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And social matters from a poststructuralist perspective and the dangers in taking reductionist approaches to health and other issues As such this book should be particular interest to anyone working within the disciplines of psychology sociology and health studies as well as Those Involved In The involved in the of health gender issues and appearan. Cal psychological perspective Using poststructuralist and feminist theories the author explores the discourses feminist theories the author explores the discourses to and used by self designated ‘fat’ individuals as well as the societal power relationships that are produced by theseUsing the issues of body size and ‘fat’ as an illustration the book describes the benefits of exploring psychological. ,

Ever caught somebody – or ourself – checking out THE CONTENT OF A ‘FAT’ PERSON’S SUPERMARKET TROLLEY EVER content of a ‘fat’ person’s supermarket trolley Ever what lies behind this behaviour or what it might be like to be at the receiving end of this Judging Gaze Within The Context gaze Within the context the current ‘obesity debate’ this book investigates the embodied experience of ‘being large’ from a criti.

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Fat Lives

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