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No immediate emotional follow up on THE GYM PLAY SCENE WHAT HAPPENED gym play scene What happened Fox not submitting to every single wolf Then she easily sides with said offending wolves admitting they were every single wolf Then she easily sides with said offending wolves admitting they were Were the character true to herself she would not have accepted that ind of would not have accepted that ind of at all Mentally of course she hadn t been given a choice physically and that in itself was a violation worthy of triggering even of a response from her Instead the character seemed to so easily accept what had been done to her just for the sake of defusing the situation glaringly obvious author s hand and not the first time that I was disgusted with the author s handling of his own creations That was the last nail in the coffin for me guy likes to make his Fox protagonist submit at every opportuniy as a means to showcase her Alpha s affection Or how she needs to be put in her place Or whatever else It was fucking tediousTLDR get rid of the Elizabeth character It s flawed its writing is flawed and the author blatantly shows himself or his opinionsmentality through it Not a pleasant sight tooA shame I thought the first book was relatively decent in terms of character depictionsdevelopmentself loyalty Welp I am done I enjoyed the first story and this one was an okay follow up but not much happened except for me showing how awful the pack really is All the do is slowly take from the little fox The pack is about nothing but dominance in the guise of love I see a strong but damaged character in the fox slow losing herself in the name of love No one really cares about her feelings I checked out the review of the next book and the idea of torch porn puts the final nail in this coffin I like strong female characters in stories and I thought I was going to like this one I may revisit the first book sometime but the way this is going it is uickly leaving a bad taste in my mouth At this point I would almost rather read about moody sparkly vampires then see the fox be dragged down in the name of love Blech Roseau s immediate seuel to Fox Run Fox Play contains all the best features of its predecessor It s easily as Having now agreed to a commitment relationship Michaela and Lara turn their attention to a new threat Durian alpha of the Chicago wo.

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Fox PlayWeet charming captivating touching and occasionally hilarious Fox Run with an added dash erotic content to spice things up In some ways the story is complex than Fox Run while added dash of erotic content to spice things up In some ways the story is complex than Fox Run while others it s simple the ey conflict and resolution is in many ways simpler than Fox Run but the interpersonal elements are by far diverse and rewarding for the complexity And when I say complexity I don t mean in the sense of difficulty but rather in the texture weave and weft of the story itselfMichaela Redfur the narrative protagonist of the books is as impish as in the previous book but with the resolution of Fox Run and the threat central to that book her position in the Madison pack is much conflicted Her relationship with Lara has deepened as well but it also brings with it the added challenges of her coping with living a life surrounded by wolves and trying to overcome both her feelings of having her freedom taken away if she allows herself to be part of the pack as well as her post traumatic stress from when she was 14 Her moods sway and her sympathetic character easily can carry the reader with her along the various 14 Her moods sway and her sympathetic character easily can carry the reader with her along the various pathways of her life thanks to the wonderfully realistic characterA dynamic piece balancing many different disparate elements and tensions Every bit the charmer of the first book Fox Play is a wonderful seuel to a marvelous book 2 starsPros The story has better structure when compared to the first bookCons Feisty fox is why I continued the series She was such a great character in the first book Unfortunately in this se I enjoyed reading about Michaela and Lara s relationship Even in the midst of a rival pack s interest in taking over the Madison pack their bond was strong It was great learning about the Madison wolves new and old I love all the affectionate bantering and the sassy snark especially from Michaela The was fast paced and A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, kept me interested I can t wait to continue with this series Great ReadI love this series so far Great characters and wonderful story lineept me hooked from start to finish Excellent The story line in the second book is bet. Lves wants Lara's pack for himself in order to replenish his dwindling powerIn the meantime Michaela faces her fears built from the. ,
Ter than the first one However the Relationship Between The Main Couple Went between the two main couple went The things that still eep me going with this book the concept Michaela s personality compared to her original personality from the first book is outright reversed The same happened with Lara and it s really frustrating when I read it Michaela from the first book She glared at me with an alpha s glare but I returned it in spades I was my own alpha She might I have loved For Run and I have eually love Fox PlayThis books have become easily ones of my favorite Lesbian Paranormaland I have to admit a little addiction LOLMichaela and Lara ARE NOW IN A STABLE RELATIONSHIP BUT THAT HAVE now in a stable relationship but that have imbalances in the Madison packwould Michaela be able to trust wolves and would the wolves be ready to have in the pack a little foxMichaela let us now about some new of her foxy ways to trick the enemies and Lara need to work hard to help Michaela to feel welcome in the packI have particularly loved the new information about Lara and Michaela past and the step that the couple have take to face the PTSD that had started when Michaela was 14years oldI love also the fact that they are long books there are a lot of books in the Lesbian Romance genre that with difficult reach the 250 pages well this series reach the 340 350 pagesthis is really a wonderful readWell I can only wait impatiently for the 3rd book in the seriesAnd the 4thand the 5thLOL well really I want to read them ALL Wow what a fantastic storylineWow what a fantastic storyline it pulls your emotions right out it is very easy to read and it s follow on from the first book amazing can t wait to read the next one The little fox comes through again The continuation of the story of Michaela and Lara is rich and fulfilling I dare say this is even better than the first book There are additional characters that add to the depth of the story The strength of Michaela even when she is so scared is amazing Shows that no matter what the fear is love for the pack and her mate will make her over come anything I am looking forward to her next adventure. Past while struggling to find her place in the packFox Play continues the story first begun in Fox Run This is a novel of 95000 word.

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