible state at 221B His honour could be in shreds as he has taken a well known fabulously expensive bejewelled coronet in exchange for a monstrous loan of 50 000 And then that night he catches his son with the coronet in his hands and jewels missing ruination beckonsThe Adventure of the Copper BeechesWhy as a governess would ou be offered 3 times Keeping and Breeding Australian Pythons your asked for salary be asked to occasionally wear certain dresses and asked to cutour hair short Violet Hunter visits Sherlock to ask if she accept a job with those conditions Sherlock says she should keep in touch if she accepts the position but he would not let his sister accept that position if he had oneA Scandal in BohemiaSo this is story 1 in the book but as part of the group read I am reading it last in this anthology simply because although interesting it is also reliant on people already knowing about Holmes Needless to say it is all about That Woman enough saidFebruary 2018 5 Stars This was a personal re read I m guessing for the 4th or 5th time and it was as fabulous as everIt comprises 10 short stories A scandal in Bohemia A case of identity The Boscombe Valley mystery The five orange pips The adventure of the blue carbuncle The adventure of the speckled band The adventure of the engineer s thumb The adventure speckled band The adventure of the engineer s thumb The adventure the noble bachelor The adventure of the beryl coronet The adventure of the copper beechesThese stories are all well written with wonderful characterisations and great settings As with Miss Marple or Poirot I see a certain actor whenever I read a Sherlock Holmes book and that is Jeremy Brett To me he is the epitome of Sherlock nessIn this collection we see Sherlock and Watson involved with royalty to beggars from geese to snakes from central London to the suburbs when they were suburbs to the South Wset from bank robbers to murders to The WomanIf Hester Roon you ve never read any Holmes this is a great place to start and will giveou an insight into his amazing abilities his relationship with Watson and fantastic descriptions of Victorian London Nothing compares to the original If ou really want to know Holmes and Watson this is what ou read The characterization and pacing is for me delightful The insights into a London of trains and mail than once a day the manners of the time the dialogue this is a feastVery honestly speaking none of the movie or television adaptations have ever given me the sensation of being there at Baker Street with Holmes and Watson that I get from the original storiesRead them You owe it to For Fear of Little Men yourself A 85% Extraordinary Notes It finds an ideal medium in chapter length tales a rare short story collection with no misses only hits and better hit. Mia di mana Holmes berjumpa dengan wanitaang sangat dikaguminya sampai pengalamannya Twig the Fairy and the Goblin Masquerade (Twig the Fairy yang mendebarkan dalam Petualangan di Copper Beeches cara cara penyelesaian masalahang dilakukannya sangat di luar dugaan sedangkan alur ceritanya sendiri benar benar sangat memukau. G Sherlock to work out the background of this new case The Noble Bachelor focuses on the disappearance of a Lord s bride immediately after the wedding ceremony uite an entertaining story with snarky Sherlock Holmes at his best and a stunning conclusion which once again made the reader feel as dumbfounded as John Watson about Sherlock s investigative talents The second last story The Adventure of the Beryl Coronet deals with the damage mysteriously inflicted to the coronet of a British earl and finally during the conclusion of the collection Doyle rises to fresh heights of his writing with The Adventure of the Copper Beeches breathing life into a suspenseful story surrounding a woman who assumes work at the mansion of a strange couple with dark secretsWhile most of these stories are independently enjoyable and memorable on their own added up on each other they amount to a collection of great mysteries Doyle could have been proud of However for me the problem in getting through the anthology proved to be the similar execution of each and every story All of them started with Sherlock and Watson sitting or conversing in Sherlock s home right before the case s new victim appeared in most cases on the story s second page After elaborately recounting their experiences in a way so explicitly formulated that they might have been the starting point of a story without Sherlock or Watson being present the second part of all the stories mainly consisted in Sherlock and Watson calling upon the location of the occurence right before the third part was used to allow Sherlock to narrate the real events leading up to the upcoming of the mystery based on his investigations Now and then the second step was even skipped if Sherlock started the investigation without Watson who was the first person narrator which resulted in us only being allowed to look at Sherlock s approach if Watson was present as well and it just bothered me to read the same concept over and over again only embedded in different plotlines And just as a footnote someone should have told Sherlock not to consider every single one of his cases as the greatest challenge of his career It became repetitive after a certain pointHowever The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes remains a great work and can be seen as a tribute to the wonderful and world wide famous characters of Holmes and Watson My only disappointment results in my shattered hopes that Mycroft Holmes brother or Moriarty Holmes archenemy might be introduced during one of these stories but my anticipation of meeting them obviously needs to wait slightly longer Up next on my Sherlock Holmes uest The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes published in 1892 and available for free online reading or downloading here on Project Gutenberg or many other places is a collection of twelve Sherlock Holmes short stories Doyle s formula for his Sherlock stories gets a little bit worn and visible after ou read several of them back to back But there are some jewels in this collection and they all have something to offer the interested reader even if it s only an insight into Sherlock s or Dr Watson s characters or Victorian societyMy full reviews for these stories are at the links but I ve posted my star ratings and brief comments here4 A Scandal in Bohemia Notable mostly for the appearance of Irene Adler probably the best and most intelligent female character Doyle ever created3 The Red Headed League Reading about a massive crowd of redheads was fun but otherwise this is a fairly standard Sherlock Holmes story2 A Case of Identity The rare swing and miss it s lightweight and predictable with a patronizing Victorian view of women that thoroughly irritated me34 The Boscombe Valley Mystery A son is accused of his father s murder understandable since he was found at the scene covered in blood but of course there s to the story than that 35 The Five Orange Pips Five dried up orange seeds in an envelope are a serious threat Apparently So When They Re Accompanied By The when they re accompanied by the KKK and followed by death This one is atmospheric and compelling reading but I m dinging it for Doyle s complete disregard for actual historical facts about the KKK This story is also notable for view spoilerbeing one of the few total fails by Sherlock Holmes hide spoiler The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Sherlock Holmes 3 Arthur Conan Doyle The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is a collection of twelve short stories by Arthur Conan Doyle featuring his fictional detective Sherlock Holmes It was first published on 14 October 1892 the individual stories had been serialised in The Strand Magazine between July 1891 and June 1892 The stories are not in chronological order and the only characters common to all twelve are Holmes and Dr Watson The stories are related in first person narrative from Watson s point of view 2016 1372 1377 1387 19 1394 112 1891 1892 1892 I ve been listening to Sherlock Holmes stories in the car and think I m going to go through and listen to all of them now I ve started with The Adventures and have enjoyed it immensely There must have been any number of psychological studies performed on Mr Holmes There is of course that wonderful line by Borges in his lectures on Verse in which he says that he believes in the Character of Sherlock Holmes without actually believing in any of the stories in which that character appears That is such a clever thing to say and I think it is also remarkably true Although as with most other true things I never seem to have too much trouble believing in the stories as they are being told If I was doing a psychological analysis of Mr Holmes something obviously I m grossly underualified to perform but I feel uite safe given he never actually existed and even if he did he would be well dead by now and so would be uite unlikely to be adversely affected by any nonsense I might come up with it would probably have a lot to say about the beginnings of these stories There is a bit of a pattern to how these stories start Either a client or all too often Dr Watson is presented to Holmes and he makes some remarkable logical deduction about these invariably astonished characters from a seemingly insignificant detail he notices via an article of clothing or their hatWhat I find so psychologically interesting about "him doing this at the start of each story is that "doing this at the start of each story is that can t help but feel he does this to present himself as the intellectual superior to those around him The relationship between Watson and Holmes really isn t the same as that between Boswell and Johnson despite the constant reference to the similarities Watson may be the dutifully biographer but his role is also that of the slightly foolish but endlessly appreciative audience It is as if it is only through his reactions that we learn when to gasp and when to applaud with awesome wonder Watson is the laughing track of his day But Holmes repeatedly asserting his intellectual superiority at the beginning of each story is fascinating as it also hints at insecurities in his character He reuires reassurance He is a flawed character our Holmes Rational empirical but also all too often only interested in people for the complex cases they present him with There is also the problem of his drug addiction which he invariably tur. Baca akan juga dibawa untuk menikmati daerah pedesaan di Inggris bersama ahli pengambil kesimpulan ini ketika ia menguakkan sebuah misteri memecahkan teka teki dan menangkap para pelaku kejahatan atau kadang kadang melepaskan mereka begitu sajaMulai dari Skandal di Bohe. ,

After reading lengthy audiobooks like Vanity Fair I just wanted to readlisten to something short Then I saw the movie The Imitation Game highly recommended and I thought Of course Sherlock I suspect reviewing an anthology by listing all the stories and commenting on each of them is probably inelegant and amateurish but I never said I was a pro So the game is afoot Let the jollification begin A Scandal in Bohemia Irene Adler is not Holmes girlfriend OK Stop shipping Sherene already sorry for this bout of Tumblrism One of the best known SH stories ever one with a great twist Irene Adler is simply awesome She is possibly the inspiration for Catwoman Without spoiling anything I can tell ou that she was never in any danger of being beheaded in the Middle East Actually Holmes probably fancies her a bit mostly for her brainThe Red Headed League Holmes vs The Deadly Gingers This is a three pipes problem according to Holmes This story is subtly funny in places Holmes and Watson even have a good laugh at his dimwitted client s expenseA Case of Identity One of the comfy cases which Holmes can solve from his armchair Funny thing about this story is that while it is good when I looked at the title of the story a couple days later in the Contents page I had no idea what it is about It s just too elementary Note to self This one is about a missing fianc who leaves his nice but dim bride at the altar he is not what he seemsThe Boscombe Valley Mystery Murder almost foul Number of pipes not specified probably not than four as the case involves a bit of traveling Holmes says something surprisingly religious here You are Jelena '93 yourself aware thatou will soon have to answer for our deed at a higher court than the AssizesThe Five Orange Pips A bit of an epic fail for Sherlock it s a great story and Holmes did solve the case but the conclusion of the case is not one of his shining moments If ou receive five orange pips in the post view spoileryou may as well kill How to Restore Your Bmw Motorcycle Twins 1950-1969 yourself because even Holmes can t helpou though he will avenge Faerie you which is not much of a consolation hide spoiler I bought this at a library sale essentially on the principle of well I should read it Expectations of actually enjoying it Hm low Reality I m obsessedThe appeal in these stories comes in their brief nature They re easy to read before bedtime each night ifou want to be incredibly cheesy I did Each one sets up and interesting premise and builds to an ending that ou hardly ever see coming but always find satisfying In his epic video Sherlock Is Garbage and Here s Why hbomberguy p To have a slight measure of the pleasant chills that race up and down our spine when Goodbye Soldier War Biography you delve into a meaty Holmes mystery do read the introduction passage by Mark Gatiss co creator of BBC Entertainment s Sherlock Amidst a host of admirable emotions Gatiss one nostalgic paragraph captured my fancyIt goes thusly I d never read any of the original stories until one fateful Saturday when recovering from German measles I was given a treat a trip to WH Smith and the purchase of any book I wanted There nestling amongst all the possible contenders for my shiny fifty pence piece was a gorgeous plump purple Pan paperback with a colour tinted Sidney Paget illustration on the cover The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Everythi As a rule the bizarre a thing is the less mysterious it proves to be It isour commonplace featureless crimes which are really puzzling just as a commonplace face is the most difficult to identify Who doesn t know Sherlock Holmes these days Even if not everyone might be familiar with the original version invented by Arthur Conan Doyle Mr Holmes has become such a legend in his own right a development fed and supported by numerous stage screen and radio adaptions that it is nearly impossible to hear the word detective without immediately associating Sherlock Holmes The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is a collection of altogether twelve short stories published as the third part of the Sherlock Holmes series following Doyle s novels A Study "in Scarlet and The Sign of Four Not without reason do many readers consider this collection to be Doyle s masterpiece "Scarlet and The Sign of Four Not without reason do many readers consider this collection to be Doyle s masterpiece included It simply was no masterpiece which absolutely thrilled or stunned me Blame it on me or my inability to read all the stories from this collection in less than four months but a lot of the fun about Holmes and Watson s adventures was deprived from the novel by repeating exactly the same concept in each and every one of those storiesLet s take a look at the short stories itself which may very well represent the very essence of Doyle s works in the Sherlock Holmes canon Beginning with A Scandal in Bohemia and concluding with The Adventure of the Copper Beeches Doyle Invented Two Famous Female Characters two famous female characters associated with the stories about Holmes Irene Adler and Violet Hunter Both may be considered ahead of their times surprisingly independent and brave The other characters Doyle brought into play during the other ten stories were not uite as memorable however The Red Headed League turned out to be a sweet little short story which isn t very outstanding in the Sherlock Holmes series because of its predictability but still includes some interesting uotes and follows a suspense packed plot with a conclusion which will keep ou turning the pages just as The Boscombe Valley Mystery an interesting mystery story about a man being suspected of having murdered his father consisting of fast paced dialogues and an exciting turning point Everyone seems to have guessed the ending correctly before reading it everyone except for me which may be the reason for why i liked it so much a case of liked it so much A Case of was far off being nearly as intriguing I have written a full review for this story here while The Man with the Twisted Lip emerged as a really good short story with an interesting twist I would never have figured out on my own In addition Arthur Conan Doyle included some interesting material surrounding Sherlock s drug addiction here and once again he masterfully explored the friendship between Sherlock and Watson Afterwards a story about the influence of the Ku Klux Klan The Five Orange Pips elouently narrated by Watson as usual once again followed the pattern of a classic Holmes tale with an interesting plot and new layers of depth to the character of Sherlock Holmes Sadly enough it wasn t as uniue as Doyle wanted the story to appearAnother rather interesting little story but not outstanding or mind blowing was The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle enjoyable but nothing Therein Holmes has to deal with a stolen carbuncle appearing in the throat of a Christmas goose entering on the search for the real culprit The Speckled Band is one of the most well known stories in this collection and the hype this short story received is understandable due to its complex mystery and the stunning conclusion I liked the story myself However never before has Doyle confronted us with so many plot holes which ultimately disappointed me A story full of potential which was stripped from its credibility for the sake of cutting it short the story certainly provided home for potential than some of Doyle s full length novels The Adventure of the Engineer s Thumb deals with an engineer whose thumb is chopped off stingin. Melalui tokoh tokoh kliennya ang datang minta pertolongan kepada konsultan detektif pertama di dunia ini pembaca diajak mengunjungi kamar sewaan di Baker Street No 221B Valkea kuin lumi yang termasyur itu di mana Holmesang eksentrik dan Dr Watson ang istimewa pernah tinggal Lalu pem. ,
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

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