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Ady looking forward to whatever s coming Next The Art Is Very Pretty As The art is very pretty as and both Shirotani and Kurose are very intriguing characters And as I mentioned before I like that she was aware making Kurose Shirotani s official therapist would have been problematic to say the least I always like when it s obvious the mangaka think about things like this Interesting plot likeable characters and gorgeous art Definitely worth reading BR with m Not much happened in this first volume so I don t feel like I can give it than 3 stars but I m definitely curious to read the next one right away This was such an interesting manga Shirotani is a mysophobic which means he s irrationally afraid of germs and bacteria And Kurose Kun is a psychiatrist who knew Shirotani is mysophobic right away And Kusose decided to help him cure the irrational fear by using Trading Places: The Netherlandish Merchants in Early Modern Venice exposure therapy But the doctor started to have feelings for the patient and it freaked him out So he decided to cut the ties with Shirotani which crushed him completely This was a bittersweet romance which tagged my heart a lot while reading it The attraction between these two men is sweet sexy and tantalizing at the same time This is a very promising start to an already completed manga series Onto the next volume right away 4 genuinely good doctor if you know what I mean stars Since I got a copy that looked like thisI took it to work with me to use ourlectronic cutting machine to sever the pagesand framed the coverI m keeping the black and white pages because I have a plan to use them for a papier m ch thingyLuckily I got a refund and didn t have to send the damaged one back so I m happy and once convinced to buy my manga directly at my trusted store it s only that I didn t have the time to make a detour to that store so I ordered online well something good came out of it ventually I ordered online well something good came out of it ventually t it As for the story It is sooo good and I wish I didn t have to wait for the next volume The way it was told it felt like you were inside the story at one point I realized I was hearingimaginig all the sounds and really feeling for Shirotani I was just so immersed in the story The way the The Bookshop on the Shore emotions are displayed is just really well done Ahhhh this was so sweet The first time I read this manga I was reading another shounen ai story which isngrossing and oh so beautiful I ll be re reading that series again and posting a review some time in the coming months so I Dance Real Slow easily put this down since it s only a casual readspecially when I reached at least ten chapters or so and I found the sudden shift into the sex a bit jarring and admittedly uite offensive This is still an ongoing work mind you so I m careful not to have a very definitive opinion about the narrative just yet although I must say that this has a very promising premise and it might have been a compelling The Art of Memoir emotionally mature read if it was published as a josei work and not simply a yaoi material Sadly the intended purpose for this manga was for some sexy times to commence and therein lies the problem because I get the sense that author Takarai sensei must really want toxpand on the inner conflict her protagonist is struggling with but since this is published as a yaoi she had to comply to the demands of ditors to put some sexy stuff already because who wants to read about believable. 理人作品ほか、お急ぎ便対象商品は当日お届けも可能。またテンカウント ディアプラス・コミックスもアマゾン配送商品なら通常配送無料。 テンカウント() ディアプラス・コミックス | で宝井理人のテンカウント() ディアプラス・コミックス。アマゾンならポイント還元本が多数。一度購入いただいた電子書籍は、KindleおよびFire端末、スマートフォンやタブレットなど、様々な端末でもお楽しみいただけます。 テンカウント ボーイズラブ・BL漫画 無料で試 テンカウント の詳細。「黒瀬くんといると、少しだけ普通の人になったみたいに錯覚する」潔癖症の社長秘書・城谷は偶然出会ったカウンセラーの黒瀬から、潔癖症を克服するための個人的なカウンセリングを受けることになる。項目をつずつクリアする療法を進めるうち、次第に黒瀬に TVアニメ「テンカウン. Character development dealing with a phobia anywayWell as it turns out I do Upon my second reading this week I think that it s worth noting that Takarai ventually got to the point in this manga where she has provided readers with a very Intriguing Backstory That Personally Made backstory that personally made hope that she can recitify the unpleasant situation that his two leads got caught up in because of the arly and dubiously consented sexual scenarios that happened between them But I m getting ahead of myself There is a reason why I still re read this work and that s because I want to give my insights on the direction of the writing and the portrayal of the characters struggles concerning his phobia I m not sure I can recommend it just yet however Hopefully the author will publish installments and that the story would improve along the way I IntriguingThe premise is pretty awesome A boy with misophobia He cannot let anything touch him And he cannot bear the thought of anybody or anything touching him And another boy who falls in love with him and pushes him into doing things he doesn t like because he finds them disgusting but that he really wants to do nonethelessThe other MC is a psychologist with his own issues Both have painful pasts and both have their very own reasons to be what they are ven when they may not be aware of themI wish I could read a mm romance novel about this topicI ve read another yaoi by this author Seven Days which I didn t like But this one was compelling and sensual Maybe a little twisted but whateverThis is a review of the whole seriesRead in Manga RockVolumes and I m not really sure how I feel about this one just yetIt s off to a decent start but I ve gone ahead and read some reviews for the other volumes in the series and it looks like my instincts were right Something feels slightly off about this one and based on some of the things I read I should go into the rest of this series one and based on some of the things I read I should go into the rest of this series a bit of cautionAs of right now the characters are a little flat specially Kurosethere s just nothing to him yet Shirotani is slightly interesting but I feel like there s so much to learn about both of these charactersThe storylineconcept plays on the whole doctorpatient trope so it s not xactly uniue or interesting but it works slightly better than I thought it would I think I ll be moving on with caution to the second volume soon and we ll see where it goes from thereAlso can we talk about these covers and their artwork for a second Damn I was so disappointed in this This first volume didn t draw me into the characters or to the story This was also very jumpy and it felt like some panels were taken out so the illustrations in relation to the story were kind of story The next thing that bothered me was the OCD rep Basically this guy approaches our main character and see s that hes wearing gloves He proceeds to call him a germaphobe and that he should see a psychologist and well what do you know this man is a psychologist He works with Shirotani and gives him a list of ten things to do to cure his OCD He literally says you will be completely cured That really pissed me off mental illness is not that asy You can t follow a list and be completely cured I thought that was so unrealistic and not a good message to people who are not informed about mental illness or OCD specificall. ト」公式サイト tvアニメ「テンカウント」年放送決定! 商業BL テンカウント第巻 YouTube 宝井理人さんの「テンカウント」の巻のご紹介です この作品の購入はコチラから → テンカウント Wikipedia 宝井理人「テンカウント」INFORMATION テンカウント ブランケット 月日発売 ♥価格:円+税 ♥サイズ:ミリミリ ♥素材:ポリエステル% ♥「Double Count Secret Party in Osaka」と「ディアプラス周年記念原画展@松本PARCO」会場で販売 テンカウント マルシェバッグ 月日発売 ♥価格:円+税 ♥サイ 「テンカウント」のアニメ化が決定!いつから放 アニメ化が決定した「テンカウント」の第期に関する情報を紹介します。年に「テンカウント」のアニメ第期は放送される?ディアプラスで連載されていた漫画「テンカウント」(宝井理人)のテレビアニメ化が決定し、アニメ第期が年から?. ,

Vol 1 That was absolutely incredible If It Tells You Anything Upon Finishing This tells you anything upon finishing this I immediately ordered volume 2 because I needed to continue the series as soon as possible The art is stunning the story is intriguing the characters are immensely lovable The main character Shirotani has OCD and is terrified of germs The representation was something I was a little nervous of when I picked the book up but there was no need for my caution because it s xecuted beautifullyNot only does Shirotani display a ton of very legitimate and real compulsions that a lot of people with OCD will relate to uietly raises hand mine doesn t manifest in the same Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic Families Win the Battle Against Pornography exact ways but I related big time to the thoughts and concerns he has but I also love the fact that he is in no way cured by the time he spends with his love interest in fact he makes most of the progress without his counselor Kuroseven being present Note here I should mention however that if you have a problem with immersionexposure therapy methods being utilized in mental health this won t be the series for youOn top of The Taste of Night (Signs of the Zodiac, everythinglse the chemistry between Shirotani and Kurose is so clear and sweet from the Beginning And Loved and loved when other minor characters noticed the tension they were all so accepting and ven incredibly ncouraging All in all it was a great read and I can t wait for volume 2 to arrive in the mail Edited because I cannot let those four stars be any I still stand by my review of volume one because it was good but it goes downhill so fast after that and becomes a fucked up trainwreck of a manga that I feel two stars are generous Basically the problem is that it s badly written A better mangaka could have told a great story with this setting but despite the hype Takarai Rihito may be a good artist but she is not a good writer I get why this is so popular but as we all know uantity of volumes sold has nothing to do with uality My old review starts hereBecause I only looked at the cover and not at the text on the obi or the back cover I thought this was some kind of futuristic boxing manga coughs It s really not though Shirotani is a guy suffering from misophobia Because he has an understanding boss he mostly gets by but then his boss gets caught up in a traffic accident partly because Shirotani couldn t bring himself to help him Thankfully his boss was safed by a young man called Kurose who turns out to be a therapist and suggests Shirotani gets help for his condition And somehow that help nds up being Kurose himself not officially as Shirotani s therapists however but in order to become his friend It s not the most believable set up but I liked that she didn t have him be his official therapist because that would have been icky This way it s just a bit weird Kurose lets Shirotani make a list of ten actions he finds difficult to do rated from possible to very difficult And then he tells him to meet him at a cafe very week and try and work his way up the list Actually the last spot is still mpty and when Shirotani asks Kurose why he s doing all this Kurose tells him he ll let him know once he reaches number ten My BL sense was obviously tingling at that And so beings Shirotani s therapyTo be honest I d buy Takarai Rihito s manga sight unseen so I like the way the story is unfolding so far and I am alre. テンカウント 巻 |無料試し読みなら漫画(マン テンカウント 巻|「黒瀬くんといると、少しだけ普通の人になったみたいに錯覚する」潔癖症の社長秘書・城谷は偶然出会ったカウンセラーの黒瀬から、潔癖症を克服するための個人的なカウンセリングを受けることになる。項目をつずつクリアする療法を進めるうち、次第に黒瀬に惹かれ テンカウント() 漫画・無料試し読みなら、電子 テンカウント() 円(税込) 「黒瀬くんといると、少しだけ普通の人になったみたいに錯覚する」潔癖症の社長秘書・城谷は偶然出会ったカウンセラーの黒瀬から、潔癖症を克服するための個人的なカウンセリングを受けることになる。 テンカウント ディアプラス・コミックス | 宝 で宝井 理人のテンカウント ディアプラス・コミックス。アマゾンならポイント還元本が多数。宝井. ,

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