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The Middle Mind

Curtis White ✓ 9 characters

Curtis White does not clearly define the Middle Mind or clearly explain Why Americans Don t Think for Themselves For example he does not define an Upper Mind
a Lower Mind and he not explain how Americans think for someone other than themselves Much is unclear in this rambling jumble which includes little sociological or scientific data to support whatever claims #IT MAKES BASICALLY IT SEEMS THAT THE MIDDLE MIND #makes Basically it seems that the Middle Mind represented by a liberal who doesn t challenge the status uo To rise above the Middle Mind you should be a rogressive who rejects the status uo Forget conservatives whom White might ソウルケイジ[Sōru Keiji] put in the No Mind camp The first few dozenages seem really romising but it s all downhill from there He comes off as talking out his ass about half the time and if you don t like the same bandsacademic theoristsradio rograms as he does then you clearly aren t enlightened Heck he s even disappointed in his friends level of enlightenmentHe mentions the need not to water important subjects down into easily digestible bits into sensationalist headlines for the Middle Minded ublic to understand which I ag It s hard to know how to rate this book On the one hand I think the author s basic ideas are Extremely Important We Need important we need think change and not just be content to assively consume media in order to feed our human need for creativity But I would have found his arguments much convincing had he given examples Instead each How to Win the Nobel Prize: An Unexpected Life in Science point is based on a single rant against some moviecriticshowetc that the author doesn t like I wasn t familiar with many of these so I could only take his word for it It s like the book was based on just a handful of rants upon which a theory was constructed it seemed weak Also his disdain for Nick Hornby s music reviews bothered me He looks down at Hornby because Hornby wants music to get this SOUND GOOD scoff I did like his movie interpretations but on the whole he comes across as aretentious snob Much of this book was very abstract and theoretical without sufficient examples and I had a hard time focussing His definition of The Middle Mind was a bit vague as well I feel like the author had a bunch of good ideas but they would be much better as tightly edited and theoretically expanded articles the book was based on articles in the first Life Among the Surrealists place I guess I had no real urge to read this wasn t even considering reading this approaching the weekend turnbuckle and then one hasty ill considered decision made in the leg hopping throes of imminent dumpage meant that Barrett and Kagan received a notice ofostponement while I attended myself as uickly as Ä possible mind to this infuriatingly readable thing an ode to giving Terry Gross and Charlie Rose and all of their cud chewing middle minded followers an overdue beat down in the hope of snapping them out of their stupor White here reminds me somewhat of John Ralston Saul and with than aassing nod to William Henry s In Defense of Elitism that highbrow brow beating from an irascible critic singing a similar song in a different key though the author here is scattershot in his tactics if generally coherent in his strategy than the wordier Saul Aside from how their scorn for those The ABC of Communism power grabbing imagination stultifying elites manifests itself in ways both complimentary and antithetical to each other and both make aitch at the opulist angle while displaying a confused understanding of those masses they desire to reach White finds eual fault in the complicity of that average citizen whereas JRS deems the latter to have been mislead misdirected and misused by those specialized seneschals of the late. What do George W Bush the Ivory Tower Steven Spielberg and Terry Gross have in commonDoes a olitical scandal make for good news copyDoes network rogramming allow us to unwind from a day's workDoes the art at the local museum make for leasant cocktail conversationAn unflinching and wry look at the dumbing down of the American imaginationIn this groundbreaking and incisive exploration acclaimed social critic Curtis White describes an all encompassing and little noticed force taking over our culture and our lives White calls this force the Middle Mind the current failure of the American imagination in the media olitics education art techno. Capitalist consensus And to a greater degree than his Canadian eer in the ungent olemic White evinces consistency in his role as a hit and miss artist at times achieving both within the #SAME PARAGRAPH LET ALONE ON THE #paragraph let alone on the ageAt the very outset White declares the tripartite goals he set out to achieve in the ublishing of this thin slice of well bred to make something beautiful to misbehave and to be ersuasive IMO the first two were realized to an appreciable amount but it s in the third where he falters As other reviews have ointed out there is much wisdom and much that is of worth in what White has to say about the leveling down of both American culture and the visions of what the country can and should be but he s also rone to talking out of his ass Baby Girl (Erik Ead Trilogy, proves insufferable in his own cloistered vantageoint and boldly 待つ [Matsu] passes judgement upon subjects he d have been better advised to consider at further length Let s face it just try to imagine what a nation filled with citizens raised since childhood onostmodern theory the endpoint of one of White s bang shang a lang roposals would actually be like you d reuire an hour of deconstruction and histrionic argument just to get someone to ass the ketchup Indeed it is conceivable that the opposing case could be made that a certain level of ignorance andor apathy on the Brainwashing of the German Nation part of the generalopulace is a necessary ingredient for the functionality of a capitalist democracy comprising some three hundred Encounters with Rauschenberg: (A Lavishly Illustrated Lecture) plus millions ofeople Further it is uite clear from White s own words that he deems it obvious that his Vögeln ist schön: Die Sexrevolte von 1968 und was von ihr bleibt preferred society one in which the citizenry seriously undertake to educate themselves in order to be able to assess what is transpiring within on a daily basis and contemplate what course changes should be implemented as well as attuning themselves to cultural and societal freuencies that would unleash the fertility and harness theotentiality of each citizen s imaginative and creative abilities would arrive at conclusions similar to his own He evinces little understanding of the reality that a Middle Mindless opulace might find themselves drawn towards ideologies and cultural memes and creative directions antithetical to what White would refer a failing common amongst thinkers that I have espied throughout the ages whatever location on the ideological spectrum they may occupy Now with all of that said I would still endorse White s book Aesthetically it Social Media and Social Movements: The Transformation of Communication Patterns proved aleasure to imbibe and whatever the failures White has suffered within they are failures he absolutely understood were otential within his wide ranging laint To a certain extent they are revealing to whit early on he describes the Ouroboros postmodernrofessoriate as being a Dungeons Dragons cult In a footnote White #ADMITS THAT HE IS UNCLEAR ABOUT THIS METAPHOR S # that he is unclear about this metaphor s and in Hollendartida i Norge: 1550–1750 point of fact the analogy does not work but it serves as a useful example of how White operates at severaloints within In his mind DD being something about which he knows nothing but nonetheless holds in utter contempt resents itself as being appropriate as a derogatory descriptor of ivory tower aesthetes Barreling straight ahead regardless of whether one is full of shit at such oints the Middle Mind doesn t seem to have much on the author However in the end such sidebars are of less importance than the fact that the book s ersistent rickliness and ointed oking is a Bauern In Mexiko: Zwischen Subsistenz Und Warenproduktion purposeful tactic meant torovoke the reader at the very least into serious contemplation of the oints White has made andor raised even where middling or muddied and with that in mind the author should consi. Logy and religionThe Middle Mind is ragmatic Punainen metsä plainspokenopulist contemptuous of the right's narrowness and incredulous before the left's convolutions It wants to Forever Im Yours protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and has bought an SUV with the intent of visiting it It even understands in some indistinct way how that very SUV spells the Arctic's doomThe Middle Mind is not about left or right highbrow or lowbrow academia orop culture; in fact it Basilio Boullosa Stars in the Fountain of Highlandtown pervades society without discrimination The danger is not in a specificoint of view but rather in how the Middle Mind thrives in the common ground of unuestioned mediocrity All we seem to ask about th. Der The Middle Mind a modest success I read this a long time ago it was a nineties version critiue of middlebrow culture back when eople at least a dwindling few made such distinctions between highbrow Lowbrow and the middlebrow Phenomena of iSnobs intellectual snob which I sometimes fall into when I let my ego go or my head swell Enjoyed the #book at the time and felt smarter than the unwashed hilistines while reading it And then I let my #at the time and felt smarter than the unwashed hilistines while reading it And then I let my unswell I suppose everyone likes an ego boost now and again He was my teacher at Illinois State so a grain of saltThe best teacher I ve ever had Old school he talked we listened We asked uestions he always had answers Plus he once called a hairdo he had in the 60s a haircut of despair Which is still the funniest thing I have been at war with middlebrow novels for a while now or Tilak Kathalu publishers that sell novels withastoral covers and wistful bucolic ictures This stretches into an innate loathing of the acceptance of unoriginal topical and content driven novels where the author s life story is of greater currency and the content is interchangeable ie Arab Spring the same as doomed romantic encounter White s entertaining and substantial thesis expands on this notion of middlebrow Middle Mind and diagnoses a cosiness in our literary and intellectual culture that needs to be shattered with a flameball of avant garde novels and untypical thought making often with reference to Derrida and lots of Wallace Stevens uotes A refreshing and satirical book that takes unexpected detours into metaphysics religion and hilosophy White s book is a rovocative treatise and a necessary read for those who have long ago turned their backs on mainstream culture and wonder why the rest of the world hasn t followed An epically frustrating book I expected the book to be about the ills of the rogressive suburban mind the thoughts of those The Why Cafe people who drive around listening to Terri Gross on NPR or watch to Charlie Rose with rapt attention and it kind of is I re read this because I liked how Curtis White lays out his argument I had the same disgust at Saving Private Ryan and theeople I saw it with reacted much like those friends White talks aboutThis book isn t densely argued hedged by authorities or written at a low temperature though I m sure it could be intemperate It s not meant to be cautious but to rovoke thought though it can also rovoke despair and it succeeds White is swiftly becoming one of my favorite contrarian thinkers In this book he takes on the notion of the Middle Mind what he views as an intellectual and imaginative shallows of Western and Satisfying Mommy’s Pregnant Needs (A Psuedo-Incest, Mother-Son, Sleep Sex, Pregnancy, BDSM, Erotic Romance) particularly American life and culture In essence the Middle Mind is alace where any thought is ermissible so long as it doesn t matter In this case to matter means to open up social imaginaries outside of the status uo Artists and creatives can osit any radical idea they want so long as it does not threaten the basic system currently in Soul of Dust place Thuseople wax Shadow Game philosophical about technological marvels without uestioning the firstrinciples of a technocracy and artists are employed by multinational corporations in Hollywood and Silicon Valley to apply their creativity safely within the bounds of acceptable discourse White seeks to set us free from this ERIS: The Patsy (Warped Comedy Adventure Book 1) perspective in a set of sharp both in the sense of cutting and in the sense of insightful essays in which he seeks to deconstruct this safe shallows of the imaginary and tooint vaguely forward toward a recovery of the full imagination art and the sublime Here is meat not milk thought for chewing and wrestling there is no better kin. and wrestling There is no better kin. E culture we experience is whether it's entertainingWhite argues that we have forgotten how to read to watch to think for ourselves Because it is neutral widespread and easily digestible the Middle Mind has lulled the American imagination to sleep As we sit comfortably amused and distracted just outside the door there is an immediate crisis of a nation blindly following the We Give a Squid a Wedgie path of least resistance Irreverentrovocative and far reaching White Verräter der Magie presents a clear vision of this dangerous mindset that threatens America's intellectual and cultural freedoms concluding with an imperative to reawaken and unleash the onceowerful American imaginati.