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Edgar Beecher Bronson 1856–1917 was a Nebraska rancher a West Texas cattleman an African big game hunter a serious photographer and "starting late in life an author of fiction and personal memoirs "late in life an author of fiction and personal memoirs was a nephew of famed abolitionist Henry Ward Beecher

Formerly A Reporter For 
a reporter for New York Tribune Bronson headed west in 1877 to learn the cattle business under the directive of Clarence King first director of the United States Geological Survey and owner of large mining and cattle operations in the American West Bronson worked for one season in Wyoming. Cowboy Life on The Western PlainsBefore starting his own with cows with Bronson chose Sioux County Nebraska for the "with 716 cows calves Bronson chose Sioux County Nebraska for the of his first ranchThis book has all the makings of a classic western cowboy novel cattle ranching rustlers miserable winters and making the transition from tenderfooting to cowboy Bronson wrote it and the rest of his popular works between 1910 and 1917Bronson also wrote The Red Blooded Heros of the Frontier 1910; In Closed Territory 1910 about Africa; The Vanguard 1914 and published posthumously The Love of Loot and Women 1917 This book is an exact high. ,
Definition copy of the print version "OF THE BOOK UNLIKE OTHER E "the book Unlike other e of the book it is not a transcription which may be full of typographic errors making it a chore to read Exact means that if the print version has any inscriptions or previous owner's name in the front of the book so too will e book; blank pages that often separate chapters may be left in; and any pages that may have a folded for example may be included as well In other words no changes have been made to either the illustrations or the text making the book as original as possib.

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