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For the Love of a CowboyExt time Sweets Books My Review This is the third book in the Cowboy Dreamin series about the Young family and their nine yes nine sexy cowboy sons and let me tell you I can t wait until the rest of the books come out to find out how the rest of the single brothers find their ladies The family all works together and lives on the grounds of their parents cattle and dude ranch They all love their momma and are respectful and courteous to the guests but when they get alone with a woman they want look out for some dirty talk a little spanking and maybe even some tying up This book is about Jacob who has been drinking himself into a stupor for awhile after being hurt by the actions of his ex Unexpectedly he meets Paige at the Dusty Boot and she saves him from getting his butt icked by three guys Paige is a preacher s daughter who s been sneaking out on weekends going to bars and dancing although her father thinks she s helping at the nursing home Paige is 27 and has been helping her father since her mom died when she was 12 filling the positions her mom filled at the church and helping take care of her dad instead of living her own life Jacob and Paige hook

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and the fly but Paige is torn between doing what she wants and not letting her father down They both have to learn to let go of some of the past and not take all the blame on things they have no control over This series just gets better and better I loved this story It had me laughing one moment then crying the next The characters are so easy to fall in love Jacob Young has been drowning his sorrows and his guilt in booze for some time now He is on the road to self destruction until an angel shows up and saves his hide When he awakens the next day and remembers some of what had happened he is humiliated And who was the green eyed angel in leatherPaige Tyler was living a double life basically She was tired of being the good girl the Preacher s daughter She wanted to LIVE have some freedom and find a good man if there was any left After saving a gorgeous drunk cowboy from getting his butt handed to him her life gets even complicated Not only does her preacher father not now that she is freuenting the bars and driving a Harley but now she is finding herself wanting a certain cowboy and not nowing what to do about any of itI have been waiting for the hunky Jacob for awhile now As soon as I learned about him I wanted to The Somme: Heroism and Horror in the First World War know Inew his story was going to be amazing Paige is perfect for him She needs him as much as he needs her I am excited to read about them later on down the road Sandy Sullivan is such an amazing author I would highly recommend this book and any of her others Thank you for another amazing read This about #Jacob Story We Learn Why He Is #story we learn why he is too much wow i was thinking something diff but It works well anyways Pagie saves him a night while he was drunk and he looks at her like she was his angelIn a way I believe that I can t tell how much I am enjoying this series by Sandy Sullivan if you have not started to read this series yet You are missing out. Ather pulls him up by his boot straps brushes him off and convinces him life is worth livingDo opposites really attract Can a cowboy with a wounded heart be the answer to her prayers It’s all in For the Love of a Cowb.

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S of laughter and some pulling on heart strings with other Overall a good uick read Peaked my interest enough to #Read The Of The #the rest of the in the series and am looking forward to the other brother s stories 35 stars Sizzling Pages Romance Reviews Sizzling Pages Facebook TwitterSizzlingpages45 Sizzling Stars55 Sizzling Hearts for Heat This is the 3rd book in the Cowboy Dreamin series by Sandy Sullivan Each book has really captivated me so far I loved this story just as much as the first 2 books It had a serious edge to it Lot s of moral and personal issues are dealt with and were even hard for me to read about My Sicilian Lives kids are my life so as a mother and lover of life I had some difficulty with a few parts But in the end Sandy wrapped up this sweet story just right The parts with all the family interacting and especially the differences in the 9 brothers personalitieseeps me intrigued and anxious for the next Super hot love scenes and I want of these awesome cowboys nowNichole s Sizzling Reviews For the Love of a Cowboy is the third book in the Cowboy Dreaming series by author Sandy Sullivan I would read this series in order only because the secondary characters are some we have met before If this is your first time in this world you will not be lost but you would get out of it reading in orderPaige the spunky preacher s daughter I love a heroine who can Tattoo a Banana: And Other Ways to Turn Anything and Everything Into Art kick some ass and take some names Paige is that and She is a strong loving girl and she needs a man just as strong to tame herJacob well he is a mess a drunk mess when we meet him But he manages to pull it all together and gets tonow and love Paige But his past Alice Oliver keeps getting the way of trusting her Ms Sullivan does a great job of bringing two characters that really are meant for each other together They both have what the other needs The connection and loveeeps me wanting from this series I cannot wait for cowboys and the ones they love Five Shooting Stars I finished this one in one setting I like it the most out of the whole series so far The characters were pretty funny also in this one they had me laughing and giggling a few timesJacob I liked him a lot but I still favor Jeff over all the boys But he was your typical guy who had his own problems to deal with The way he dealt with drinkin and of course makin an ass out of himself But once he got a wake up call he turned into a decent guy I understood his guilt over his ex girlfriend And I felt for him when he was begging Paige not to put him through it againPaige What can I say out of all the women in the series so far I like her the most She was so HER she did hide who she was from her daddy but I think that s pretty understandable when all things considered Now I didn t agree with how she pushed Jacob away and then jumped the gun on the whole situation But I m glad she didn t take the option of choosing and nowing away from JacobOverall I liked this book the most out of the three I do recommend this one No you don t need to read the other two books it can be a standalone But I do recommend this one Till And needing her assistance to handle three guys wanting to beat him up in a bar fightJacob Young’s life was a mess Finding solace in a bottle of booze was the answer to his guilt ridden conscious until an angel in le. Please note I receive a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest reviewOne thing that I am finding that I can on from the author exchange for an honest reviewOne thing that I am finding that I can count on from Sullivan is that she makes meeting the Yong family cowboys a really great treat Like her books this review will be short and sweet When you dive into a Cowboy Dreamin story you can anticipate a fun loving steamy romance with interesting characters maybe a couple of twists and surprises and a happily ever after Each book makes ya want to head out to your local western store for a new pair of #boots some Miss Me jeans and of course check out the local #some Miss Me jeans and of course check out the local candy that can be found wearing a Stetson and boot cut wranglers Saddle on up and enjoy the ride that Sandy always delivers with her Cowboy Dreamin series The great thing is that you are only on book 3 there are still many Young brothers we have yet to discover 35 starsJacob Young cowboy to the bone Paige Tyler a leather wearin bar hoppin Harley ridin preacher s daughter Paige saved a drunk Jacob from a beat down by 3 guys at a bar and that s where their story starts They start as friends with benefits and it uickly turns to or does it Paige gives new meaning to the word fickle Their relationship is on again and off again throughout the bookI love reading about the Young brothers in the Cowboy Dreamin series of which this is book 3 They are super sexy tall dark and handsome cowboys and their mama raised them right I loved the concept of the preacher s daughter and the cowboy They were steaming up the pages with some sizzling scenes There was just too much story packed into under 200 pages The story line in this book was good but it felt like everything happening was rushed along until the end The end was FANTASTIC and I was super surprisedWith that being said I am still looking forward to reading about the super sexy Young brothers There s still 6 to goReviewed by Cherylfree copy provided for honest reviewfor reviews visit welovekinkdotcom This book is series is a fun uick read about a group of sexy brothers who happen to be cowboys For the Love of a Cowboy is Book 3 in the Series by Sandy SullivanPaige is a preacher s daughter just trying to go out and have a little fun out of the watchful eyes of her father With a little white lie she sets out to Bandara TX instead of the nursing home her father thinks she has been going to While there she meets Jacob a drunk ready to fight although he is not in any shape to even stand much less fight So Paige decides to act as his Angel and steps in to save Jacob from a beating he most like deservedPaige finds a hotel to dump Jacob and heads back home never expecting to see Jacob again But a week later she finds herself face to face with a much different Jacob A sober and apologetic man wanting to repay the indness that Paige gave him a week agoPaige and Jacob slowly become friends leading up to an eventual relationship But Jacob has demons that are fighting him along the way as well as Paige s father who is none to happy that his baby girl is dating a person like himselfThere are moment. Paige Tyler didn’t want to be the preacher’s daughter any She wanted the freedom to live her own life do what she wanted and find the man of her dreams What she didn’t expect to find was that man drunk off his ass.

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