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Detroit I Do Mind DyingCial conditions of Detroit at the time This book made me want to learn everything I can about labor organizing Detroit and revolutionary movements It also makes me want to have some in depth conversations with my dad The only Very cool I like the manifesto some in depth conversations with my dad The only Very cool I like the manifesto poem friday niteget that checkcarry it on home to the cribwith wife and kids then get out on the street get fucked preefer jones coke Leaders Eat Last ups downs johnnie walker black and redtry to freeze your headcan t think about the shit starting all over again on monday i really loved this book it s a great document about a little known and recognized black revolutionary organization that were contemporaries of and overshadowed by the sexy media savvy Black Panther PartyIt had the flow of a lot of counter cultural and revolutionary books of the late sixties and early seventies High on action engaging and real and low on theory and talk of dead philosophers Also like the books of that period it leaves you in awe in what these dedicated folks were able to pull off Incredible promise that wentnfulfilled This is how I would summarize the history of the League of Revolutionary Black Workers which existed primarily in Detroit and its many auto plants around the late 60s early 70s This book is excellently written bring One of those books that keeps you thinking and dreaming for years after The book starts with a high profile case of the time a jury trial where the defendant is found innocent of killing his boss at the auto plant not because he didn t pull the trigger but because in the eyes of the jury of peers as well of the judge the boss deserved it That s like page 3 and it never lets La muralla verde upMoretopian than Crimethinc could imagine but The New Competition unlike them or the eually vapid revolutionaries of the day these folks had a PLAN and you ll never believe how close it all was to coming down Unless you read the book This proved to be an early example of how powerful theniversity could be this wasn t assigned I happened Domestic Slavery Considered as a Scriptural Institution by Francis Wayland and Richard Fuller upon it while wandering through the stacks It isn t overly scholarly it is largely an oral history It shocked the hell out of me So good Interesting and helpful assessments about tactics a wild time politically and culturally very inspiring very apt A Marxist judge accepting boom boxes instead of cash bail An attorney arguing that Chrysler was the reason a guy shotp his workplaceand winning A Black Marxist reading group Revolutionary workers taking over a school newspaper Check check checkand check Let s fucking go. Reflections on political developments over the past threee decades by Georgakas and Surki. This book was on my to read list for a long time Too long really It is a tremendous contribution to a rich history of radical organizing that goes beyond the typical paradigm of the panthers and white radicals on one end and conventional labor organizing on the other The focus of the book is the Revolutionary Union Movements RUMs that were the product of the League of Black Revolutionary Workers in Detroit

throughout 70s80s not 
70s80s Not been there it is hard to say how honest a look it is but the book doesn t seem to pull any punches It lays out the pros and cons within the struggle One of the most powerful lines from the book that stays with me actually comes from the introduction and can be applied to all forms of organizin if you read only one book about detroit in your lifetime make it this one november 17 2011 re reading right now because the world is on fire and we need to learnkeep learning from those who came before Mini Habits for Weight Loss: Stop Dieting. Form New Habits. Change Your Lifestyle Without Suffering. us The text by Georgakas and Surkin looks at the rise and fall of the Dodge Revolutionary Union Movement DRUM which challenged both the Chrysler management and the UAWnion leadership in the spirit of rising black nationalist militancy of the 1967 Detroit rising DRUM spawned the League of Revolutionary Workers as other RUMs sprung p at other plants in the Detroit area which operated in a sort of old Wobbly style of wildcat strikes pushing for worker control especially in places with majority black worker presence as Detroit became a majority black city and linking outside the plant job discrimination police brutality and housing condition with inside the plant the worse jobs being reserved for blacks increasingly dangerous conditions as Chrysler expected output from workers and the UAW leadership which had little black leadership nor an interest in transforming relationships on the shop floor as long as the company gave the workers raise increases vacation and retirement benefits DRUM Ran A Slate Of Opposition In The a slate of opposition in the Dodge plant but the international Rigged The Elections Which the elections which wildcats and organizing to bypass the class peace advocated by the UAW DRUM and the League are important dovetales to the story of Detroit the Big 3 and the UAW in that they were ltimately right as the Big 3 launched a major offensive within a decade against the nion that devastated its membership and reduced its power long with Detroit itself losing and population and benefits The League pushed a militancy within and around the UAW leadership that had bee. This new South End Press edition makes available the full text of this out of print class.

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