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McMahon treatment in that regard Sterry really made it clear to me that not all Puritans were cut from the same cloth The introduction includes a great biography of Sterry and a breakdown of his theology This book is really a great introduction to the man and his thought but his works need to be read as a whole not just as brief extracts This really only provides a glimpse into his brilliance. Reat literature and which truly represent what he himself regarded as the very pith of his doctrine' This book will be of value To Anyone With An Interest anyone with an interest English Platonism or Puritanis.

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Strongly Protestant in theology but also Platonist and Neoplatonist in philosophy Their ideas are interesting but so far I have been the most impressed with Sterry His discourse philosophy Their ideas are interesting but so far I have been the most impressed with Sterry His discourse than cursorily poetic His mystical tendencies are very hard to separate from his theological and philosophical tendencies although some compilers have attempted to do just that This compilation is honest than the. S and beliefs De Sola Pinto chooses the passages from Sterry's writings that are most likely to appeal to the modern reader and which seem 'to have the enduring and universal ualities of I like Peter Sterry
A BIT HIS IS BOTH MYSTICAL AND FAIRLY bit His thought is both mystical and fairly in complexity I came across him while studying the Cambridge Platonists They were a group of instructors affiliated with Cambridge college during the period of the English commonwealth Most of them were called latitudinarians because they supported less restrictions on matters of faith #And Conscience They Were Often. #conscience They were often. Originally published in 1934 this book contains select extracts from the writings of prominent Platonist and Puritan theologian Peter Sterry as well as a brief review of Sterry's life work. Peter Sterry

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