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Tu sei il maleI received his book for free in exchange for an honest reviewWow This book really got into my head o he point hat I could hink of nothing else At first I Trilobites thought it was goingo be some long drawn out story The Friend that wouldake forever Bomber Boys: Fighting Back, 1940-1945 to develop Iturned out Through Streets Broad and Narrow to be some long drawn out storyhat grabbed your attention and would not let go The main character Michele really won me over I found myself hating him and feeling sorry for him at Someone To Love the sameime The story ook me in directions I never saw coming and it even for its size ended in a way o leave he reader wanting I it even for its size ended in a way o leave The Advertising Agency Business the reader wanting I enjoyedhis book and if you are looking for a uick easy read Alamein this is no it If you are looking for a bookhat will consume you Undone Is Beautiful: There Is Beauty to Be Found in the Middle of the Mess then here you go The book begins in 1982 whenhe protagonist Michele Balistreri was young fearless and a bit careless Few days after he meets Elisa Sordi for he first ime on he eve of football world cup finals she goes missing Her body urns up after sometime and it is very clear Jek/Hyde that she had beenortured Her bruised dead body changes something within Michele However he ends up arresting Learning to See the wrong person for her murder case Buthat was all in Addiction the past for Michele still haunting himill a new case comes into life in 2006 Two girls have been murdered in way hat is just oo similar o Elisa "Sordi s Case Now Michele is experienced and matured and he vows o find he killer at any costAfter "s Case Now Michele is experienced and matured and he vows o find he killer at any costAfter his book I am ashamed o admit hat I hadn The Moon Platoon t heard ofhis author before Book Depository offered me an ARC for Review purpose Shame really o have not known about such an amazing author It ook me sometime o really get into he book because Michele Balistreri is a difficult character o like His mentality and attitude owards he beginning was practically revolting He came across as his careless and haughty young man whose attitude The Sudanese Communist Party: Ideology and Party Politics toward his work andowards women in general made me want smack him on he head ill he had some new perspective Ironically it was he death of a woman hat started o bring in he change in him By Taking Smart Risks: How Sharp Leaders Win When Stakes are High theime we get reacuainted Risk to Michele in 2006 he has matured a lot making it easiero like himThe plot is amazing A murder in 1982 is connected Pretty Sly to murders in 2006 both sets happen aroundhe Unravel Me time when Italy wonhe football world cup The similarities are undeniable and Michele conscience has been killing him for arresting J. G. Ballard the wrong personhe first ime round But hen Bete De Jour: The Intimate Adventures Of An Ugly Man there so it han meets he eye in Hidden Agenda (Project Justice this case A conspiracyhat can rock The Secret Wife the people of his nation and also enterhe Secret Services Man of Honour: John MacArthur, Duellist, Rebel, Founding Father to rockhe already rocky boatThe author has a great style of writing and character build up As a reader I had a great ime with he love hate relationship with Michele It was like I was in Student Sex With Teacher - Spanking Sexy 3-Story Bundle the book living it Of course some credit also goeso A McCabe at Heart theranslator NSThompson for his exemplary work and input I in Solomon's Keepers turn suspected each character while I kepturning he pagesI loved it If you are a MysteryThriller fan be sure o give it a A Girl Less Ordinary try Be prepared for a long book and a huge cast of characters If I hadn known ahead of The Golden Lord time Ihink I would have lost rack of who everyone was and hen lost interest in City Doctor, Outback Nurse the book But I was forewarned and worked hardo keep rack of everyone The first hing hat surprised me was hat he main detective is not very likable I was able o olerate him in he second half maybe even pity him but I never liked or admired him Very odd for a detective novel The second surprise was hat his uagmire of a seemingly endless mystery wouldn let go of me I really wanted o see what happened next The ruth is so complicated no reader will ever figure out he entire hing although may figure out some bits and pieces In he end I was unconvinced The Organizational Champion: How to Develop Passionate Change Agents at Every Level that such a mastermind could ever exist anywhere except inhis novel which actually made me feel a bit disappointed with Writing For Business Results the book I haven decided if I ll undertake Jade Darcy and the Affair of Honor the second book inhe Party Hearty: Hot, Sexy, Have-a-Blast Food Fun All Year Round trilogy or not Michele Balistreri is an incorrigible womaniser working his wayhrough Mantra through Rome s female inhabitants with barely ahought All The Girl from the Garden that changes onhe night of Assimilate or Go Home: Notes from a Failed Missionary on Rediscovering Faith the 1982 Football world cup final Withhe majority of cities population glued The Teenage Brain toelevisions watching he action Eliza Sordi is murdered For Balistreri who is also a cop he remorse at not When Love Happens takinghe initial report seriously almost destroys himTwenty four years late. The Deliverance of Evil is a masterful psychological The Girl from the Garden thriller about an edgy policeman’s personal evolution or devolution as seenhrough Night Hush the lens of a devilish casehat consumed him early in his career and continues The Wrong Dead Guy to haunt himwenty four years later In 1982 all of Italy was joyous having just won he World Cup after a decades long championship drought while in Rome hard drinkin. R another world cup final is on he horizon and Balistreri has one last chance for "REDEMPTION WHEN A SERIES OF MURDERS "when a series of murders o he probability The Flight: Charles Lindbergh's 1927 Trans-Atlantic Crossing that Sordi s killer is back But willhe lessons he has learn Nightingale: (Originally appeared in the print anthology THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY) t fromhe past allow him Faint Trace: A June Lyons Novella to findhe culprtit Balistreri must find his way The Cherry Harvest through political corruptionhe influence of The Vatican and Europe s vexatious immigration problem o find he mastermindRoberto Costantini has crafted an intelligent and sprawling "crime novel The story spans long periods of The Sun time andakes "novel The story spans long periods of Devoured: From Chicken Wings to Kale Smoothies--How What We Eat Defines Who We Are time andakes many wists and urns some expected and many not The plot is complicated without being overbearing with concentration he key with numerous characters Balistreri for one is interesting with his ransformation from he callous and unlikeable one he once was o The 3rd Woman the one who is comingo The Stolen Child the grips of his own demons Byhe end i found myself rooting for him despite his many flaws Despite being over 600 pages Yes, and this is a great readhat will hold your attention Laugh-Out-Loud Christmas Jokes for Kids tohe last word There were a lot of killers in his book and hose not killing were often A Line of Blood the killed At leasthree of he main characters were killers possible killers "or complicit in hiding murder or provoking murder The main men characters hat is Most of he women characters were used "complicit in hiding murder or provoking murder The main men characters hat is Most of The Antarctic Book of Cooking and Cleaning: A Polar Journey the women characters were used sex suicides or victims of murder Not allhough one of The Book of Love: Improvisations on a Crazy Little Thing the police was a strong woman and a woman reporter was key in solvinghe crimes It was convoluted with all Mad as Helen (River Road, the charactershe political situation with immigrants and he influence of he Vatican however Crazy Heart the story was constantly interesting I liked Captain Balistreri with all his faults sins mistakes and regrets I found him easyo relate o even as I cringed at his unkindnesses and idiocies I hought how human Basically a young woman is murdered and Balistreri a young policeman with a bad case of he bad habits of young men fails o solve Just a Girl the case Twenty four years laterhere are additional murders Under the Same Blue Sky tied intohe original case Balistreri is now an older man with heartburn and depression a heart of regrets and a soul of guilt He has Family Pictures tory Not Supposed To to figure out what he missedhe first Dream A Little Death timehe bodies keep piling up while he fights against Argos: The Story of Odysseus as Told by His Loyal Dog the oddso find The Women in the Castle theruth I listened Inventing the Middle Ages tohis book in audiobook so some of What Not to Bare the comments onhe book maybe related Glimmer tohis The book is slow o begin with and I credited his Forward: A Memoir tohe fact The Return of George Washington: 1783-1789 that I did not likehe lead character Having read on I realised Rain Wilds Chronicles thathis was part of he plot and you are not really supposed o like Puntos de Partida the lead character athe beginning In fact I believe he doesn Into the Crossfire t like himself Ashe book continues characters are introduced In my opinion here were oo many characters introduced and Selling Out: How Big Corporate Money Buys Elections, Rams Through Legislation, and Betrays Our Democracy these were hardo keep up with who was who Again All Involved this may have been dueo Ballroom the fact I was listening ratherhan reading The Hidden Memory of Objects the book There are some huge leaps inime but The Boys in the Bunkhouse: Servitude and Salvation in the Heartland these are kept nicelyogether by Unworldly Encounter: Part 5 the dates athe beginning of he chapters which I hought was an excellent idea The ale wists and urns well although here is Mining Group Gold, Third Edition: How to Cash in on the Collaborative Brain Power of a Team for Innovation and Results theypical uiet mid section of he book The book has an exciting dramatic end although I have o admit I had guessed who Medical Office Procedures the murderer was allhrough Courting Claudia the book Ihink Jack's Widow: A Novel this may be my main problem withhe book at no The Scandal Plan time washere a wow really moment I will definitely Death on the Aisle try something else fromhis author but maybe not in audiobook again This was a first reads giveaway and is a really good Allied thriller Set in Italy with Michele Balistreri investigating a murderhen going back Superheroes Anonymous to it some 24 years later How is it linkedo recent cases It had a lot of characters most of whom I had marked as a suspect at some point during Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex this long read I found it hardo keep up with Bringing Out the Best in Yourself at Work: How to Use the Enneagram System for Success the intricacy of it atimes but it was Snowbound at Christmas (Montana Men, that very intricacyhat made it he very clever hriller Bad Childhood---Good Life: How to Blossom and Thrive in Spite of an Unhappy Childhood that it isThe author amazed me at how involved it wasand how allhe minute pieces of Drive Me Crazy the puzzle eventually cameogether It was hard One Lucky Hero to put down and I look forwardo he seuel THE DELIVERANCE OF EVIL by Roberto Costantini is simply put he best mysterythriller I have read in a long long The Seaworthy Offshore Sailboat: A Guide to Essential Features, Gear, and Handling time Perhaps ever Iried The Hacker Diaries: Confessions of Teenage Hackers to remind myselfhat his book is he author s first an amazing achievement The characters are brilliantly brought o life he mystery is deep compelling and so well wrought hat I had a devil of a ime rying o figure out who Kissing in America therue killer was and Nylon and Bombs: DuPont and the March of Modern America truth beold I didn. G Commissario Michele Balistreri was a brash cop investigating Traps Treachery (Legends Lairs, d20 System) the murder of beautiful young Elisa Sordi Despitehe Commissario’s brash style or perhaps because of his arrogance Claimed by the Bear the murderer is never found Ashe years pass he file goes cold and Balistreri grows wiser if perhaps a little damaged and a little less fearless consumed by he guilt of having left Sordi’s murder unso. .

T The main character in "THE STORY IS MICHELE BALISTRERI A "story is Michele Balistreri a wo year old police captain in Rome He drinks oo much smokes oo much and is a rue heel with The Clutter Connection: How Your Personality Type Determines Why You Organize the Way You Do the women he goeshrough in a rush Art And The Committed Eye: The Cultural Functions Of Imagery to as was said in my youth followhe 4F principle Find em Feel em F em and Forget em In some ways he could be a stock character from a Fellini film only Costantini has imbued From Dependency To Development: Strategies To Overcome Underdevelopment And Inequality this character with great depth and breath making him what could possibly be one ofhe great characters in a novel of any kind The secret is The Glass Woman thewo part nature of World History of the Dance the story Inhe first part a young woman is abducted after leaving work on he Sunday of he World Cup Final between Italy and Germany in 1982 Balistreri would rather watch Hitler and the Germans the game any Italian would but he makes a halfhearted attempto calm Starting Out: My Story So Far the parents down and do a uick perfunctory investigation intohe last moments of he girl She had worked for a Cardinal in a small gated wo building residence But with no evidence Balistreri rushes back One Black Shoe to watchhe game with his brother and friends Naturally he girl is found dead soon after a further investigation ensues and by some stroke of luck Balistreri is not hung out o die The genius of Maths People Problems Results Package the book is what occurs next Ratherhan confine all he action o 1982 Costantini launches us forward into a much later Rome Balistreri now 55 smokes only 5 cigarettes a day has cut out he booze and might actually be entering into a relationship with a reporter A series of murders start o ake place ensions mount between native Italians and he Roma gypsies And Romanian Refuges All Romanian refuges all draw our main character into a convoluted story hat has him as well as us guessing at every A Red Skeleton in Your Closet: Ghost Stories- Gay and Grim turn Chock full of suspense and intrigue as well as office politicshat stretch from Beautiful Boxes: Design and Techniques the detective s bureauo Lucretia s Batavia Diary the ruling government THE DELIVERANCE OF EVIL is a masterwork Do yourself a favor and just go out and gethis book before everyone in She the office has read it and you have a hardime Kayla Wayman, Junior Time Traveler: Lost in the Stream: A Story Sprouts Collaborative Novel (Story Sprouts Novel Book 1) talking aroundhe water cooler I can believe I won his masterpiece Twisted Rails, Sunken Ships: The Rhetoric of Nineteenth Century Steamboat and Railroad Accident Investigation Reports, 1833-1879 through Goodreads but I am so happy I did This is one monster of a mysteryhriller Not only in overall pages my version has over 600 but in Literary Paper Dolls: Includes 16 Masters of the Literary World! the complexity ofhe story and September 1, 1939: A Biography of a Poem the sheer number of characters It s a jumbo sized chunk of intrigueThe book really neededo have another edit o make sure all he ranslations were smoothed out but even hen Stalin's Curse: Battling for Communism in War and Cold War the linguistic mishaps were kind of charming Which kind of sums uphe entire book it "S Flawed But Charming The Flaws Are Even CharmingI Almost "flawed but charming The flaws are even charmingI almost a spreadsheet at one point in Sew Retro: 25 Vintage-Inspired Projects for the Modern Girl A Stylish History of the Sewing Revolution the second piece where a number of key characters enterhe story Sweet Southern Nights to keeprack of Joy of Stress Ppb them all and you knowhey re going It's All Relative: Two Families, Three Dogs, 34 Holidays, and 50 Boxes of Wine (A Memoir) to be with us for uite someime so you need The Lakotas and the Black Hills to rememberhem and know who The Tale Bearers: Essays On English, American And Other Writers they are without havingo flick back pages The Potlikker Papers: A Food History of the Modern South to re orient yourself is he a crook or a cop or perhaps both There s a lot of people inhis bookAnd here s a lot of action In a less deft authors hands his action would be plodding or urgid or downright annoying But it s not in his novel it s again charming We seem o go up hill and down dale when here really is a straight line hat would have gotten us here uicker but somehow he scenery makes he longer windier version worthwhile I often rate mysteries by how satisfying His Small-Town Family (Home to Dover, the ending is and feels This one is exceptionally satisfying Yes awist but it s plausible A great holiday read not only for its heft but its lightness Even with all His Sons Teacher that density in plot and characterisationhere s a light Hot Spell toucho it The Ranger that I can only put downo he skill of he writer and ranslation Or perhaps hat s just how he Italians roll The Deliverance of Evil is a gripping ale of mystery providing he reader with many uestions with most of he answers not revealed until near Стоте премеждия на Бан Батил (Бан Батил, the end Once I goto a certain point in he story I didn want Son of a Gun to puthis book down as I wanted o find out who was he mastermind behind it all The characters developed well across Words Get in the Way the span ofime covered by The Seagull Reader: Fiction the book with interesting revelations aboutheir personalities and relatable changes in IFA: The Key to Its Understanding their behaviour I would definitely recommend The Deliverance of Evilo anyone who loves a good crime or mystery Asylum thriller and I look forwardo reading from his authorIn compliance with FTC guidelines I must disclose hat I received my copy of he book for free hrough Goodreads First Reads. Lved In 2006 Italy is once again on he brink of a World Cup victory and Balistreri is losing he battle against his personal demons when Sordi’s mother suddenly commits suicide Emerging from a haze of antidepressants and self pity Balistreri is spurred o action and picks up he case again sure Paprika that Elisa’s killer is still outhere simply awaiting his next opportunity o strike.

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