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Cruel Berlin Cruel loneliness Weimar Germany March 1929 shortly before the economic crisis Flipping in through the revolving doors Austrian author Vicki Baum 1888 1960 draws the reader into the lobby of the Grand Hotel the archetype of which is so sumptuously conveyed in Wes Anderson s Grand Hotel Budapest elegantly dressed uests busy staff swirling around in an opulent d cor of marble stucco mirrors life music and entertainment Against the backdrop of the vibrant city of Berlin the speed of life and transport noise hedonism ambling dancing seedy night life Vicki Baum cleverly uses this fantasy castle of the upper middle classes as a stage to bring together a roup of random individuals who by random encounters will unintentionally find their lives intertwined in surprising ways an aging prima donna the Russian ballerina Gruszinskaya inspired by Anna Pavlova Kringelein a downtrodden bookkeeper who is terminally ill and wants to et a taste of life in his last days Doctor Ottenschlag a war veteran whose face is horribly mutilated and is a morphinist Baron von Gaigern an impoverished aristocrat Preysing a textile factory director travelling for business reasons trying to save his factory from bankruptcy and Fl mmchen a young woman dreaming of a film career earning money by occasional secretary work and additional services and favours to wealthy men Intrigues plotlines fragments of life stories too delicious to be revealed et stirred into a dazzling cocktail And yet When the Gandhi Churchill: The Epic Rivalry that Destroyed an Empire and Forged Our Age guest closes the door of the room what do we know about his or her thoughts and needs in the dark hours of the night What happens behind those doors What is dream what is reality What do we find Molested bodies molested minds Heartache Loneliness reigns Yearning for an embrace human warmth love The need to exist in the eyes of others a need which expresses itself in various forms by craving for success and applause or by wearing decent clothes for the first time in one s life by youth or psychical attractiveness by hoping someone has left you a note or has asked for you For long or short Life is what you put into it Two full days may be longer than forty empty yearsIn her posthumously published memoir It Was All uite Different The Memoirs of Vicki Baum Vicki Baum wrote she wanted the hotel to be a symbol of life as such and just like we imagine the superficiallances we cast on strangers happening to be at the same place speak volumes while we don t know anything about their actual life a particular life can seem frivolous at first sight but in reality is far harder to define and Les Innocents grasp Life is an unfinished symphony until we die The experiences people have in a large hotel do not constitute entire human destinies full and completed They are fragments merely scraps pieces The people behind its doors may be unimportant or remarkable individuals People on the way up or people on the way down the ladder of life Prosperity and disaster may be separated by no than the thickness of a wall The revolving door turns and what happens between arrival and departure is not an integral whole Perhaps there is no such thing as a whole completed destiny in the world but only approximations beginnings that come to no conclusion or conclusions that have no beginnings Much that looks like Chance is after all really the Law of Cause and Effect And much thatoes on behind Life s doors is not fixed like the pillars of a building nor preconceived like the structure of a symphony nor calculable like the orbits of the stars It is human fleeting and difficult to trace than cloud shadows that human fleeting and difficult to trace than cloud shadows that over a meadow And anyone who attempts to ive an account of what he has seen behind those doors runs the risk of balancing precariously on a tight rope between falsehood and truth Grand Hotel is finely constructed and the characters as much as they might seem types rather than fully fleshed out individuals are vividly portrayed and come to live convincingly because of the changing narrative perspective and not focussing into detail into an individual story Baum is associated with the neue Sachlicheit the then new objective principle in art of anti individualism neue Sachlicheit the then new objective principle in art of anti individualism fragments of their lives depicted here ain in poignancy as one as a reader at present day is unlike Baum at the moment of writing sharply aware how fragile the whole constellation was and how it will crumble and fall apart once the Nazi regime takes over Grand Hotel is an amiable book the prose frothy and elegant liked whipped cream on top of a Wiener coffee one finds laughter tears love tragedy and suspense in it a ood share of humour and an raceful empathy for the human condition which seem to reflect the cheerful The Lives of Stay-at-Home Fathers: Masculinity, Carework and Fatherhood in the United States good times at which the book was written The novel hasn t the audacity in style of some of Baum s contemporaries take D blin s Berlin Alexanderplatz or when timeset even though the acerbic pitch black Going to the Dogs The Story of a Moralist by Eric K stner nor does Baum delve into the psychological complexity of her characters which was Stefan Zweig s trademark when thinking of some of the stories he also wrote in a hotel setting Die Frau und die Landschaft Burning Secret In the context of how things will change in Germany only shortly after Grand Hotel makes an interesting contrast preceding Hans Fallada s Little Man What Now which so poignantly depicts the impact of the economic crisis on ordinary people With some irony Grand Hotel at the time was criticised as Trivialliteratur and Peter Gay in Weimar Culture The Outsider as Insider considered her work as no than facile mediocrities Baum herself subtitled her novel as a dime novel with undercurrents and yes some plot twists are pretty wild and a bit schmaltzy and the pacing isn t entirely optimal but as a whole it is suspenseful and entertaining and skilfully dosed with darkness and melancholy charming this reader with philosophical undertones as slight as a feather boa Great hotels have always been social ideas flawless mirrors to the particular societies they service Joan Didion wrote in The White Album on the Royal Hawaiian Hotel at Waikiki beach I couldn t imagine a fitting literary illustration of this perceptive observation than Vicki Baum s Grand Hotel How I d love to leave work for a month now to read Mythos Weimar Zwischen Geist Und Machtpaintings by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner Althou. 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Menschen im HotelAlly deformed All of the main characters exce The revolving door turns and turns and turns Through the revolving doors of the Grand Hotel in Berlin many people come and o According to Georgi behind the reception desk Marvelous the life you see in a big hotel like this he was thinking Marvelous Always something oing on At present some of the Gone: The Disappearance of Claudia Lawrence and Her Father's Desperate Search for the Truth guests include Doctor Otternschlag the severely scarred war veteran who never fails to ask whether there are any letters for him and who never receives any The ballet dancer Madame Grusinskaya a diva who finds it difficult to come to terms with the fact that she is no longer as young as she once was Grusinskaya bent all her force to one aim to be as she had been And she did not realize that it was exactly this of which the world began to tire She who loves the categorical imperative has to face the stark reality of no rapturous ovations Kringelein the clerk who escapes from his nagging skinflint of a wife with his remaining savings and plans to LIVE before dying from the disease that is killing him Kringelein discovers that living with a death sentence brings a certain amount of liberty Preysing Kringelein s boss Apparently a model of respectability but is he really so respectable Baron von Gaigern charming thief Fl mmchen the pretty and pragmatic stenographer who is prepared to do what it takes to achieve what she wantsEveryone at the hotel is alone and yet these characters all become connected in one way or another and when they finally exit through the revolving door no one is the same as when they entered Georgi can but marvel at theoings on The revolving door turns and turns and turns The characterisation is excellent and there are many uotable lines Here are a few excerpts There was a 1,000 Awesome Writing Prompts good deal of sleeplessness behind the locked double doors of the sleeping hotelA hundred doors along one corridor and nobody knows a thing about his next door neighbors When you leave another arrives and takes your bed Finito Everybody is alone with himself in thisreat pub that Doctor Otternschlag not inaptly compared with life in Moonrise (Snowfall, general Everyone lives behind double doors and has no companion but his reflection in the mirror or his shadow on the wallPerhaps someone steals out of his room into another s That is all Behind it lies an abyss of loneliness Each in his own room is alone with his own ego and is little concerned with another s Even the honeymoon couple in Room No 134 are separated by a vacancy of unspoken words as they lie in bed But he went on where is real life I have not come on it yet I have been to a casino and here I am sitting in the most expensive hotel but all the time I know it isn t the real thing All the time I have a suspicion that realenuine actual life is oing on somewhere else and is something uite different When you don t belong to it it s not at all so easy to et into it if you see what I mean Yes but what s your notion of life replied Doctor Otternschlag Does life even exist as you imagine it The real thing is always Hello, Snow! going on somewhere else When you re young you think it will come later Later on you think it was earlier When you are here you think it is there in India in America on Popocatepetl or somewhere But when youet there you find that life has doubled back and is uietly waiting here here in the very place you ran away from It is the same with life as it is with the butterfly collector and the swallowtail As you see it flying away it is wonderful But as soon as it is caught the colors are A Little Dinner Before the Play gone and the wings bashed The 1932 film Grand Hotel starredGreta Garbo as GrusinskayaJohn Barry as Baron von GeigernJoan Crawford as Fl mmchenWallace Beery as PreysingLionel Barry as Kringelein Lewis Stone as Dr Otternschlag The present being during the Weimar Republic Just areat perfectly formed novel I m a sucker for anything set in 1920s Germany in that weird humming perfect space between World War I and those fucking Nazi Mastering the Art of Saying No Without Feeling Guilty: Tips, Techniques and Strategies guys I m also a sucker for stories that deftly eschew plot to take care of the characters and this is hard to do Baum succeeds to an astonishing degree by focusing on a littleang of repulsive characters all of whom you will love to varying degrees by the troubling denouement There s the half faced doctor who is permanently checked in shooting up morphine and waiting for letters that will never COME THE TERMINALLY ILL CLERK WHO ABANDONS LIFE AND The terminally ill clerk who abandons life and and heads to Berlin for some life affirming debauchery There s his boss enad with a shady deal and a lovely shadier typist There s the declining ballet beauty and the young cat burglar Their entwined story one of all sorts of thefts welcome and unwelcome is the backbone Expect nothing out of this way for it will throw you for a loop every time further testament to its awesomenessI can t wait to watch the pre Code film version This isn t the kind of book I would have walked through a bookstore and selected I knew of it but associated it with the 1932 Hollywood film and with the style of movies of the period one might say is stilted and long out of date But the book came to me through my New York Review of Books subscription I let it age on my shelf over a year before I dived into it What I found is an engaging work of modernism written in naturalistic prose which vividly sketches characters as physical figures inhabiting their world as well as interior beings dealing with their emotions needs and motivations In addition to the staff there s a disfigured war veteran a bookkeeper from a small town far from Berlin a businessman a ballerina and a man posing as a baron who intrudes into their lives hoping to take advantage The hotel itself is seen as a kind of haven where the needs of these characters are realized as opposed to the banality they know away from the hotel Much is made of the revolving door the way in and out of this blissful life The hotel provides value and conseuence and intimacy There s a universalism about it so that the characters uests and staff experience the various and conseuence and intimacy There s a universalism about "it so that the characters uests and staff experience the various of "so that the characters uests and staff experience the various of like birth and death love both romantic and illicit class distinctions crime art and commerce I believe the disfigured Dr Otternschlag represents war One imagines lives being lived in the Grand Hotel year after year in much the same way people oing in and out the revolving door I was pleasantly surprised and impressed by the novel. N im Hotel People at a Hotel is a novel by Vicki Baum which was the basis for the film Grand Hotel It should not be confused with Berlin Hotel original German Hotel Berlin published in which deals with the situation in Germany towards the end of World War IIThe film Grand Hotel was remade as Week End at the Waldorf Menschen im Hotel – Wikipedia Menschen im Hotel ist eine deutsch franzsische Verfilmung aus dem Jahr des Forbidden Reading gleichnamigen Romans von Vicki BaumUnter der Regie des Hollywood Heimkehrers Gottfried Reinhardt spielte eineroe Starriege angefhrt von O W Fischer Michle Morgan und Heinz Rhmann Snke Wortmann inszeniert Menschen im Hotel Menschen im Hotel nach dem Roman von Vicky Baum Immer wieder heit es dass das eines der Lieblingsbcher von Snke Wortmann ist Im Studio Gesprch hat er enau das bestti. ,

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Gh she described herself as a first rate second rate author Vicki Baum s Grand Hotel is actually uite a bit better than that Baum managed to parlay the novel into a 1932 blockbuster starring Greta Garbo John and Lionel Barry Joan Crawford Wallace Beery and a host of supporting stars Baum tried to reprise her success with Grand Hotel by writing a number of other novels but none of them uite hit the mark Still the one novel for which she is known has some nice characterizationsThe experiences people have in a large hotel do not constitute entire human destinies full and completed They are fragments merely scraps pieces The people behind its doors may be unimportant or remarkable individuals People on the way up or people on the way down the ladder of life Prosperity and disaster may be separated by no than the thickness of a wallThe relationship in the book between Kringelein Baron Geigern and Flammchen is particularly interesting In the film Dr Otternschlag is a relatively uninteresting character whereas in the book he is a morphine addict to deal with the pain of having had half his face shot away in the warAs a result of reading Grand Hotel I should like to read in the weeks to come about the Weimar Republic and its culture Menschen im Hotelpublished 1929Vicki Baum 1888 1960 Grand Hotel would be the name by which this work would have reached worldwide fame This is the name of the movie created after her novel If movies are the crown of entertainment so this book is most of all a book of entertainmentThe witty intricate construction of the following events have become a model of the kind At the beginning of the twentieth century the Grand Hotel in Berlin was the most luxurious and expensive hotel in the country High society had made it a meeting point of their kind the exclusive elite Regular uests would be the like ofThe Prima Ballerina Elisaweta Alexandrowna Grusinskaya an ageing star of world class ballet dancing close to the end of her long career still beautiful but tired and lonely Then there is Felix Amadei Benvenuto Freiherr von Gaigern young idle elegant charming and irresistible to any lady he may encounter and he seems to have no other occupationMr Kringelein out of place in this luxurious environment is a retired bookkeeper fatally ill and having scraped up all is savings wants to encounter real life before dying Dr Otternschlag an invalid from one of the last wars suffering from depression just sits around in all the various lounges of the hotel not doing anything but thinking about his suicide which he has prepared efficiently in a leather case in his roomAmong the crowd of businessmen there is this unpleasant and rude Director Preysing He has come in a last desperate hope to negotiate a joint venture with some other sharks of this world to save his company from bankruptcy The biggest liar will win the dealFl mmchen or little flame is the name of a beautiful young secretary trying to make ends meet she swims around the business crowd ready to follow up on any job short or long term official or intimate happy and full of love of life These are the principal actors of this story People spending a few days at the hotel turning a few pages of their life and some even their last pageThey cross each other at the reception the elevator the smoking room and at dinner and breakfast exchanging lances nodding their heads and eventually have a little chat togetherFor a few days their destinies become entangled mixed like a cocktail in a bowl shook up and poured out To avoid any spoilers I will leave it to my friends to discover the various outcomes for the MOST ENJOYABLE AND ENTERTAINING READING PLEASURE ALREADY A THAN enjoyable and entertaining reading pleasure Already a synopsis on offer so no point in rehashing Thoroughly enjoyed this #Little Known Novel From The Wonderful New # known novel from the wonderful New Review Books Classics listA handful of characters here but they are so well portrayed and the atmosphere and mood of the novel does take the reader into the Grand Hotel in Berlin in the 1920 s The Grand Hotel that is no longer uite as rand as the name implies There were a few surprises along the way regarding the characters and their motives all is not as it first appears and appearances can be deceptive Ended up enjoying this one far than I originally thought I would June 2016 NYRB Book Club SelectionBaum s book is a slow start It took me awhile to Major Problems in American Urban and Suburban History: Documents and Essays get into it But then when youet to the ballerina and the thief it is so beautiful What is amazing in some aspects is how little things have changed I pulled this old rebound book off the library s shelves just to see whether a novel this old would be interesting and surprisingly it was Interwoven stories of hotel denizens is a now classic plot but this 1920s German novel must have been one of the first Good points it was an authentic A Sting in the Tale glimpse of Berlin at a time when the Gedaechtniskirche stillleamed white in the electric lights The story remains fresh because Baum shows rather than tells what is happening the sights the smells the rhythms of life in the hotel all work together to move the story forward None of the characters is a stereotype and when they encounter each other their lives veer off in unexpected directions Grusinskaya the aging Russian dancer Kringelein the provincial clerk with a bucket list Otternschlag the wounded doctor Gaigern the handsome impoverished nobleman Preysing the industrialist even page boy no 18 Karl Nispe all are interesting studies of the human condition without hitting you over the head with a simplistic Moral of their stories At the end of the book you really feel like you have been there in that hotel at that moment in time I wanted to read this book for uite some time but recently I stumbled upon it on my randmas bookshelf It s a copy from 1952 and therefore smells exactely like that I borrowed it and truly enjoyed the read and the time travel to a Berlin Hotel during the jazz age despite the mouldy odour Vicky Baum has a nice writing style I really appreciated the plenty neologisms which made me laugh from time to time At some points it became almost philosophical and definitly critical in regards to the society during the roaring twenties fe moral decline class differences and anonymity in the mass society of the 20th centuryThe characters of the book are at the beginning in large part lonly and mentally as well as physic. N Im Hotel sur Getty Images Tlchargez des images premium ue vous ne trouverez nulle part ailleurs Menschen im Hotel | Hrspiel | SWR | SWR Menschen im Hotel Film FILMSTARTSde Menschen im Hotel ein Film von Gottfried Reinhardt mit Heinz Rhmann Gert Frbe Inhaltsangabe Im Grand Hotel in Berlin kreuzen sich die Wege verschiedener Gste Da ist der Baron von Gaigern Menschen im Hotel Vaganten Bhne Berlin Menschen im Hotel nach dem Roman von Vicki Baum Zur Zeit nicht im Programm Demnchst wieder in diesem Theater Abonnieren Sie unseren Newsletter um immer auf dem Laufenden zu bleiben Newsletter Dauer h ohne Pause Zum Stck Vicki Baum hat in den er Jahren als Zimmermdchen in luxurisen Berliner Hotels ejobbt um fr ihren Roman „Menschen im Hotel“ zu Grand Hotel novel Wikipedia Grand Hotel original German Mensche. .