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When I started secondary school I was mildly apprehensive about physics an unfamiliar word that elicited *An Actual Shudder From My *actual shudder from my Fortunately my elderly teacher had an infectious af Edward Tufte is brilliant His books including this one are artwork disguised as a textbook The purpose of all three is to explain both ood and bad ways of explaining information but they are so much than that There is a rich history interwoven in the books pages The examples are so interesting that I found myself learning than just how to convey information For example one of the best raphics for conveying information ever made is a chartmap tracking Napoleon Bonaparte s army s march across Europe which is so impressive it s difficult to describe The raph includes information about army size location and timeline in a very readable straightforwd and yet still beautiful way I was fortunate enough to attend one of his seminars after I was already a fan my work paid for it and I ot to keep the books which delves into all of his texts I highly recommend it because he synthesizes the information beautifully and succinctly and you et all of his books and publications in print If you can t make the seminar no I do not The Ancient Greeks: Ten Ways They Shaped the Modern World get any kickbacks promise the books are rather complex but they are absolutely stunning and make fascinating reading People have told me to read this book for years and I ve always been impressed by the strength of their recommendationsHowever on reading this book I was initially underwhelmed I felt like Tufte was just rehashing common sense aboutraphs I read through it and found myself saying yeah yeah I Tricycle (HISTOIRE) get it On reflection a week after finishing I realized this book isenius Tufte concisely and clearly articulates principles which should be common sense so well that they have appearance to be common sense This is a book have appearance to be common sense This is a book raphsHow you ask could anyone write a book about raphs let alone read one Surely you ve never found the sex appeal of a bar chart the seductiveness of a scatterplot Well my friend you simply have never realized the power of a well designed Let Freedom Reign': The Words of Nelson Mandela. Henry Russell graph Tufte took on the challenge of making visual information interesting decades ago and it s still considered one of the top 100 books of the 20th century He shows examples of what the best displays and worst displays are in the first part of the book In the second he breaks downraphs piece by piece as the reader learns how to construct a *useful and informative Paper Crafts Magazine: Joy of Card Making (Leisure Arts graph chart table or whathaveyou The bestraphs etc aren t flashy You don t * and informative Path to Sanity: Lessons from Ancient Holy Counselors on How to Have A Sound Mind graph chart table or whathaveyou The bestraphs etc aren t flashy You don t any fancy computers to make them in fact Tufte particularly disdains computer programs for making everything busy and excessive As is true of most things in life the idea behind a Undiluted: Rediscovering the Radical Message of Jesus graph is far important and interesting than how it looks Aood display conveys that information almost instinctively and makes relationships clear A poor display hides non ideas behind Rudram in Tamil graphics and labels A terrible display actually distorts information and to Tufte these are inexcusable lies Even though the likelihood of me making a chart in the near future is slim I was surprised by how much thought it takes to develop aood display I also think it made me a better display reader something that comes in handy when reading the paper or watching the Colbet Report Above all this book reinforces the primary rule of communication start with a ood idea and edit it down until only what s necessary remains Although originally published in 1983 when professional raphics artists prepared most of the charts and KaBOOM!: One Entrepreneur's Quest to Build Community SAVE PLAY! graphs used in presentations and official publications this book remains useful for anyone who wishes to convey information clearly and concisely I can remember a job early in my career when all presentations had to be approved by two levels of management then submitted to theraphics shop at least a week before they were to be used and what came back was an inter office envelope full of transparencies to be shown on an overhead projector We have come a long way since then but powerful raphics software has not necessarily improved our ability to et the message acr. The classic book on statistical raphics charts tables Theory and practice in the design of data raphics 250 illustrations of the best and a few of the worst statistical raphics with detailed analysis of how to display data for precise effective uick analysis Design of the high resolution. .
The Visual Display of uantitative InformationEat or this is silly His attitude towards artists is especially belittling I was hoping for a thoughtful take on the balance between beauty and practicality in raphic design All in all I think this the book has some smart points and ood images but not uite enough to warrant its position on a pedestal The book led was one of the most books that I ve every read I ve always had a penchant for using numbers images and heuristics explain and began taking Edward Tufte s courses when the opportunity arose starting in 1998 He held them in hotel ballrooms throughout the United States and his followers attended with cult like repetition sometimes registering for the same course 6 times in one yearEdward Tufte is one of the most elegant designers of information alive today the book was the beginning of my devotion to his philosophy of the visual articulation of facts figures and abstract concepts This book as well as professor Tufte s academic publishing have influenced the world around us in so many ways From the elouent raphical explanations in the New York Times to the vibrant digital displays of political elections on Fox News and the historical statistics of hurricanes put forth on Weather Channel all of this traces its heritage back to Edward Tufte and his award winning books If you want to escape the two dimensional hell of explanation that is the improper use of Powerpoint this books and its two companions provide safe passage to the promised land of clear robust Mesagerul graphical discourses of complex ideas Well 3 12 stars really but GoodReads won t permit that Don t let the horrifically dull title fool you Edward Tufte knows a thing or two about chart design to say the least he s built a second career on this obsession Think this is dull stuff Ha and again I say ha It s darn sexy Don t believe me Consider this conseuence of the era of optimism or this version of Little Red Riding Hood or this nifty day in the life or thisraphic design shop which is such a brilliant specialist in the whimsical cum nostalgic info Judy Blume: Fearless Storyteller for Teens graphic style that They Might Be Giants commissioned them to produce everything from the liner notes to Mink Car to the flash animations embedded on No to their website TMBGcomAnd Tufte s book has its share of worthwhile Aha moments as well Take this snippet from p 20 which follows six maps of One sentence summaryTheraphical analogue of Elements of Style obvious avoid junk useless contradictory and wrongDon t understand the hype about this book it s super outdated refers mainly to hand drawn ish charts and considering most of use standard tools to create our visualizations not sure how we re supposed to actually implement his suggestions and a lot of the advice and ood examples Marey s train schedule Come on are horrible and even contradictory at one point he bemoans Chernoff faces and later exhibits them in an exemplarIgnore Part 1 the first three chapters entirely Skim the restTwo principles1 Maximize data ink ratio2 Avoid chartjunk eg moire rids and ducksApply these two principles1 Redesign box plot not sure if I agree though the redesigned box plot does look elegant2 Scatterplot range frame3 Multifunctioning raphical

Elements Eg Stem And Leaf 
eg stem and leaf Graphics should tend to the horizontal Entertaining and illustrative Tufte shows strong examples of both elegant and hastly designs taking several opportunities to improve the latter with surgical erasure These examples form the basis for a set of now canonized principlesThe only part I really disagreed with was the beginning of chapter 6 wherein the author proposes revising the box plot design by reducing it to a mere point floating between two lines with only white space to represent the size of the interuartile range It looks roughly like this The author argues that this is preferable because it eliminates all non data ink I would counter that the box aspect of the box plot is crucial to understanding the data at a Jimmy: The Terrorist glance and that the white space makes interpretation harder on the reader However I m pleased to say that this is the only deviation from sound design in the book. On of The Visual Display of uantitative Information Recently published this new edition provides excellent color reproductions of the manyraphics of William Playfair adds color to other images and includes all the changes and corrections accumulated during 17 printings of the first editio.

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Oss in an understandable and informative wayTufte starts with some history of the statistical raph It took a long time for people to make the conceptual leap from a uantity to an abstract visual representation of that uantity *as a line or a bar positioned between several axes The first charts were derived from maps *a line or a bar positioned between several axes The first charts were derived from maps maps had existed for five thousand years before charts and raphs appeared in the 1700sBy the 20th century newspapers magazines and business and More scary stories for sleep-overs government publications all includedraphics but they were often done ineptly because they were created by artists not the people who understood the data At the core of the preoccupation with deceptive raphics was the assumption that data raphics were mainly devices for showing the obvious to the ignorant p 53 The book has many egregiously bad examples some of which appeared to be deliberately deceptive such as hiding a business loss by making the y axis start below zero and some just incompetently done apparently by Heads of the Colored People graphics artists who wanted to make a pretty picture without the least understanding of what the data meant Ineptraphics also flourish because many raphic artists believe that statistics are boring and tedious It then follows that decorated raphics must pep up animate and all too often exaggerate what evidence there is in the data p 79The book s value comes from the fact that Tufte has a number of specific recommendations for how to present data and he cites ood examples as well as bad The defining raphic in the book is Charles Joseph Minard s 1861 raph showing the fate of Napoleon s army in Russia It is a powerful image telling the dramatic story of an army withering away on the march to and from Moscow It manages to plot multiple variables on a two dimensional page the size of the army its location in Russia the direction of the army s movement dates of specific events and temperatures along the route of retreat Once seen the raph is unforgettableThere is also another brilliant example *a raph by EJ Marey showing train schedules from Paris to Lyon in the 1880s At first it * graph by EJ Marey showing train schedules from Paris to Lyon in the 1880s At first it like a jumble of broken diagonal lines but then it resolves itself The slope of the line indicates the speed of the train the horizontal breaks show where the train is stopped at a station the x axis shows the time of the trip at start finish and points along the way and the y axis the towns the train passes through A reat deal of information is packed into a simple easy to read im 25 stars I read this book because 1 as a scientist I care a lot about visualizing information in ways that are both meaningful and attractive and 2 this book is hailed as a classic and cited by many when discussing what constitutes a ood raphic After eying it on many coffee tables and office bookshelves I finally decided to pick it up from the library I m lad that I didn t buy it There are some positives a few inspiring examples of creative precise designs that tell a story and reveal insights about the data Some Of The Negative Examples Graphs That Exaggerate the negative examples raphs that exaggerate obscure the data or that are heavy handed and ugly are also useful to think about and are occasionally very funny I also liked how it touched on the history and evolution of different types of Longevity, Senescence, and the Genome graphs However a major flaw is the lack of thought that was put into the writing Many of the axioms that Tufte proposes forraphics could eually well apply to writing For example don t patronize your audience and don t waste ink on non information Tufte unfortunately oes against both these principles with his disdainful verbose tone A reat deal of verbiage and jargon could be stripped away to yield a text with much higher information density to use his own term The advice presented is reasonable but much of it is just common sense for anyone who s paid a little attention to elementary mathstatistics or who simply takes the time to look at First You Fall: A Kevin Connor Mystery graphs and think about how they could be improved He also contradicts his own advice about providing adeuate explanation for plots by offering zero explanation for several plots that are nearly inscrutable beyond saying this isr. Displays small multiples Editing and improving raphics The data ink ratio Time series relational raphics data maps multivariate designs Detection of raphical deception design variation vs data variation Sources of deception Aesthetics and data raphical displays This is the second editi.
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