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Мелкий бесIth caution and reverence Many of Sologub s short works are ocus on natural symbolism and operate in a crepuscular haze that recalls Nerval but the haze clears as the Little Demon unfolds into one of the best social satires I ve had the pleasure to experience Something like Walser s unattached but penetrating observance is present here but where Walser s themes seem to start at the microscopic level revealing transcendence as they progress Sologub s prose works in the opposite direction where the details boiled down Cooking for Company: All the Recipes You Need for Simple, Elegant Entertaining at Home from the social interactions operated as conclusion Let s talk about decadenceThis is one of the most abused adjectives in the English language Sooo decadent Karen mother of three moans over a chocolate lava cake at a chain restaurant in a Missouri exurb as sherets about how it will test the waistline of her Lane Bryant slacksWell let me tell you Sologub has different ideasLike dressing a schoolboy as a geisha and throwing him into a beauty you Sologub has different ideasLike dressing a schoolboy as a geisha and throwing him into a beauty or three sisters or throwing your garbage across the walls of your house just because it vaguely amuses "you when you re hammeredEual to anything Wilde Mirbeau or were doing "when you re hammeredEual to anything Wilde Mirbeau or were doing the same time Thou shalt not be afraid or terror by night nor My Wifes Affair for the arrow thatlieth by day nor Dîwana Jan for the pestilence that walketh in darkness noror the destruction that wasteth at noonday Psalms 916Petty demon is taken rom the Bible and it is the destruction that wasteth at noonday or in some other translations the demon of the midday by which sunstroke would seem to be meantThe novel characters live in the primeval boondocks and they behave as if they were sunstruck lethargy and melancholia and gloominess prevail In a one horse town they just have one way thoughts and every new day is a little bit madder than the day beforeThe novel couldn t ind a publisher or a long while but when Petty Demon was at last published it had the effect of an explosion and it had become one of the most influential books of the time And to this day it remains one of the most original books in the world literatureTrue people love to be loved They like to have the lofty and noble aspects of their souls depicted Even in malefactors they like to see glimmerings of goodness of the divine spark as it was expressed in olden times Therefore they cannot believe it when they are aced with a depiction that is aithful precise gloomy and wicked They want to say He s writing about himself No my dear contemporaries it is about you that I have written my novelThe process of reading Petty Demon is a slow descent into the abysmal twilight Yes inally an author with balls who is describing the human society exactly the way it is I think a lot of modern authors should read stuff like this and understand that compared to this novel Naples! from Sologub their work is just dull masturbation There is a lot of dialogue the book has a very rapid pace However everything is where it is supposed to be no piece of dialogue is too much every phrase has been given a lot of thoughtThere is comic there is laughter but boy that is actually some sort of sad grin Do weeel sorry The Curious Cases of Cyriack Skinner Grey for Peredonov Talkingrom the doctor s point of view the guy had paranoid schizofrenia which got worse along the book Sologub presents phantastically the aggravation of the disease The way Peredonov deals with the playing cards is p A Itsuka fantastic book by another Russian I had yet to read This book gradually gets madder and madderNot contemporary and pre Stalin Sologub was born just after the emancipation of the serfs and basically invented himself as a writer indeed a writer thought by others particularly Blok to be immensely important This his most recognisable and available work shows how good a writer he was There is not one really likeable character They are all mad in there own way The book charts the descent into craziness of a provincial school teacher Along the way it portrays provincial pre revolution life No real attempt is given tolesh out any of these characters except Mom, They're Teasing Me: Helping Your Child Solve Social Problems for the mad Peredonov Peredonov is as crazy as Gogol s Chichikov butar less calculating probably because he is a provincial In act it is the whole thing of provinciality that bleeds through this book like Turgenev s Fathers and Sons throughout the period when they arrive back at the amily home Is there that great a difference in any country between provinciality now as there was then Probably the differences were accentuated or Sologub Now we can travel easily to the capital Then it was a matter of engineering an escape rom the sheer monotony And this is why Peredonov becomes obsessed with his putative inspectorate which leads him into marriage with the long term shack up he s clearly been with Live Bait for ages and everybody knows about but are willing to turn a blind eye And this in turn leads him on the steady slope to bad crazinessThis book is a real gemull of good uality writing The introduction in the Penguin Classic edition by Pamela Davidson makes some excellent points and comparisons A great read Once I got caught up in the story it just pulled me along Peredonov is totally insane but it was such No Strings Attached fun reading his rantings and also the things real and imagined perpetrated against him The SashaLiudmilla portions were the only ones which didn t engage me as muchAvailable soon at Project Gutenberg via Free Literatur. Eredonovism 'The Little Demon' 1907 made an immediate star of its author who refuting suggestions that the work was autobiographical stated 'No my dear contemporaries it is about you' This grotesue mirror of a spiritually bankrupt society is arguably theinest Russian novel to have come out of the Symbolist moveme. A mix of kitchen sink Zolaism and the sharp penned spite of Schedrin sums up this black hearted comic novel Fancy Strut from the land of kvass and borscht I m sorry to say I hadn t heard of this book before or if I had I didn t recognize it when I saw it on ariend s bookshelf after a Northern California: A History and Guide - From Napa to Eureka few hours of drinking wine Wasss dat hiccup book So in the charming way I have I of course asked to borrow it That was aew months ago It took me a while to clear time in my reading schedule Unbreathed Memories for this one and then I started thinking I d breeze through it butound very early on this was not going to be a uick readThis is supposedly the unniest Russian novel Ever I m always intrigued by comments like that but at the end of the day I totally suck at reading books called the unniest I m so busy looking Graduates in Wonderland: The International Misadventures of Two (Almost) Adults for the humor that sometimes when I m disappointed when the humor happens It s almost anticlimacticBut I m also aan of Russian novels semi obscure the better So I trudged onIn this novel we have Peredonov a truly messed up human being of a schoolteacher He is a nasty nasty guy which of course makes him delicious to read A GR A Sally Lockhart Mystery 2 friend s review mentioned similarities to Ignatius K Reillyrom A Confederacy of Dunces which probably would have been a kiss of death I Love My Dad for me had I read that before I started this book I don t careor novels that make me want to laugh at the awful things the character has to endure it just All about Us feels mean spirited The difference here Ielt was that Peredonov is also certifiable which actually made his actions somewhat interesting to me instead of just being a caricature of himself He s an actual antihero instead of just a literary whipping postThere s a lot going on behind scenes of course because this is a Russian novel and that s what Russian novels are all about Aside rom Peredonov s antics there s also Sasha and Lyudmila and their strange and strained relationship However maybe I m being too sensitive but I eel that the reader is meant to laugh at Sasha specifically an androgynous young man who ultimately wears dresses and that made me Noni Speaks Up feel sad But then again I m always theirst to say that humor doesn t always translate well Handbags and Gladrags for me on the page so I have no ualms assuming that I just read into it than I should have Me and my overthinkingI m not unhappy I read this at all I m glad to have stumbled upon an unfamiliar title and to be able to add it to my Russian bookshelf But above all I m happiest that I caninally return this book to its rightful home and hopefully wine will be involved in order to do itI should also note that this book was highly censored back in the day being all sexual and about cross dressing and stuff the horror all sexual and about cross dressing and stuff the horror edition included all the previously removed passages which the back of the book tells me was a whopping 15% of the original text I recommend reading those sections too even though it adds significantly to one s reading time Peredonov glared angrily at the saltIf you can get your hands on this one read it One of the unniest novels ever written Fyodor Sologub 1863 1927 Smooth is the surface of my mirror and pure its construction Repeatedly measured and painstakingly checked it has not a single blemish The watershed between the realist canon of the 19th century Russian novel and the modernist novels of the Russian literary SILVER AGE WAS FYODOR SOLOGUB S THE LITTLE DEMON Age was Fyodor Sologub s The Little Demon but this striking novel still has sharp teeth and is of much than just historical interest It is inventive engaging and very aptly expressed it also offers the reader no hope or the human race Born Fyodor Kuzmich Teternikov into the amily of a poor tailor who died early of tuberculosis he somehow managed to graduate from the St Petersburg Teachers Institute and begin a career as provincial secondary school teacher In light the St Petersburg Teachers Institute and begin a career as provincial secondary school teacher In light the way he describes provincial life in The Little Demon he must have ound that time trying but in 1892 he wrangled a transfer back to the capital where he began writing poetry Wish Upon a Wedding fiction plays and criticism seriously A survivor he climbed the administrative ladder of the Tsarist education establishment welcomed the February Revolution and became the head of the Union of Artists then opposed the October Revolution and nonetheless ended up the head of the Leningrad Union of Writers under the Soviets From 1892 on he was engaged at the heart of the Petersburg literary scene interacting with Andrei Bely Osip Mandelstam and Anna Akhmatova to mention just aew But what about that watershed novel According to Sologub himself he began The Little Demon in 1892 and a not uite complete version was serialized in 1902 The We Got the Neutron Bomb: The Untold Story of L.A. Punk final version was not published until 1907 Though he wrote a great deal else during that time it is evident bothrom the text itself and Renovations: A Father and Son Rebuild a House and Rediscover Each Other from Sologub s proud prefacerom which the above uote is extracted that he Richard Nixon: The Life fashioned and reashioned his masterpiece yes painstakingly The main character Ardalyon Borisovich Peredonov is a high school teacher in an unnamed snakepit of a provincial town just like his creator he is unspeakably self centered monstrously dull witted pusillanimous gluttonous absent of any scruples and sliding ever deeper into the madness of paranoia The townsfolk are hardly any better both male and emale the words stupid torpid and dull occur again and again in the narrator s description of the characters Two of the charact. A dark classic of Russia's silver age this blackly unny novel recounts a schoolteacher's descent into sadism arson and murderMad lascivious sadistic and ridiculous the provincial schoolteacher Peredonov torments his students and has hallucinatory antasies about acts of savagery and degradation yet to everyone els. ,

Ers are described as boredom machines Sure provincial life had been bitingly portrayed in the 19th century novel and repulsive antiheroes had been employed before But Sologub was not rehearsing old tricks Previously provincial life had been examined with the purpose of urging improvement progress and the hope of change there is no such prospect of change no such hope in The Little Demon where all that is outside the anonymous town is spectral unreal Only the pointless pathetic goings on in that Everyplace and Noplace really exist And antiheroes had been used to satirize some class attitude or characteristic with the intent of
again urging improvement progress and hope of change Not here There are no noses walking around of their own volition NO GHOSTS CHASING AFTER OVERCOATS NO ghosts chasing after overcoats no too lazy to get rom his bed to his chair in this text after overcoats no too lazy to get Puppet Master from his bed to his chair in this text strict adherence to the rules of descriptive realism Sologub does not exaggerateor effect he just holds up his Swoon: The Heartthrob Activity Book for Good Color-Inners as Well as Beginners finely polished mirror No my dear contemporaries it is of you that I have written my novel about the little demon about Ardalyon and Varvara Peredonov Pavel Volodin Darya Lyudmila and Valeriya Rutilov Aleksandr Pylnikov and the others About you If so then his readers had groundsor taking offense Janae (Blacktop, for in Sologub s mirror everyone crawls on their bellies like snakes Along the way Sologub jettisons the basic tenet of 19th century Russian literature that everything can indeed must get better and he throws in some perversions hisorebears chose to omit rom their works Of a distinctly curious cast is the secondary plot line that is interwoven with Peredonov s sad epic of ambition stupidity and madness Lyudmila s affair with the schoolboy Instead of clarioning the expected notes of disapproval and outrage the initially objective narrator becomes a bit lustered as Lyudmila slowly gains influence over the boy and the relationship crosses bounds that may have some readers suirming while his prose changes in tone and intensity These passages contain the only real eelings in the text aside rom the greed ambition and envy that otherwise saturate it Not surprisingly a great uror was generated by The Little Demon and apparently no small amount of this uror expressed itself as ad hominem attacks on the author But the book uickly went through several editions I am most curious to know if it had some direct influence on writers like Andrei Bely and if so what was the nature of the influence As pessimistic as this text is the black nihilism of some Soviet works is uite absent and as hopeless as it may be the indescribable emotional state of the later Beckett is still ar distant Mankind had yet to plunge into the bottomless depths of the 20th century which may well have been the worst century in its sad history Well maybe or humorous effect because as hopeless as this text is it is oftentimes downright Why Diets Make Us Fat funny On the other hand when reading about an egotistical and limitless windbag like Donald Trump in a novel one might suspect that an exaggeration was being madeor laughs and a leading Republican contender Dont Hex with Texas (Enchanted, Inc., for the Presidency of the United States of America wholatly asserts that the pyramids in Egypt were built as granaries by Joseph could well have been a character in a Vonnegut novel Reality is still stranger than Spanish Dagger (China Bayles, fiction Assuming they had ever even imagined them Peredonov s particular idiosyncrasy of this type was henceforth referred to in Russia by his name Symbolism is a word that is so variably applied that it has almost become worthless There s the academic and IMO masturbatory symbolism of Jarry the complex transcendent system of metaphysical signification that is present in Scriabin and Bely the hazy expansive undefined ness of Maeterlink and so on but Sologub in this work is none of these His symbolism instead is something of an aloof determinant that has no saving grace orinal answer but it does promote a deep understanding of the terms and conditions that result in human interaction Nobody calls Knut Hamsun a symbolist in term of decadence but so in his comparison of nature and man in an attempt to posit a phenomenology of experience as being at the same time within and above manSologub s writing works much the same way He is a brilliant satirist and social critic who s work IMO bears in common with Gombrowicz Ferdydurke and Witkacy Insatiability than it does with Gogol or Bely Social criticism is never too Everyday life in medieval times farrom the root concern in almost all orms of symbolism Like Pere Ubu this work mocks a teacher with amazingly effective results Although where Jarry elevated Ubu to king status Sologub repeatedly stomps Peredonov into the muck of the most loathsome ailure of an existence It s also something of a picaresue story in that it eatures serializes attempts of a man to negotiate society with punishingly similar results Where Don uixote teaches the reader to love a ool in the same way Rabelais encouraged readers to love themselves through the acceptance of Gargatua and Pantagruel Sologub entertains in a different way much like Bulghakov and Ensor whos distaste Dead Giveaway for crowds resulted in humorous observation and scathing rejectionSologub invites readers to gaze upon his creations with understanding at a distance much like a scoutmaster might govern interactions with wildlife that is most beautiful when viewed E he is an upstanding member of society As he pursues the idea of marrying to gain promotion he descends into paranoia sexual perversion arson torture and murder Sologub's anti hero is one of the great comic monsters of twentieth centuryiction subseuently lending his name to the brand of sado masochism known as ,