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D the verdict that would influence the dark side of pop culture for generations Fall River and Lizzie Borden could never be the same again We don t know who slaughtered Andrew and Abby Borden that warm summer morning in 1892 Because detectives focused on Lizzie almost from the outset other suspects weren t interrogated at length so we have few alternative killers to choose from But Lizzie s case tells us a lot about the flaws of criminal ustice Whether or not she killed Mr and Mrs Borden matters little in the discussion of how people are publicly regarded when accused of a misdeed Rather than recognize that the perspective of anyone outside those immediately involved is limited and refuse to pass Heroes Adrift (Hero, judgment on situations we don t know people love to give opinions and spread gossip We deduce from the mannerisms of the accused that he or she is guilty We play psychiatrist and diagnosis them with this or that mental maladyudging their life with no better grasp of who they are than anyone could who s never walked in their shoes We consider it our right to subject the accused to unfair scrutiny Only if we find ourselves on the wrong side of this chamber of horrors do we realize how loathsome it is to be Chuck and Danielle judged by people who objectify us The accused can t speak with everyone who s formed an outlandish opinion about them even if it were possible to dissuade them from their false notions In Lizzie s case it seems the common man read sinister motives into her every action since the murders and she expressed frustration while awaiting trial If people would only do meustice that is all I ask but it seems as if every word I have uttered has been distorted and such a false construction placed on it that I am bewildered I can t understand it How are we to convince others we aren t a monster if they re determined to believe the worst of us They decry us as evil to reinforce their own worldview using us as a tool instead of seeing us as humans who deserve the benefit of the doubt The Borden Murders comments astutely in this vein about the treatment of Lizzie More than a few had something to say about Lizzie s personality Not one of them had met her but all were certain what kind of a person she was For one thing her reaction to the murder was not natural That was sure In exactly what way they could not agreeThere was no winning whether Lizzie rushed toward her father s body or away from it she was branded unnatural Nothing about her was deemed genuine Her religious pretences are only cloaks to hide her real nature one critic declared It s easy to assert how someone should have acted when you re not the person being picked on to believe scandalous things about them when they have no way of proving they aren t the fiend others portray them as No reasoned response from Lizzie could change the minds of those who wanted to see her as a remorseless murderer What would they have me do she asked a visitor in ail Howl Go into hysterics I am wrongly accused of two horrible crimes I know it is useless to cry out in indignation at the outrage so I am trying hard to keep calm and self controlled until I shall be proved innocent Lizzie s personal traits were weaponized by strangers against her and no one escapes being wronged like that when they re in the public eye Society s bloodlust will be sated but individuals can choose not to be part of the problem when public figures or those closer to us are accused of wrongdoing We can determine to be as fair to them as we d want others to be to us if our situations were reversed If we learn only that from Lizzie Borden s story this book is worth reading Sarah Miller doesn t say if she believes Lizzie was guilty an appropriate refrainment for the author We re best served by her as a neutral arbiter of the facts rather than an apologist for either side That aligns with Ms Miller s stated intentions in the Researching the Bordens appendix of this book Guilty or innocent whatever verdict you ultimately favor I will be content if what I ve written enables you to hold your mind open to both possibilities I m not sure which option I lean toward but Lizzie Borden s story is a reminder that life is Complicated And That Controversial Incidents and that controversial incidents rarely as straightforward as they seem to people outside of the situation Approaching these matters with humility is the only way to afford individuals the dignity they deserve The Borden Murders is one of the best true crime stories for kids I ve read I wouldn t have been averse to it receiving a 2017 newbery honor i recommend this book 2017 Newbery Honor I recommend this book readers who like energetic nonfiction that provides big ideas for discussion and I d be tempted to give it three and a half stars This is uality literature THE BORDEN MURDERS LIZZIE BORDEN AND THE TRIAL OF THE CENTURYWritten by Sarah Miller2016 Schwartz Wade 304 PagesGenre young adult nonfiction history crime mystery true crimeRATING In 1892 Andrew and Abby Borden were found murdered in their home and their daughter Lizzie is soon arrested In this true crime book Sarah Miller takes the reader on a linear look at the case from the moment the Bordens are murdered to when Lizzie dies We sees the different theories that have Been Thrown Around Then thrown around then now Where the key players were and their motives Miller also supplies some historical context of the time to gives us some ideas of what that time was like It reads like a textbook rather than a story which is not a bad thing While the book is about crime and murder it isn t gory in details but I would pin this one at mid to late teens to adults A must for any true crime buffor one in the makingMy Novelesue Blog Phenomenal Absolutely riveting From page one I was hooked essentially unable to put down this thought provoking and hauntingly surreal book I vaguely knew about the Borden Murders but much of what I thought to be true is as bogus as the ump rope rhyme forever associated with Lizzie Though I would love to I can t go into great detail or uote from the text as the copy I read from is an uncorrected proof and the publisher reuests restraint I can say It s the perfect balance of objective integrity and subjective intrigue non fiction subject matter that is uncannily bizarre and macabre at times but reads like humanistic fiction Also included are photographs newspaper article inserts social customs typical and atypical of the era time and place nuances And so much Without a doubt early next year it s sure to be a best selling hit with young and mature adults alikeI would be remiss if I didn t give a shout out to my dear librarian friend who shared her ARC copy Thanks a million Ms J You totally rock the literary world And thank you Random House and author Sarah Miller I wish you both nothing but great success A relatively succinct overview of Lizzie Borden s murder trial but nothing really I didn t connect with any of the people depicted The book is biased though the author would like you to think it s not The photos should have been incorporated into the text In the Borden Murders Lizze Borden and the Trail of the Century by Sarah Miller this books goes into the murder Lizze Borden parents This books shows all of the evidence and timeline of the murder case I have ust started this book and already the book goes into the rumors that she killed her parents even though there is no evidence of that This reminds me about how people could be spreading fake news even when they don t know anything about the topic On the morning of Thursday August 4 1892 Andrew and Abby Borden were murdered in their home in Fall River Massachusetts Their killer or killers struck them repeatedly in the head with a hatchet until they were bo. Nutes give way to hours one person rises to the top of the list of suspects Lizzie herself But how could a mild mannered young woman from a prominent family be an axe murdererIn a compelling narrative Sarah Miller investigates the chilling crime from the gruesome details of that fateful August day to Lizzie's dramatic court battles to the role sens.

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Th dead first Abby while she made the bed in the guest room then Andrew when he returned from his morning walk and was resting on the sofa The prime suspect Their 32 year old daughter Lizzie Sarah Miller s excellent non fiction book The Borden Murders covers the case that has enthralled people for over a hundred years though uite why this is described as a book for younger readers in high school is bizarre particularly given the grisly subject matter but also because the book reads as eruditely and comprehensively as anything for an adult audience I only knew the barest facts of the Borden case before reading Miller s book having read Rick Geary s entry in his superb Treasury of Victorian Murders comic series a few years ago so it s fascinating to discover the nuances of the crime and ensuing investigation Miller adopts as neutral a stance as possible in explaining the case not leading the reader down any specific theory but letting them make up their own minds the murderers were never caught and the crimes remain unsolved She also writes in a novelistic style with the people exchanging dialogue like in a crime drama which makes for a very smooth read though she s careful to only use actual uotes in the right context an exhaustive bibliography is included at the back of the book accounting for each uote used It s remarkable that Lizzie got away with the murders I m convinced she did it though she was found not guilty at the trial given how she appeared when uestioned by police During the inuest she kept changing her story when her father returned from his morning walk she was first in the kitchen reading a magazine then she was coming down the stairs then she was in the dining room doing some ironing Perhaps the morphine she was prescribed caused her mind to drift But then Lizzie s suspicious behaviour continued She claimed to have been in the barn for 20 30 minutes during the murder of her father but when police went into it they found it so stifling they couldn t stand to be there for than a few minutes They also found no footsteps in the barn s dust that day She was very calm considering she had ust discovered her parents had been violently murdered and then was later seen by an officer stationed outside their house doing something with the pails containing her parents bloodied clothing why didn t the police confiscate this evidence in the first place That s all before she was seen burning a dress she said was ruined by paint The police back then were such idiots There were hatchets and axes in the house but the murder weapon was never found That and the lack of Lizzie s bloodied clothing coughsheburneditcough and the fact that her incriminating inuest was ruled inadmissible for her trial and the further incompetence of the police s conflicting testimony at the trial led to the ury finding her not guilty in June 1893 It was the right decision given the lack of evidence and disastrous prosecution but that doesn t mean she didn t commit the murders Miller provides a small addendum of Lizzie s life post trial where she dug into the community rather than leave buying an expensive house and living with her sister Emma for many years after Her father was very wealthy and she and her sister inherited the lot when he died Motive for murder Yup She also used her family s money to hire the best lawyers to save her from the hangman s noose so basically if you ve got enough money you can get away with anything That and hope that the police are as moronic as they were investigating this caseSarah Miller s book on the Borden killings is a fascinating and accessible account of a compelling case that true crime fans regardless of being in high school or not will relish This book follows the murder trial and aftermath of one of histories most shocking and grizzly crimes that remains unsolved Sarah Miller examines many aspects of the case and utilizes newspaper articles and trial transcriptions to present the facts and basically let s the reader draw their own conclusions about the caseThis is one of the few books that I initially passed on for review and then after thinking about it decided to read it I don t really know anything about Lizzie Borden and the trial of the century so when I agreed to read this book I basically had no idea what I was getting in toOne of the things that I liked best about this novel was that it was unassuming Miller presented the facts as the public would have gotten them in 1892 all from the headlines and the courtroom I also loved that this book was written for high school aged readers There were little
of information or terms for throughout the READING FOR EXAMPLE SHE NOTED WHAT For example she noted what slop bucket was and what it was used for She would also have a box about different newspaper articles and how they might have told their stories with a bias etc I thought these little sections were critical to presenting a neutral case in this bookIt is easy to see why this story was sensational at the timeeven by today s standards it would be considered a sensational crime Wealthy daughter hacks her parents to death on a sunny morning and no evidence to confirm or deny her involvement It was truly a fascinating storyall the evidence was circumstantial and I was surprised that based on that she actually went to trial But at the same time her actions made her look guilty and by her own admission her timeline placed her at the scene of the crimebut yet there was no blood to be found or murder weapon for that matter A mysterious crime indeedThis book was very well written I loved that Miller was upfront and honest about the facts of the case While she did her best to remain neutral throughout the narrative I felt that Miller thought Lizzie Borden innocent Miller did a great ob presenting facts details about the crime and helping the reader examine the case but there was something that this narrative lacked and I can t uite put my finger on it Maybe a little sparkleI don t know but for me it didn t shine as well as it could haveThat said I did enjoy reading this and felt like I learned a lot There is a large part of me that felt like Lizzie got railroaded by the police based on hearsay and rumors etc but there is another part of me that was like how could she have been so close to the house and not known what was going on And why burn the dress You have got to know how suspicious that would lookOver all this was an interesting and engaging read I liked the way that Miller presented the case and allowed the reader to form their own conclusions The extra information about certain things historically or in the paper that Miller provided were helpful to the reader as well While this book is geared toward middle grade readers I think that readers of any age would enjoy it It wasn t overly gruesome in it s details and recounting of the crime but it was informative and left the reader feeling satisfiedSee my full review here A totally fascinating and engaging book about Lizzie Borden and the famous trial surrounding the accusations she killed her father and stepmother At times the courtroom disc Review THE BORDEN MURDERS by Sarah MillerThis is not a sensationalist rendering but rather a logical approach to discovering this widely known and gory double crime committed in August 1892 The author bases her accounting on court transcripts photos and newspaper reporting of the crime Readers will understand those involved as regular and real life humans instead of the polarization of demonization vs pure innocence as the press at the time and a good portion of the townspeople purported Perhaps students will be inspired to this method of historical research. Ational newspaper headlines played in swaying public opinion Enhanced by period photos newspaper clippings and yes even an image of the crime scene this is middle grade nonfiction that races like a true crime novel Prepare to devour it and to grapple with the same uestions a nation asked itself over a century ago Did Lizzie do it And if not who did. .
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The Borden MurdersInteresting Middle school grade book on a family murder crimeNever would have thought that was a good subject for them to read about But this is my own little humble opinion Good the structure of the story was a little off but the story is there none the less Countless books about the Borden homicides have been written for adults but the market was open for one geared toward young readers when The Borden Murders Lizzie Borden the Trial of the Century arrived in 2016 The vicious murder of Andrew and Abby Borden had taken place one hundred twenty four years earlier yet urban legend culture still was fascinated by the crime Who could have predicted the suave wealthy Borden family would be engulfed by a murder that would rock their hometown and plunge their youngest daughter into enduring infamy Public appetite for details of the killings hadn t faded by the twenty first century and author Sarah Miller refreshes our memory with a dramatic retelling of that awful day and its aftermath in Fall River Massachusetts Kids who know Lizzie Borden s name may vaguely associate her with grisly murder but how many are familiar enough with the facts of her case to decide for themselves if they believe she was guilty It s easy to hear a name from history and dehumanize the person it belonged to but Lizzie Borden was as human as you or I and her name shouldn t be sullied without cause The Borden Murders takes us deep into the case file of a woman slandered down through the centuries inviting us to make up our own minds about her Whatever your opinion when you finish this book you ll possess the information to articulate it reasonably The bloody goings on of August 4 1892 were not without a convergence of backstories sensationalized by the press and prosecutors Upon seeing her massacred father downstairs in the Borden home victim of dozens of stab wounds that punctured his skull in several places thirty two year old Lizzie called out to Bridget Sullivan the maid A doctor was summoned followed by the police but Andrew Borden was beyond help As Bridget flailed around the roomy Borden house trying to make sense of the situation while avoiding the mutilated corpse Lizzie discovered her stepmother Abby slashed to death on the floor of the bedroom she shared with Andrew The rooms in which the murders happened were smeared all over with blood Lizzie s sister Emma older by nearly a decade had the shock of a lifetime when a vague message brought her home only to find her father and stepmother were dead The authorities investigated immediately searching for obvious motives a murder weapon and other evidence left by the perpetrator Their suspicion of Lizzie cropped up with their observation that she didn t appear as distraught as they d expect having ust found her parents mangled bodies She seemed to them not in the least bothered by her stepmother s passing going out of her way to remind the detective that it was not her mother who died Lizzie s sketchy recollection of crucial details and initial hesitancy to allow a search of her bedroom also triggered alarm With no other apparent suspects and having found a dusty hatchet in the basement that could have inflicted Mr and Mrs Borden s mortal wounds police zeroed in on Lizzie If she were innocent they reasoned they d find out during formal uestioning At the time of the inuest into the Borden slayings Lizzie and her attorney Andrew J Jennings didn t know a warrant had already been issued for Lizzie s arrest Rather than act on it right away detectives uestioned her first and it could not have gone much worse for Lizzie Denied the presence of her attorney Lizzie s account of the morning Andrew and Abby Borden died was convoluted and contradictory She claimed to be upstairs downstairs then up again with no consistency though Bridget the maid had uite a clear memory of the seuence of events Why would Lizzie have this much trouble recollecting such a momentous day She was taking calming medication which could have blurred her memory but police were convinced they had their murderer They forthwith visited the Borden house and placed Lizzie under arrest and the media storm struck Fall River with full fury Had this woman Of High Society Butchered Her Parents With high society butchered her parents with hatchet It was almost too heinous to imagine but chopped up bodies can t be ignored Lizzie hired several famed men of the bar to design her legal defense Andrew Jennings was eventually oined by George Dexter Robinson former Massachusetts governor and the bar to design her legal defense Andrew Jennings was eventually oined by George Dexter Robinson former Massachusetts governor and of the finest lawyers in the region Lizzie had the best legal team her departed father s money could buy but how strong was the prosecution s case Strong enough that preliminary udges rejected motions to dismiss the charges and free Lizzie without further ado Though the evidence against her was purely circumstantial udges ruled that Lizzie be indicted and her future decided at trial by a ury of her peers and the somewhat eccentric spinster was detained in cell No 3 at Taunton Jail for ten months as both sides prepared for one of the most public trials of the nineteenth century Fall River s three newspapers the Daily Evening News the Daily Herald and the Daily Globe competed ravenously for each new scoop sometimes printing several editions per day to keep the public apprised of Lizzie s case By the time Lizzie stood before Superior Court Noir justices Caleb Blodgett Justin Dewey and Albert Mason to be tried for first degree murder all sorts of rumors circulated about her mental state her relationship with her parents and her connection to the crimes of August 4 Though neither District Attorney Hosea M Knowlton nor lead defense lawyer George Robinson felt confident their side would win the facts of the Borden murders were about to be laid bare for the eyes of the waiting world Knowlton s case was mostly founded on Lizzie s unreliable inuest testimony She had lied to cover up her guilt he insisted Knowlton pointed out that the hatchet found in the basement was the right size and shape to be the murder weapon though the lack of any blood residue on it was problematic The prosecution featured the testimony of Lizzie s friend Alice Russell who saw Lizzie preparing to burn a dress the day after the murders Lizzie s remaining clothes bore no sign of blood but might this dress have been what she wore to slice Andrew and Abby into oblivion For the defense Governor Robinson repeatedly reminded theury there was no hard evidence linking Lizzie to the crime Prosecutors could prove it would have been difficult for an intruder to enter the Borden home unseen and they could muster witnesses who felt that Lizzie had no warm feelings for her stepmother but it wasn t proof she had committed homicide Several key pieces of evidence were ruled inadmissible further eroding the case against Lizzie Knowlton needed to come up with something big or the ury would have to exonerate As both sides posed their final arguments and rested tension in and around Fall River grew unbearable Mainstream media had treated Lizzie with ambivalence for months changing the tone of their reportage based on every new revelation At times they wrote about her as a sociopathic monster who must be convicted and receive the mandatory death penalty for ustice to be served On other occasions they described Lizzie as a gentle waif with kind eyes and a matching disposition a young girl hounded by prosecutors who didn t care that she obviously bore no guilt The public formed strong opinions about Lizzie s character and her culpability for the horrors of last August 4 Lizzie s legendary nerves of steel edged on the point of shattering as court reconvened and the Gaffer jury foreman stood to rea. Someone has killed FatherAugust 4 1892 Lizzie Borden calls out frantically for help When the maid and the neighbors come running they find Lizzie's father Andrew Borden lying murdered in the sitting room of the Borden home at 92 Second Street in Fall River Massachusetts Soon after the body of Lizzie's stepmother Abby is discovered upstairsAs the mi.