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Some works make an occasional stab at presenting something dreamlike and others maintain an oneiric tone throughout but this book eally gives the feeling of a prolonged dreaming "SESSION WITH ALL OF ITS ABSTRACTION "with all of its abstraction identities shifting scenes perversity horror absurdity guilty and interrupted pleasure desire confusion mystery intensity of experience dullness of sense emotional agelessnessimmaturity embarrassment shame disgust and yet it s also very personal it s Kathy Acker s dream and we e in itBut never mind all thatPussy is entertaining uirky funny and moving It knows what it s up to even if the eader doesn t There is no master narrative nor Der Flügel des Engels : Autobiogr., Selbstzeugnisse, Briefe an Jack Kerouac realist perspective to provide a background of social and historical factsThere is a lot of anti logical intuition in this book which makes sense psychologically even if it makes no sense materially To know is to cause since to understand is to learn I understood that consciousness isn t the mind and that it s consciousness not the mind which dies Pirate sex began on the date when the liuids began to gush forward As if when euals becauseAcker is innovative and poetic and she doesn t mind bending or breaking all languageules It is permissible and this is important to invent one s language and it is further permissible to make language with permissible and this is important to invent one s language and it is further permissible to make language with meanings Attributed to Our ToadArtaud in speaking of Poe but perhaps it s all AckerYou see Pussycat by me was seen to lean over bed though near the oar of just buried freeway When I could no longer fall asleep ealizing love just dead my bed and new eigns of chill and pain crucified from within by all that s intolerable in the world and proud of it that s my kind of writingBut there is oom too for some Love and Its Place in Nature: A Philosophical Interpretation of Freudian Psychoanalysis realismelatively speaking in that some of the games that Acker describes in the girls school seem like an almost too literal description of the social Special Agent Francesca rites andituals of teens abusing and ostracizing one another In another way I would say she doesn t only look at alien things in this book but Triskell Tales: Twenty-Two Years of Chapbooks rather she often looks ateal things through alien eyes But I ll omit any uote to back this up now as I have tons of uotes to comeTo Acker at least in her dreamworld of this novel at least in one fictive persona cities are Across the Wide and Lonesome Prairie ruination and death and so is nature Nothing isn t This voice is loud herewe might as well crawl through this skanky skunk wood tangled garbage whatever it was called nature cause there maybe we could find that which could help us though all of this so called nature looked desolate to me than a city that had burnt down and wasemnants of human civilizationWe were inching and grumbling through used beehives and Mein wildes Geheimnis 03 rose petals I sneezed cause I m allergic to anything natural like the worldI think there s a significant possibility that Kathy Ackeread everything and learned everything and was smarter than all of us and it TOOK ALL OF THAT TO LEARN HOW TO SPEAK all of that to learn how to speak write like a childHumanity s gone away again Bye bye This book is part of a tradition I don t know what to call it and Acker is the mistress of this tradition I was tempted to define the tradition by naming some other writers and movements but I no maybe this tradition should just be called unbounded literature and I ll leave it at thatHappy eading to anyone who opts to give this one a try A bit crazy and wild and mad but I love the sex scenes with witches beating people with vegetableshot I first ead Pussy King of the Pirates in a college English class eight or nine years ago and the only thing I emember about it was thinking that this must be what it s like to be on an acid tripThe book called to me like a siren though and ecently I was drawn back to it for a second eading It s as trippy as I emembered but dare I say it I feel like I m on the verge of having it make sense Either the intervening years have made me wiser or I m on the verge of going crazy I suppose though it could be a little of both Don t tell me which is true ignorance is bliss This is like going to church without the boring hymns or the itchy Sunday dress So actually it s not like church at all This book should be A London Home in the 1890s read for expiremental purposes only It is like tripping balls on acid and letting Gloria Steinam drive the golf cart It is very bizzare but interesting The creation myt. A looseeworking of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic Treasure Island Acker's The Geology And Landscape Of Santa Barbara County, California, And Its Offshore Islands radical interpretation is a masterfully directed wil. H of O Slyly framed as Sheridan LeFanu s Carmilla All women are forced to vampirism by patriarchy s incestuous totality True storyNot much to say than thatOther than that got a tad tedious along the pirating way which is indeed long and often necessarilyepetitious As has been patriarchyDid enjoy the ending which I didn t expect to be permitted to do It goes backward through creation until it gets to Pandora treasure found SpoilersMy father Biopower: Foucault and Beyond read Treasure Island to me when I was a wee bairn now myeal mother has Jane Doe and the Cradle of All Worlds read me theeal story Real stories are eal Pussy Riot Pirate ShockA lot of commentary about this book focuses on its shock value or its pirate theme and hence its post modern appropriation of Robert Louis Stevenson s Treasure Island However in truth these aspects are elatively superficial and of secondary importanceWhen it comes to appropriation it s far helpful to acknowledge Kathy Acker s use of Sophocles Antigone 1 2Multiple NarratorsEven though there are multiple narrators of Pussy King of the Pirates it s arguable that they epresent facets of the one person The narrator s identity is multi faceted Each facet is a choice or an alternative Thus this strategy gives the author the characters and the eader the opportunity to investigate multiple possibilities What matters to Acker and therefore to us is that There is a young girl Her name s not important She s been called King Pussy Pussycat Ostracism O Ange Once she was called Antigone This girl has suffered sexual abuse ape and incest in a patriarchal society as well as abuse and neglect by her mother potentially a symptom of her mother s treatment by her husband Either way she has never eally experienced A Bold Carnivore: An Alphabet of Predators reciprocal love theeal buried treasure My mother didn t love me and I loved her As a esult this young girl experiences both emotional and physical pain I m someone who finds that any pain is always physical pain and that physical pain isn t bearable The girl is "determined not just to escape the pain but "not just to escape the pain but create a new alternative to the patriarchal society she has come from This city was patriarchal that which allows the existence of none but itself for it had arisen and was arising only out of the ational moralistic bends of minds Narrative ContinuumWhat follows is a Lifting roller coasteride that for all of the different narrators and physical locations sustains a narrative continuumThis girl like Antigone
against male order and finds pleasure and satisfactionAs soon as the girl leaves home after her mother s suicide My mother s inside me She wants me to suicide because she suicided she starts work in a brothel in Alexandria where she meets other women with similar backgrounds and experiences Her first espite is the comfort of women These women no longer children according to the society were no longer sexually desirable to men except perhaps as prostitutes importantly according to her society they no longer possessed sexuality Here there is both heterosexual and lesbian sex of varying degrees of satisfaction Inevitably this girl decides to escape again this Time In Pursuit Of A Different Kind in pursuit of a different kind treasure her own sexuality her ising sexual energies and her own bodily pleasure which she believes she can only find on Treasure Island which is located off Brighton in EnglandAgainst HegemonySome of the other women accompany her on her uest becoming pirates who join the other female pirates on the island These women share a sometimes drunken eaction to patriarchal society Silver the captain of the pirate ship says It s from living in a society that disrespects its women and hates their bodies Especially when they masturbate This makes us turn to drink though I know that s not the way to deal with certain types of hegemony Tougher than PiratesAt first it seems like Pirate Island is some separatist utopia but it soon proves otherwise Something in the girl s makeup is still heterosexual if not ultimately bisexual which causes an estrangement from the other esolutely lesbian piratesAnge declares We e tougher than pirates The girl explains Ange and I followed the cockcocks weren t treasure but pointed to treasure A woman s cunt becomes both a source of pleasure and a weapon in the feminist struggle When I saw O I wanted to protect her because she worshi. D trek through eal and imagined history from the most famous whorehouse in Alexandria through an unidentified crumbling city that. .

Wir alle sind, was wir gelesen: Aufsätze und Reden zur Literatur
Ps her cunt Our cunts are knives in our fists and the insides of our thighs are becoming darker Antigone s RebellionThe women s The House That Had Enough rebellion is aevolutionary act against capitalist society which is intrinsically patriarchal It s a The Devil's Snake Curve: A Fan's Notes From Left Field revolution of whores aevolution defined by all methods that exist as distant as far as possible from profit Silver exclaims in almost comic pirate fashion Now me hearties girls should get along with each other and not have fights cause girls aren t violentand piracy s survived for a long time in this worldBut dooty is dooty n girls dooty long time in this worldBut dooty is dooty n girls dooty to love other girls So why do you keep prolonging this internecine turbulence The Realm of Continual EcstasyAlthough the narrator The March Up: Taking Baghdad with the 1st Marine Division removes herself from the collective effort of the pirates it s arguable that she does so in pursuit of a personal or individualistic sexual goal free from any hegemony whatever its source or motivation This might have been attained through aelationship with Ange or by her own sense of authenticity All power must be Pimpinella Meerprinzessin 1: Ankunft im Muschelschloss (German Edition) removed from theealm of sexuality Perhaps idealistically the narrator was searching for what Acker calls the Das kurze Leben der Sophie Scholl realm of continual ecstasy Perhaps on the other hand thisealm can only be achieved in or by poetry or fictionFOOTNOTES1 Without taking anything away from the originality of Acker s novel while Défendre Jacob reading it I found myself thinking of Angela Carter especially Love and Rikki Ducornet Her writing about whores is far socio political and insightful and far less voyeuristic and indulgent than William T Vollmann who seems to use his own fictive creations as aids for masturbation while she does with post modern appropriation of andeference to earlier works or myths than John Barth who comes across as a shallow name dropper in comparison Acker weaves her appropriations into the very warp and weft of her yarn2 I hope to ead and write about Sophocles Antigone in the next couple of weeksVERSEThe Mirror and AirMostly in the Words of Kathy AckerLilac and greyThe waterMirrored the airAnd they wereBoundlessPirate RiotApologies to The Clash "and theStone RosesI wanna iotA iotOf my ownI wanna pirateA pirateOf my ownI wanna try itDon t wanna "theStone RosesI wanna iotA iotOf my ownI wanna pirateA pirateOf my ownI wanna try itDon t wanna itI wanna come on boardI wanna be adoredI wanna pirateA pirateOf my ownI wanna iotA Nestle Toll House Recipe Collection riotOf my ownSOUNDTRACKview spoilerJuliana Hatfield Three My Sister Breeders Cannonball Mekons Kathy Acker Antigone Speaks About Herself Mekons Kathy Acker Ange s Song After She Crawled Through London Mekons Kathy Acker Playlist of Album hide spoiler Kathy Acker s where it s at If where it s at is not Where Kathy Acker is Then where it s at is wrong And that s not where I wanna be Cuz I m gunna be where Kathy Acker s at Because she s where it s atKathy Acker s where it s atKathy Acker s where it s atKathy Acker s where it s atKathy Acker s where it s at If where it s at is not Where Kathy Acker is Then where it s at is wrong And that s not where I wanna be Cuz I m gunna be where Kathy Acker s at Because she s where it s atKathy Acker s where it s atKathy Acker s where it s atKathy Acker s where it s atKathy Acker s where it s atKathy Acker s where it s atKathy Acker s where it s at Kathy Acker was aevolutionary feminist postmodern badass writer died in 97 who delighted in tearing apart other works of literature and subverting and e purposing their contents adding enough of her own work to be original AND Acker was friends with Neil Gaiman who modeled the character Delirium in his Sandman series after Acker SueeThat suee didn t last very long This book was not exactly what I expected when I signed up for a pirate adventure novel partially stolen from Treasure Island Acker examines all of the harshest motivations that would drive her girls to piracy prostitution murder poverty abandonment etc and eally Wicked City: The Other Side revels in the gore and filth of their chosen lives The dream logic style adopted by Acker was a bit hard to follow especially at nearly 300 pages but it also gave the gore and filth and accompanying emotions immediacy This book was gross this book was hot It challenged me WORST BOOK OF ALL TIME I literallyead this somewhere around twelve years ago I don t ever Officer, Surgeon…Gentleman! remember and it was SO BAD that I didn tead again for five years because I was afraid of books Literally this book made me stupid for five years. May or may not be sometime in the future Acker pushes language to the tension point explodes and Barefoot through Mauretania reclaims it Boston Sunday Herald.

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