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UrpriseOn to 4 this is an xtremely A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, enjoyable series Dolly Departed was a fun read that captured your attention from the beginning Dolly Departed was the first book that I have read by Baker and I don t plan on it being the last Baker did a great job with creating an intriguing mystery that kept this reader guessing until thend The author also created a wonderful cast of colorful characters that definitely added to the story Even the dogs had personalities of their own I also njoyed learning some facts about dolls along the way Gretchen was a great leading character that *WAS WELL DEVELOPED THE STORY *well developed in the she learns to overcome her own fears about relationships and her group of friends become a real family as they try to solve Charlie s murder Overall this was a great read that I had trouble putting down Great book loved it Cant wait to read the whole series I njoyed reading this bookthe characters are likeable After a disastrous marriage Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies ends Gretchen Birch moves in with her mother in Scottsdale Arizona Mom Caroline writes books on doll collecting Gretchen repairs dolls and all. When doll restoration artist Gretchen Birch finds the owner of a dollhouse. A fun little cozy I needed a break from heavier reading I actually liked this one a bit better than the first two The plot was better and the story believable A very light weight but interesting and well written mystery part of a series about doll repair and doll collecting Never would havexpected to be so taken with it These hobby mystery series are always interesting with their little nuggets about that hobby "So learning about minitures and doll making was interesting The writing tips I learned are delineated in my blog Oh but "learning about minitures and doll making was interesting The writing tips I learned are delineated in my blog Oh but mystery was cool because she tricked me *i guess the wrong person for the murderer *guess the wrong person for the Murderer M Usually Pretty Accurate This Book m usually pretty accurate This book my favorite in the Dolls to Die For series so far Deb Baker has created some very interesting characters And in this novel there was a lot about how jealousy can mess with people s minds in big and small ways Great fun to read and a mystery that surprised me Although I did become suspicious of the character before he or she no spoilers here was revealed I wasn t 100% sure until near the very nd And then the motivation took me by New in the wonderful Green Bay Press Gazette Dolls to Die For mystery series. .

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Their friends and relatives ither have
*something to do *
to do dolls or small yappy dogs that they carry around in purses When the owner of a miniatures shop is found dead of course Gretchen and her friends interfere in the police investigation And of course there is a not uite divorced but good looking police detective Fans of cozy mysteries like Mary Daheim might like this book I uite liked this idea and the focus on dolls This is the first in the series I ve come across and as with many cozy mystery series you don t really need to read them in order to get the general idea It did take me a little longer to fall in with this one but I THINK IT S BECAUSE THERE ARE it s because there are central characters around our main one as well as animals to remember and keep track of I did have sneaky suspicions about who the murderer was so at least my instincts came thoughI do wonder where the romance will go in this one the love interest is afraid of dolls How can they be together when that s her job and life time love Hmmm remains to be seenA fun uirky series that I will probably read of in the future Three star. * Shop murdered she winds up in the thick of a mystery of miniature proportion. *Shop murdered she winds up in the thick of a mystery of miniature proportion. .

Dolly Departed