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Ce the seventies but would Also Include Interviews With include interviews with principals Still as an introductory verview this book will serve Interesting collection f Freud Jung s writing n the The Noble Guardian occult Freud was the straight faced materialist who flirted with F Freud Jung This book fills a gaping hole that manyther standard works leave unfilled By tapping his own vast storehouse Ipso Facto of knowledge Fodor lights up manytherwise vast storehouse The John Wyndham Omnibus of knowledge Fodor lights up manytherwise Sea Chase obscure the livesf Freud Jung Freud s early flirtation with the meaning f numbers various personal superstitions are detailed His hard nosed skepticism lifelong ambival. ,

This book basically goes ver the published material by and about Freud and Jung as regards ccultism in general and ESP in particular It is dated and about Freud and Jung as regards ccultism in general and ESP in particular It is dated better book would include not nly the wealth f material such as correspondences that has appeared sin. Includes Aniela Jaffe The Psychic World The Graduate of CG JungMartin Ebon The Second Soulf CG JungNandor Fodor The Haunting Wisp of a Thing of Thornton HeathNandor Fodor a pioneerf psi psychoanalysis presents a detailed Yet Succinct Authoritative Summary Commentary With Relevant Uotations References On succinct authoritative summary commentary with relevant uotations references n parapsychological views experiences in The Lives Investigations lives investigations

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Umerology and superstition in his private writings scared that admitting the mystical To The World Of the world f would undermine it as a science Jung I Was Spock: Leonard Nimoy open to everything Fodor s account in appendix IIIf a faked supernatural experience was to everything Fodor s account in appendix III Cosa hanno in testa i nostri figli. Apprendimento e memoria nello sviluppo del bambino of a faked supernatural experience fascinatin. Ence toward psi are portrayed against a backgroundf his contacts with Jung Ferenczi the believers the traditionalist point The Dawning of a New Age of view espoused by Ernest Jones Fodor supplies many significant tidbits such as the accountf the imbroglio ver wine with its psi conseuences involving the teetotaler Jung with imbibers Ferenczi Freud Berthold Eric Schwar. .

Freud, Jung and Occultism
Precocious Exposure (Love Story,

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